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How to Select a Pool Pump

You need to be prudent and pragmatic in every decision that you make. It is these two very important criteria which could see you through any difficult situation whilst also ensuring you do things the right way as much as possible. Selecting a swimming pool pump is no different because if you fail to employ these two criteria you could end up paying out more in the initial investment and also doling out operating and maintenance costs unnecessarily. There is a much discussed universal necessity especially with the difficult economic times we are all enduring to keep costs of whatever we indulge in to the minimum. This does not mean that we need to cut corners and then find additional issues not expected cropping up but it is to derive the optimum with the minimum.

When it is a swimming pool pump that you need there are some very important criteria which come into focus within the parameters of the above two aspects that has been pointed out. One of the most important that you will have to consider is optimum efficiency. This is primarily ensuring your pool pump and your swimming pool, marries and matches each other like a hand in a glove. It would be a waste of money if you install a large capacity pool pump for a small domestic swimming pool. It would be like using an axe to take off something when a couple of finger nails could have achieved the same.

On the contrary if you are to install a low capacity pool pump for a very big swimming pool the effect would be exactly opposite. The pool pump will stretched to its limit and overwork itself under severe duress and eventually pack up. The workload it needs to sustain continuously and the strain the pool pump needs to go through will ultimately break it down. You will have eternal issues with your pool pump and that will be on a regular basis too.

Hence it is imperative that you match and marry your pool whatever it would be, an above ground or an in-ground the pool pump that you would install should be perfect in every aspect. The best step in the right direction to achieve this will be to either talk to the experts or do the appropriate research and subsequently arriving at the most convincing decision. If you could match your pool and the pool pump including pool filter and the filtration system in totality it would save you many a dollar.

We have left out the various technicalities which would be needed to make that decision because once you have the requirements of your pool penned down it would be the stage from where you would need to work upwards. Your pool would be the starter and once you know what your pool needs, working from there would be the easiest road to follow. There in a pool pump out there to fit your pool like a hand in a glove and provide the perfect solution to your needs. Finding that would be your prerogative and the apex of that finding is the efficiency in operation and the savings that will accrue to you at the end.

Different Types of Pool Pumps

The traditional and perennially used in-ground swimming pool went into semi oblivion when the more popular above ground swimming pool was introduced. The use of the above ground pool proliferated around the world for its quick easy setup, affordable cost factor, convenient maintenance, and a host of other benefits compared to the in-ground pool. The introduction of the above ground pool brought about a change to the traditional pool pump too. The two types of swimming pools called for two types of pool pumps.

We look at the two types of pool pumps which matches the in-ground and above ground pools respectively to get a better idea of what we need to install in the particular pool that we would have in our backyard. One very distinct difference between the two is the self-priming ability in an in-ground pool pump which is not a necessity in an above ground pool. We look at the reasons below to apprise ourselves to ensure we make the right decision in accordance with our swimming pool in the backyard. To select the pool pump which will fit your requirements is not an arduous task but a very simple one. To do so you need to get the maximum information about your pool and match it.

The selection is wide and open with many leading brands of pool pumps available to you and it is only searching for the right one to ensure high efficiency is maintained in operation. In today’s context there is a pool pump to fit your pool and with different horsepower available and at varying costs it is imperative that the decision you make is prudent. Price and power may not be the only criteria that you will need to consider, because there are many other factors which come into play. Consider every aspect before you decide on the pool pump that you need for your pool.

  • In-ground pool pumps

In-ground pool pumps are located a few feet above the water level hence needs optimum water pressure to ensure the pumping exercise is also at optimum efficiency. When air creeps into the pumping mechanism the water pressure drops and if the air is not discharged the pool pump will not operate at optimum pressure. It would result in an extra effort being exerted on the pumping system. To counter this all in-ground pool pumps are built with a self-priming capability which expels air from the pumping mechanism ensuring the required water pressure is maintained.

It is hence imperative that the in-ground pool pump that you install in your in-ground swimming pool has this inherent ability to ensure optimum efficiency in operation. The air intake happens as the in-ground pool pump has to use suction to pull the water into the circulation system from a level below it. This tends to bring in air too with the water and without either automatic or manual priming possible the efficiency of the pool pump would drop quite evidently.

