How to Get Algae Out of a Pool Without a Vacuum

How to Vacuum a Pool to Direct Waste

How to Get Algae Out of a Pool Without a Vacuum

Most of the owners of the pools have to face the problem of algae in their swimming pool. The alga is a living creature that quickly grows in sunny and warm weather. As the algae have got chlorophyll in it, they use photosynthesis to increase. When the conditions of the pool are not adequately in balance, algae can develop within a night. These conditions may include a presence of carbon dioxide, nitrates and the imbalance of water chemicals, sunlight and warm climate. The primary cause of algae is irregular filtration, sanitation and circulation. The algae block the filtering pores affecting to reduce the effectiveness of the filer which may make you do more and more backwashing. They consume the chlorine which is available in water. Even though algae does not harm any swimmers who use the pool, no one would like to swim in a pool which is full of algae.

How to get rid of algae in your swimming pool

Once when you understand that there are algae in your pool, you will have to look for various ways to get rid of them. There are few ways that you can follow to get rid of them. But first, you need to identify what is the type of the algae that is growing in your swimming pool, for a successful treatment. But make sure you use a good brush to clean the floor from algae and the sides of the swimming pool to interrupt it so that the chemicals would work effectively. In case if your pool is of concrete, you will have to take a steel brush for the use but if your pool a vinyl one, it would be better if you use a nylon brush. So here we have got few methods that you can use to get rid of algae from your pool.

Shock your swimming pool using Chlorine

If you need to get rid of algae entirely, all you need to do is dual shock your swimming pool even though you have got little algae in the pool. Let’s find the guideline to do it,

If the pool of yours has a lot of algae, you might have to triple the shock. The swimming pool would change into black-green because of the additional amount of algae. So to clean this, you would have to expand shock your swimming pool. It is essential to mix the gritty chemical with some water into a bucket, so the chemicals are capable of dissolve before the swimming pool is shocked. You need to remember that, you should never pour water into a chemical. Instead, you should add chemicals to the water. Next, you should mix the chemicals with the water and carefully pour the blend into the pool so all the water in the bucket would distribute evenly in the swimming pool and that it would not just remain at the end of the swimming pool. You can also take use of the filtration system for the support of blending and speeding up of the oxidation process and giving of the shock treatment. In case, if your pool does not show any improvement, you can put more does of shock. Make sure you repeat the process until the condition of your pool improves.

Treat the algae in your pool using Algaecide

Now, this is going to be a quick and easy way of getting rid of algae from your pool. The treatment of algaecide is for the swimming pools, fish ponds and any other water bodies which would kill algae. The Algaecide approaches in two methods as metallic and quaternary ammonia which comes from copper and silver. Even though two of these categories are useful, uses the one with ammonia usually as it does not tarnish your pool and it would be inexpensive than the metallic one. Most of the pool owners find it annoying because quaternary ammonia inclines to foam up.

You cannot get rid of some kinds of algae using the ammonia algaecide, mainly black algae. In case, if your swimming pool has got this type of algae, you will have to make algaecide for this process especially. After you add algaecide to your swimming pool, you need to let it remain for about one day before doing anything else. Use of algaecide frequently to your pool may give you various other benefits. It also extends the lifetime of your filtration system the pool as there would be a less amount of materials of plants which blocks the filter and entries of the pool pump. Moreover, it lessens the use of chlorine for the process of purification of the water in the pool. Therefore, the water of your pool would become more pleasing to swim in, and results of sores in the eye as a result of the use of chemicals minimised. You need to remember that the algaecide that you use for destroying bacteria might vary from the ones that you use to preventive from algae. On the other hand, for the practical use of chemicals, you need to follow the instructions of the manufactures effectively.

Use of both the above treatment methods.

Now, this is one of the effective methods of getting rid of algae from your swimming pool. To ensure that you first use algaecide and after that shock the pool, or else you might not get good results. When the algae are ending, you can clean them from your pool as it is quite easy to remove dead algae from a pool because they become fluffy and soft. Ensure that you wash your pool filters so that you can get rid of massive algae. If you do not clean the algae entirely from the filters, the algae might begin to bloom once again. Finally, you need to test the chemical levels of the pool with the use of home test strips to make sure that they are suitable for your pool.

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