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Above Ground Pool Pump and Filter

The pool filter is an integral component of your swimming pool filtration system. The pool filter could be compared to our kidneys which does a similar exercise and helps to clean up the blood in our bodies. When our kidneys fail to execute its responsibilities our body will get very sick and could even be fatal if left untreated. Likewise the pool filter is also performing a similar and very responsible chore by ensuring the water in our pool is clear, clean and healthy. A pool without a filter could bring sickness and disease to everyone who would be using it.

It is well known that any open body of water especially when left stagnated for a long period of time could invite all sorts of foreign bodies. These could be dust, debris, airborne bacteria, all types of insects, bugs and many types of flying dirt which would be quite impossible to comprehend. A swimming pool would remain calm and placid most of the time and it would be a herculean task to keep it covered when not in use. Hence the most prudent way to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy for use is to install a pool filter. Adding the necessary chemicals like chlorine could ensure the water in your pool is safe and healthy to use. An above ground pool pump could facilitate the efficient operation of the pool filter as they both work in tandem to achieve the final objective.

  • Sand Filter System

One of the most efficient and cost effective methods of ensuring your pool remains clear, clean and healthy is to install a versatile sand filter system. The sand filter employs specially granulated silica sand which acts as the filtration medium for the process. The above ground pool pump helps to push the water through the sand filter which traps all foreign bodies in it and ensures these do not get through into your swimming pool. The sand filter increases in efficiency when large debris is held back but when it loads up then it would be time to clean the sand up. The process is very easy and convenient where you turn back the above ground pool pump in a process known as “backwashing”. The sand could be used for about four to five years without having the replace it with new sand.

  • Cartridge Filter System

The cartridge filter system uses a compatible filter cartridge which traps all the debris and foreign bodies that is in the water when it passes through. Depending on the amount of debris that is collected in the cartridge filter it needs to be cleaned. Accessing the cartridge is usually very easy and convenient and when it has been used for some time and cleaning does not remove all that debris or is damaged it is time to replace it. Cartridge replacement could be quite a drain on your wallet, which could be frequent too. The above ground pool pump which you install into your pool filtration system plays a vital role is conjunction with your cartridge filter.

  • DE Filter System

Diatomaceous Earth or DE pool filter systems are very efficient in keeping the water in your pool as clear, clean and healthy like none other. This is because DE filters could trap foreign particles in the water which are as small as five microns. The water passes through the DE and it acts as the best barrier for anything other water. It is easy to clean whereby you just have to reverse the water flow and the dirt and everything else is pushed out. It could also be cleaned manually and replaced after removing all the dirt and debris that has been collected in it. DE pool filters are considered as the most ideal for residential swimming pools and are used extensively around the United States and elsewhere. To ensure your pool filtration system operates efficiently it is imperative that you install an appropriate above ground pool pump.

How to Choose the Above Ground Pool Pump?

The power of your above ground pool pump which is normally depicted in horsepower (HP) needs to perfectly match the size of your pool. To clarify further it should be able to circulate all the water in your pool within and eight hour period for which the above ground pool pump needs to sustain the operation.

To match and marry the above ground pool pump to your pool it is necessary to calculate the quantum of water in your pool. The calculation could differ when the above ground pool is either rectangle, round, oval or even kidney shaped. The thumb rule to calculate the quantum of water is the measure the average depths, the lengths and breadths and multiple them with the required formula to determine the water content in the pool. Average depth will be the depth at the shallow end plus the depth at the deep end which needs to be divided into two.

Once you have the average depth multiply that with the lengths and the breadths of the pools dimensions. This figure needs to be multiplied by the factor of 7.5. 5.9, 5.9 and 3.38, if the pool is either rectangle, round, oval or kidney shaped respectively. Once you have the quantum of water in the pool, divide it by 60 to arrive at the gallons per minute (GPM) which is how most above ground pool pumps are classified. Match this figure with the amount of water that could circulate in an eight hour period and buy the pool pump that you require. You would need to be prudent in selection ensuring you get the right power and not one that is less or very much higher. Some professional help in purchasing your above ground pool pump could come from the manual and seller or even online.

Choosing the Above Ground Pool Pump

Cutting corners and installing a less powerful above ground pool pump could give you regular and eternal trouble because the pump will not be able to sustain the load on it. On the contrary if the above ground pool pump that you select is too powerful it could jack up your energy bills. Hence it is prudent that you match the size of your pool as perfectly as possible with your above ground pool pump. It is not only the pool pump but the pool filter that you choose should also match with the overall water filtration system.

The plumbing too should be prudently designed and installed so that you are able to derive optimum efficiency from the pool water filtration system and ensure you use the minimum energy for maximum advantage. The misconception that a bigger and powerful above ground pool pump is better than a lesser powerful one that will not be so. It is your prerogative to match the whole filtration system like a hand in a glove. The lesser errors you make in the selection of the various components it will be better for you. Every component in the system is important and due consideration has to be given to each of them. Beginning from the right calculation of the water in the pool right down to the other nitty-gritty aspects everything has to be perfect to detail. Choosing the appropriate above ground pool pump is just one aspect of ensuring perfect and efficient water filtration system.  

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