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HI Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m Danielle Fudge, Over 13 experience in Swimming Pool Cleaning, Maintenance, and Inspection in Hillsville, Virginia area. In 2012, I decided to put my experience & bargain hunting skills to good use and start this blog poolclincs.com. My main goal is to help you look for information and find the best product which suits your requirement. If you have any concern please don’t hesitate to send me an email. poolclinicsreviews[at]gmail.com

Best Pool Alarm Reviews

How to select the best Pool Alarm 2018? There are many best pool alarm systems which are available but selecting the most appropriate and the one compatible with our safety concerns, and that of those who we would aspire to protect would override all other expectations. We tested the swimming pool alarms with small,

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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Review

2018 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum – Reviews & Buying Guide Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Review Summary How To Choose Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Above ground swimming pools are the latest craze doing the rounds in every neighborhood all over the United States and

Best Salt Water Pool Pump Reviews

2018 Best Salt Water Pool Pump – Reviews & Buying Guide Best Salt Water Pool Pump Review Summary How To Choose Best Salt Water Pool Pump When you have a salt water swimming pool, you could safely reduce the quantity of Chlorine in the water from

Convert a Chlorine Pool to Saltwater

How to Convert a Chlorine Pool to Saltwater What if I say that you can enjoy a swim in the saltwater without having to step into the sea? All you have to do is to convert your chlorine swimming pool into a saltwater one. No matter whether it is a

Remove Dirt From the Bottom of the Pool

How to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool Being a pool owner is quite awesome, but it would be undoubtedly frustrating when coming to cleaning it. Dirt is more likely to get deposited at the bottom of any swimming pool making it unpleasant to look at or dip

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Lower the alkalinity in pool

How to Lower the Alkalinity in Pool Having a balanced pool is quite essential for any swimming pool owner. Higher alkalinity is one of the reasons for an imbalanced swimming pool. Many of you might wonder about the reasons as to why your alkalinity level is too high. One reason

How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae

Five Steps To Get Rid of Mustard Algae Oh no! Not again! Yeah, that's exactly what you would say at sight of an algae invasion. Mustard algae which you commonly know as yellow algae would stay dormant during the whole winter season, and then attack your pool when the time comes.

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How to Choose a Pool Cleaner

How to Pick The Pool Cleaner A swimming pool is an ultimate symbol of luxury which would proudly sit in your front yard, garden or backyard. A swimming pool would benefit you in more than one way, but it depends on how well you maintain your swimming pool. Are you managing

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment's Having a swimming pool is great, but cleaning and maintenance is often the hard part of that luxury. With all the required cleaning equipment, the thought of cleaning your swimming pool wouldn’t be frustrating as it has always been. Effective cleaning and proper maintenance will

Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaners Reviews Dolphin above ground pool cleaners is the most famous among the above ground pool cleaners that you will find in the market. The following is our collection of the best dolphin above ground pool cleaners which most customers were keen on purchasing. Let’s go