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Best Tips How To Choose The Right Pool Cues

Essential Tips to Improve Your Pool Game

Every one love pool, even if this is the first time you are going to play pool, you will find these tips helpful to you. Let’s go through some of the typical shots of the game which would take you to the next step of the game.

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Straight Shots

Figure out a straight shot which you can make. In case if you are confident to make a shot by being one step from the pocket by the target ball and cue ball being another foot away from target ball. Then practice this shot till you can pocket it often.

After that, add some length till you can frequently make that shot through the table. Do some experiments with various distances between the cue ball and the target ball and between the pocket and the target ball. Keep on practicing this till the influence that you need to put to a shot becomes a motor memory. It is essential to identify that at various lengths, how much it is difficult to prevent the cue ball from going along the targeted ball to the pocket. This would help you to get to the next step.

English or adding spin to the cue ball

So now you have been practicing straight shots for a while you will recognize what happens to cue ball after it hit the target ball. This is the point that you begin you put some spin on the cue ball or English. If you are still working only on straight shots, it’s the time to start striking the cue ball below or above the center to see how it affects the spin of the ball. In case if you hit above the center it adds topspin, and if you hit below, it adds backspin.

Make a straight shot for our own, with a second targeted ball in a different place. Put the right amount of spin to the cue ball so that when you pocket the first ball, then the cue ball moves to the right place to create the next shot. So give a try to this steps from different positions till you get the muscle memory

Angled Shot

With the practice of straight shots, you can improve your techniques, but that kind of natural shots rarely come in actual life. So you need to get confident with the angled shot. To develop your angled shot, place the target ball near the pocket. Keep the cue ball, and goal it so it will be on the line direct that it strikes the target ball. If you aimed correctly, you would be able to pocket the ball. Practice this shot from various places.

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