Best Saltwater Filters for Above Ground Pool– Reviews & Buying Guide

The water in your above ground pool is the most important ingredient which keeps you immersed and the medium for all the fun and frolicking you will have with your loved ones. Without water your above ground pool would definitely be a very empty and dull place. But when you have water it is imperative that the water is clear, clean and healthy if not which, pool users could be struck down with sickness and ill health. You could use the traditional chlorinated water system in your above ground pool to kill all germs, viruses and bacteria or go for the more modern concept of a saltwater above ground pool. To ensure the water is good for you and if you are to select between the two, a saltwater pool would be better than a chlorinated one.

If you opt for a saltwater pool it is prudent to fix the best saltwater filter for above ground pool and enjoy the difference between traditional chlorinated pool and the saltwater pool. Using a filter to run the pool water through it and remove all the impurities would be a top priority. Choosing the best filter would be quite a task as you would have three choices, one would be a saltwater sand filter, another would be a saltwater cartridge filter and the other would be saltwater diatomaceous earth or popularly called saltwater DE filter.

Whichever of the three you may use in your pool they would all do the same thing which would be to run the pool water with impurities through it and bring out good clean, clear and healthy water. The saltwater filter system for above ground pool that you would select should deliver good results and be affordable too.     

Types of salt water filters

Among the three types of saltwater filter systems for above ground pools it is imperative that you select the best which would also fit hand in glove with your pool, meet your aspirations and be within your budget. Of the three one could be costly upfront but good on maintenance like the saltwater cartridge filter. Another could be cheaper but would be troublesome to operate and costly in maintenance like the saltwater DE filter or the saltwater sand filter which would be efficient but takes time to run the maintenance. Hence it would be prudent to select the best to suit you among all the saltwater filter systems for above ground pools.

Whichever you may select from the choices that you have it is prudent to match all criteria and come out trumps on every score from initial cost, maintenance and operation. It is your prerogative to ensure you select the best saltwater pool filter above ground, so that you get the clearest, cleanest and healthiest water in your pool. It would ensure you and your loved ones keep healthy and free of sickness and ill health. It is in your best interest to select the best saltwater filter system for above ground pool if you are to enjoy everything that is advantages to you.      

How to Change an Above Ground Pool to Salt Water

The process is simple where you would need to follow some instructions carefully and a few hours you could be having a saltwater above ground pool instead of the traditional chlorinated pool which we all generally detest. You would need to drain out all the chlorinated water from the above ground pool taking special care that you dispose it carefully. There are certain statutory limitations when you release large quantities of water out from your premises. Checking it out and doing it within the accepted norms would be your responsibility.

Once the water has drained off it would be time to install the saltwater filter system for above ground pool but it should not be switched on until the water is filled up in your pool. Fill the water in the pool and once the suggested level has been reached then switch the saltwater filter system for above ground pool. Practice makes perfect and as time goes on you would master the quantity of salt to be added to ensure it stays at acceptable limits.

Once the right saltwater filter for above ground pool has been installed after the conversion you could enjoy a healthy and comfortable above ground which would deliver happy times for all. The quantity of salt that you would need to add would be directly related to the amount of water in the pool. It is only a small quantity of salt that you would need to start the saltwater filter for above ground pool and once you start operating it there is no doubt that it will bring good results for you.  

The Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pools

One thing is certain and that is the saltwater filter for above ground pool will have its pros and cons of which the former would exceed the latter. You would need to gather optimum information about the saltwater filter system for above ground pool before you would proceed any further so that you are fully apprised with what you are getting.

Pros :

  1. Saltwater content negligible at about 2,000 and 3,000 parts per million.
  2. Saltwater converts to chlorine
  3. Uses the electrolysis method
  4. Affordable maintenance
  5. Comfortable water

Cons :

  1. Very corrosive properties
  2. High initial cost


Saltwater pools are slowly and gradually becoming more popular due the issue with chlorine in traditional pools. The proliferation of above ground pools around the United States has increased awareness on the saltwater pools. Once you install the best saltwater filter system for above ground pool you could be enjoying the mild content of chlorine which would be difficult to imagine for those who have practically grown up with the traditional pools. A saltwater pool installed with the best saltwater filter for above ground pool would deliver exemplary results. Improvements in the systems would bring down the prices in the near future.