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Guide to Robotic, Suction, Pressure Pool Cleaners Reviews

Hence different types of Pool Cleaners are made available to the discerning pool owners and administrators to keep in line with the differently designed pools spread far and wide in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

This coupled with the different brands available with various advantages added on to them it would be prudent to consider all aspects before selecting or choosing which of them would be appropriate for your job at hand.

Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard it is an invitation to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize especially after a hard day in office, work or at school. A couple of hours in the pool would do you an immense lot of good not only physically, but mentally and psychologically. It has been perennially accepted that immersing oneself in a body of water has a tremendous positive effect in our bodies. It is this impetus which has created the need for swimming pools. Whilst in an era gone by in-ground pools were a scarce and rare sight today with the introduction of the above ground pool the latter has proliferated and is found in many homes.

A swimming pool of any type is a very welcome sight but with it comes an immense responsibility and that is to ensure it is always clear, clean and above all very healthy to use. A body of water exposed to the elements is an open invitation to disease carrying bacteria, debris, dust and various other harmful foreign bodies to find a convenient medium to propagate. Hence it is imperative that it is cleaned up regularly and also monitored studiously to ensure it is always in prim and proper condition to be safe for you and your loved ones using the pool.

Cleaning a pool manually is a very arduous task and if you are one of those busy bees who find it difficult to juggle all the chores at work and home within the 24 hours in a day then finding an alternative is your most prudent choice. There are different types of pool cleaners available to ensure your pool is cleaned up without any hassle to you and also with the least efforts from you. We look at the choices that you have and how best you could employ them to ensure your pool is clear, clean and healthy for all those who use it.

Types of Pool Cleaners:

We look at three types of pool cleaners all of which would do the cleaning for you with the least or minimum effort on your part. Your investment in any of these three choices allows you to have your pool cleaned up and ready to jump in at any time for use. Peruse through the three types of pool cleaners that are available to you and without an iota of doubt there is one among them which is the perfect match for your pool. Getting one of them is surely going to ensure a very clear, clean and healthy pool in your backyard.

  • Robotic pool cleaners

The best of them all because it does its job of cleaning without any hassle to you on its own and at any time you get it started on the cleaning chore. It operates automatically and some may need a 12 volt or 24 volt battery to power itself. They generally do not come with messy bags but have washable and replaceable filters which collect the dirt and debris to be cleaned later. The speed of these robotic cleaners could be controlled to ensure slow but to complete a good clean up. There are many brands and models available to you in these robotic pool cleaners and selecting the perfect one for your pool would be your prerogative. Cleaning up a pool was an issue before the robotic pool cleaner came into contention but since then things have changed and pool owners are overwhelmed with what they have at their disposal.

  • Suction pool cleaners

These pool cleaners use suction action to remove dirt, debris, bugs, insects and other foreign bodies which are prevalent in the floor of the pool. There are models specially design engineered for us in above ground pools and others in in-ground pools. Some may be designed to operate in both types of pools. It would be you prerogative to ensure what you use in your pool is compatible to its inherent design. This ensures optimum efficiency in operation and also a very clean pool at the end of the operation. These suction pool cleaners move around the bottom of the pool and clean up without much of an effort from you. Cleaning is as easy as it could be when you use one of these versatile pool cleaners as it is only in need of being guided around whilst it does all the cleaning for you. Using one of these to clean up your pool is no hassle at all and with the minimum of effort your pool should be clean and clear to use.

  • Pressure Pool Cleaners

These create a pressure which pushes the dirt, debris, bugs and other foreign bodies in the water through its opening at the bottom up the hose and into the bag which holds to debris for cleaning. It is a perfect cleaning machine and is very efficient in use and is also easy to operate. There are different brands and models which you can choose to fit your type of pool and ensure it is kept clean and healthy at all times. Maintenance is at a minimum and they come in different capacities too which allows you to keep them longer in the water to ensure a better cleaning endeavor. It could move up steps and also apply pressure to loosen up dirt that it would come across to ensure a thorough cleanup is given to your pool.


Take note of the type and size of pool you have and then look for the perfect pool cleaner form any of the above three so that you get your pool cleaned up regularly without taking much of your valuable time. Every pool will have the perfect pool cleaner hence looking for it and selecting it would be an important chore. Efficiency, price and practicality will need to be considered before you decide on the type of pool cleaner that you want. The price range of these pool cleaners stretch within affordability and getting one for you never became so easy.

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