In-ground pools could extend in length and size to a 100 meters and when it does it needs professional inputs. Unlike above ground pools which do not extend to such lengths an in-ground pool needs the appropriate professional inputs. Filtration and water circulation in large in-ground pools needs to be precisely calculated and the right pool pump or pumps used to ensure optimum efficiency. The water in such large in-ground pools where the number of users will be quite large too, and needs precision cleaning to ensure the water is safe for use by all.        

  • Above ground pool pumps

Above ground pool pumps do not need self-priming because the water that is brought into the pool pumping system uses gravity. The pool pump is located at a position below the water level of the above ground pool hence the chances of air creeping into the pumping system is eliminated. The pool pump will be well served with water ensuring optimum efficiency and the need for self-priming does not arise. The popularity of the above ground pool has brought out very highly efficient pool pumps by the various manufacturers. Research and Development (R&D) in this sector which is brings high revenues due to the proliferation of the above ground pool has brought some very interesting developments.

If your pool is an above ground then it would be quite a choice of pool pumps that you will have out there. Above ground pools come in standard sizes and pool pump manufacturers have done their spade work to match most of these pool standards. Speaking with the professionals in the industry or perusing through the attributes of the available pool pumps it will be an easy decision to make. The interesting aspect in above ground pools is that there is a maximum size it could extend to. Unlike an in-ground pool which could extend up to even 100 meters it would be impossible to sustain an above ground pool to that extent. Hence your search for the most appropriate pool pump is limited within very defined parameters. Your search for the most ideal pool pump for your above ground pool will have defined parameters ensuring your search is also within those parameters.

Pool Pump Speed Options

Standard pool pumps are designed and manufactured with a single speed operation. This tends to run the pool pump at a speed where there could be a higher expenditure on the use of energy. If a pool pump is designed with either dual, multiple or variable speed it could operate at optimum efficiency. This is because operating it at the desired speed tends to reduce cost of operation. Hence depending on the size and type of pool you would have in your backyard selecting the appropriate pool pump would be the most prudent thing to do. This would save you money, hassle and also provide optimum efficiency in operation.

We look at the different types of pool pumps that are made available to us to ensure we get the optimum output whilst also saving on costs. Some states in the United States permit only Two-speed or Variable-speed pool pumps which is a step in the right direction to force a reduction in energy consumption. Single-speed pool pumps tend to cost more energy to operate rather than the other two. Studies that have been carried out to determine this cost factor have shown that in comparison to single-speed pool water pumps, Two-speed and Variable-speed pool cost less to operate and are efficient too.

We look at the following which could help us in the endeavor to select the best pool pump for our swimming pool. The pool could be either an in-ground or an above ground but the fact remains that the right decision should made to ensure you save money initially as well as on maintenance costs.

  • Single-Speed Pump

A Single-speed pool pump operates only on one speed without the ability to change it. This tends to eat up more energy in its operation and cost a higher energy bill. These Single-speed pool pumps are not permitted in certain jurisdictions because of its inherent drain on energy resources. Hence it would be prudent to check it out before you would buy and install your pool pump.

  • Two-Speed Pump

A Two-speed pool pump gives you ample choices when it comes to the real crux of the matter and that is in saving the optimum possible cost operating it. The dual speed control allows the pool pump to operate with the least energy and hence make an undeniable impression on the overall costs of operating it. Two-speed pool pumps for both in-ground and above ground pools are very popular today as they deliver results as promised. There are ample brands and models available and selecting the best to marry with your pool would be the top priority. It is imperative that you select the right pool pump for your swimming pool as it is popularly considered as the heart of your swimming pool filtration system. If you get the right heart you are sure to be a winner as it would provide efficient pool filtration and also save on costs of operating it.   

  • Variable-Speed Pump

The top of the range as far as pool pumps are concerned the Variable-speed pump could be controlled at your own whim and fancy to ensure you operate it to derive optimum efficiency. The option of operating it at different speeds ensures you operate it to ensure optimum benefits are derived in time and operating costs. Most states in the US permit only Two-speed and Variable-speed pool pumps to ensure maximum energy is conserved with so many pool pumps being operated which have been a tremendous drain on energy resources.

