Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaners Reviews

Best Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Dolphin above ground pool cleaners is the most famous among the above ground pool cleaners that you will find in the market. The following is our collection of the best dolphin above ground pool cleaners which most customers were keen on purchasing. Let’s go through each dolphin above ground pool cleaner so it would be easier for you to choose a pool cleaner that suits you.

Best Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The dolphin E10 above ground pool cleaner

The dolphin E10 is the best above ground pool cleaner which is currently used by many above ground pool cleaners. It can completely remove algae out of your swimming pool which most pool cleaners fail to do. The dolphin E10 comes with a navigation system which helps the pool cleaner with finding the most effective cleaning route. The pool cleaner can finish its cleaning job within one and a half house without much effort. The four wheels ensure its stability and smooth moving.

You won’t have any difficulty in cleaning the dolphin E10 since it is easy to remove and reassemble the cleaner. It is entirely more comfortable to handle the Dolphin E10 cleaner as it is very light in weight.

dolphin E10 above ground pool cleaner Pros

  • Cleaning within one and a half years
  • Pool-bottom navigation system

dolphin E10 above ground pool cleaner Cons

  • Not good at climbing steps
  • Doesn’t have a remote control

Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner

The dolphin Escape is an energy efficient automatic pool cleaner used by a lot of satisfied customers worldwide. It would only take two hours to finish the entire cleaning process. This pool cleaner is quite remarkable with the ability to clean 75 gallons of water per minute. It can clean both small and larger sized dirt and debris. What’s more when it can even clean the tiniest dirt particles like bacteria and algae.

The Dolphin escape comes with a 40ft long cord ensure that the cleaner doesn’t get stuck in the swimming pool. The 24-volt dual motor makes sure that the pool cleaner works quite effectively than the other pool cleaners in the market. The good news is that the dolphin escape consumes only 180 watts which means that it is 90% lesser when compared with the different pool cleaners out there.

Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner Pros

  • Cleans all kinds of pools
  • Collects a significant amount of debris

Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner Cons

  • It tends to be a little heavy

S50 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin S50 is another astounding product of the dolphin family. You can trust the Dolphin S50 as one of the best automatic pool cleaners in the market. All you have to do is to sit back and read a book or have a nap because the dolphin S50 would do its cleaning job for you. It scrubs off the dirt at the bottom of your swimming pools and sucks all the leaves and debris in your swimming pool. By the end of the cleaning, you can enjoy swimming, and throw parties at your swimming pool as usual.

It would only take around one and a half hour to finish cleaning the entire swimming pool. The cleaner is light in weight in comparison to the other pool cleaners, which makes it easier to use. It would cover the whole surface of the swimming pool.

S50 Robotic Pool Cleaner Pros

  • Cost-effective
  • No need for additional equipment

S50 Robotic Pool Cleaner Cons

  • Limited warranty
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