10 Tips How to Clean a Swimming Pool After Winter

How To Clean an Above Ground Pool After Winter

Clean a Swimming Pool After Winter

An above ground swimming pool is a welcome body of water that we would relish to dip ourselves in and relax to take away all the tensions, anxieties and stress associated with the daily chores in our busy life.

Most pools are used during the summer and maybe towards the beginning of spring and a short while during the latter part of autumn but that would depend on which part of the Universe you may be living in.

Unless we have money oozing out of a well, oil perhaps, it would be a costly affair to have a heated pool in our backyard if not which the prudent thing to do would be to keep it covered up during winter, for use later.

Cleaning the above ground pool for use after the end of winter and to take a dip back again in clear, clean and healthy disease free water would be our best thoughts which would have been reserved over the time it would have been kept covered up.

We look at 10 Easy steps to clean up our above ground pools and have it ready for the winter. 


#1. Clean the winter pool cover

Remove all debris, water and leaves etc from the top of the winter pool cover. 

#2. Carefully remove the cover

Remove cover carefully without damage and place it away from the pool. 

#3. Clean well and store it

After cleaning, store the winter pool cover for use when the season ends. 

#4. Ensure winter plugs and ice compensators are removed

Walk around and remove all winter plugs and ice compensators if there are any. If you had a skimmer plate installed remove that too. 

#5. Bring water level to optimum by adding water

Add water and bring the level up to half way point of the skimmer. 

#6. Reinstall ladder and other additions

Re-install the ladder and other accessories as it is an above ground swimming pool. 

#7.Re-setup pump, filter and required equipment

Re-install drain plugs, gauges and other auxiliary equipment required to start the filter system, pump and other equipment.

Connect all hoses, from skimmer to the pump and from the pump to the filter.

Connect hose from filter to the heater, and chlorinator and any other equipment used in the cleaning and filtration process otherwise connect to the return inlet.

Turn Multi port valve to Filter position.   

#8. Check and then start pump and filter

Clean pump filter and all other areas especially around the complete filtration system.

Start up the pump after ensuring it does not run dry and is primed or add water to do so. Check around for any leaks or other defects, and ensure the system is running at optimum efficiency. 

#9. Clean up pool

This could be quite a task but is necessary hence before the last step ensure that the walls, floor and every nook and corner of your above ground pool is cleaned up.

Your hands may get dirty but if you want a clean pool with clear and healthy water in it it is imperative that you clean it up.

#10. Add required chemicals after reading instructions

Now add the required chemicals and to do so you should have got your water tested by a pool dealer who would have that facility and obtained the required advice.

Check what is required and then add all of them and run the pool pump and filtration process for a minimum of 24 hours to get your pool back to its pristine condition for a healthy dip day after day in your above ground pool.



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