There could be a noticeable initial cost factor involved but on the long term these Variable-speed pool pumps bring home substantial savings. Hence investing on a Variable-speed pool pump would make you a winner and that would be a good choice to decide on one. The savings on energy costs are quite substantial because you have more than two options when it comes to operating your pool pump if it is bestowed with Variable-speed. There are many brands and models which you could choose from when you have made that all important decision to install one. If you could match and marry your Variable-speed pool pump with your pool, there are huge benefits for you. It is how you would derive these benefits that would matter and doing so prudently would be your prerogative.

Which pump is right for your pool?

The best pool pump for your pool whether it is an above ground or in-ground should be the one that would match your pool perfectly. Depending on the size of your pool and the type it would be prudent to select the appropriate pool pump. It is not necessary to install a high capacity pool pump for a small above ground or in-ground pool but the choice should be optimum efficiency. You need to size up your pool pump to your swimming pool and for that exercise there are ample information in every pool pump that you would peruse through. Manufacturers provide the answers that you would want as to which of their pool pump models match specific pool sizes and types.

Whether it would be an above ground pool or an in-ground pool the capacity of the pool pump would come into direct contention and knowing what you want is the most advisable option to proceed with. Investing in a Two-speed or Variable-speed pool pump for your pool filtration system is definitely a prudent choice. Though the initial investment could be high there is not an iota of doubt that a pool pump with a choice of speed would reduce energy cost when in operation. Hence the best choice when it is a pool pump that you need the Two-speed and the Variable-speed pool pumps stand tall against the Single-speed pool pumps.

Installing and Operating an Efficient Swimming Pool Pump

It is always in your best interest to ensure electrical appliances are installed, maintained and repaired by professionals. Tampering with electricity may not be a very conducive endeavor as accidents occur without warning and when it does it could be fatal. Though we may assume it is a simple technical chore there is more to it than that. Hence getting it right is imperative and important without which you could damage your pool pump or even cause other unnecessary issues to your home wiring systems.

Pool pumps need to be earthed as they are always around water and is vulnerable to wet areas. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) too is a very important component when you install a pool pump. These are not chores for laymen but for professional electricians. Commissioning a professional for the task is in your best interest and also the safest option which needs to be followed without tampering and causing untold misery.

Operating the pool pump which is generally advised as best done over a 12 hour period may not be the best choice after all. Running the pool pump in short intervals of about 3 hours over a irregular period of time could ensure a cleaner, clearer and healthier swimming pool for all. The addition of chemicals into the water and operating the pool pump would circulate the water. This need not be a long term endeavor but in short fits and starts could still ensure optimum mixing of the chemicals to keep the pool water free of disease carrying bacteria and other harmful foreign bodies.

Operating the pool pump and deriving optimum efficiency should be your prerogative and achieving that will be by ensuring the least possible cost is incurred at the end of the day. The cost factor is the most important when it is a pool pump that you are operating because energy costs are increasing every day. Energy is getting dearer and with a high demand for energy it is our duty to ensure we use pool pumps and other electrical appliances frugally and conserve the optimum energy without unnecessary wastage.


The efficiency of your swimming pool pump will directly pertain to whether it meets the needs of your pool. They need to be matched perfectly if you are to derive the optimum benefits in relation to its operation. Large in-ground pools could be a different kettle of fish but above ground pools are a different ball game altogether. Above ground pools come in standard sizes and the pool manufacturers generally tend to match these standard sizes with pool pumps made to design. Looking around it will not be a very difficult task to get the best pool pump which will fit your exact requirements. This is because above ground pool pumps are design engineered to match the standard sizes of above ground pools produced by its respective manufacturers.

There is a pool pump for your above ground pool and that too from a wide spectrum of manufacturers for you to select hence check them out and you should be having the best. Brands with reputations to uphold do matter when it comes to performance being the key factor. Hence throw caution to the winds and prudently select the best pool pump for your pool, whether it would be an above ground or an in-ground.

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