Variable Speed Pool Pump


The pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool water filtration system. Like our heart pumps blood through our bodies the pool pump does just that. Our heart does only the pumping whilst other vital organs pass the blood through and purifies it before releasing it back into the system. Your pool pump does exactly the same thing. The pool pump does its task of sending the pool water through the filtration system but it is the filter that does the cleaning up. The heater would add its inputs by ensuring the required temperature of the water is maintained. Hence it is the pool pump that needs prudent thought in comparison to the other vital parts of the pool water filtration system before you would decide on it.

There is a very wide range of pool pumps which you could choose from and if you look through either online of at stores near you it could be quite a task to decide on the most appropriate one for your pool. If it is a new system that you are contemplating of installing onto your pool or if you are hoping to initiate an upgrade or replacement, careful consideration is inevitable. Three of the most important criteria to consider before you decide will the cost of operating the pool pump, next would be the long term maintenance and third would be the initial investment.

The fact remains that the pool pump consumes energy to operate and with the high cost of electricity prevailing in the United States and most parts of the world it is prudent to consider this factor before you would decide. Long term maintenance is also an important cause for concern because spending regularly on this aspect could be drain on your wallet. It is to bring optimum energy saving and affordable maintenance that it is very important to consider a variable speed pool pump as your best choice for your swimming pool. The initial investment may be dearer than a single or two speed pool pump but this initial cost will be set off with the other advantages accruing to you on the long term.

The saving on energy that pool owners would enjoy by using a variable speed pool pump is well recognized by the regulatory authorities in some jurisdictions as substantial. They have approved the variable speed pool pump wholeheartedly whilst single and two speed pool pumps have been banned or looked down upon. The reasons for their approval of a variable speed pool pump are given below which will be helpful in your quest to find the most perfect swimming pool pump.      

Reasons to Get a Variable Speed Pool Pump

It is common sense that any motor when operated at one speed would consume energy at a constant rate. On the contrary if the motor could be reduced in speed or increased in speed the consumption of energy would either decrease or increase proportionately. It is this basic principle which drives the pluses towards the variable speed pool pump against the minuses of either the single or two speed pool pumps.

Whilst this is just one major plus point or advantage, there are many others which need to be taken into consideration before you step out and buy the swimming pool pump of your choice. We list out some of them which are definitely going to aid you in your quest to find the perfect swimming pool pump.   

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a foregone conclusion because a variable speed pool pump is incomparable to any single or two speed pump when it is energy savings that we talk about. This is because you are able to either reduce or increase speed in a variable speed pool pump unlike a single or two speed pool pumps. Operating a single speed pool pump will consume energy at a standard rate and the same goes for a two speed one too. When you operate on one of the speeds made available in a two speed pool pump the consistency of operation consumes electricity constantly. The difference between a single speed and a two speed pool pump in such an instance does not serve well to make any savings on the energy consumed. On the contrary a variable speed pool pump could be operated at different times especially when energy consumption is cheaper to ensure optimum efficiency. Studies done by many sources especially the regulatory authorities who take an eagle eye look towards energy savings have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that variable speed pool pumps hold a distinct advantage when it is energy saving that is under consideration.

  • Durability

Once again it is the possibility of controlling the speed of the motor in a variable speed pool pump that takes the cake away from either a single or two speed pool pumps. The motor in any pool pump is what drives the whole process and is under constant strain when in operation. The motor operating without any let or lease and without any time to breathe would tend to be stretched to the limit hence compromising on its durability. This is exactly what happens in single and two speed pool pumps.

They just don’t have time to take a break or relax but are operated to the maximum and that too on one or two speeds. On the contrary it is exactly the opposite in a variable speed pool pump. The variable speed settings possible ensure that the variable speed pool pump could be operated without much strain on it. It is this very important aspect which ensures long term durability of the variable speed pool pump in direct confrontation with either the single or two speed pool pumps. Hence it is prudent to give this aspect careful consideration before you step out or reach for your next pool pump.

  • Easy Installation & Programming

Installation of a variable speed pool pump is a piece of cake and is very easy to put in place even for one who has just a basic technical knowledge. The operating manual provides detailed instructions on how to get about the installation process. Once you have sorted out the plumbing it is just chicken feed to bring home your variable speed pool pump and connect the hoses and plug it into the power supply. Eureka! It would be kicking and going about its task for which you will need to only give the appropriate instructions by fiddling with the easy to operate digital controls. Once you have programmed your variable speed pool pump it will serve you for years on end and without much hassle or anxiety to you.

All or most of the recently manufactured variable speed pool pumps are bestowed with digital controls that are easy to operate. The controls are generally well protected from splashes of water for which you need to look for brands that are reputed and have made an indelible mark on the pool equipment industry. There are a few fly by night or unscrupulous so called pool pump manufacturers who have no manufacturing plants but depend on others. You would need to be aware of them because their variable speed pool pumps may not only stand the test of time but also give you unending issues and headaches.

The reputed brands would ensure that their variable speed pool pumps stand up to the reputation they need to uphold and the promises that are made are always upheld. Installation needs to be kept simple and uncomplicated which is what most of the reputed brands always boast of and keep to their promise steadfastly. Like easy installation, convenient programming is also a very pertinent issue and both needs to go hand in glove if pool owners are to be provided utmost satisfaction. This satisfaction would derive only if they could install the variable speed pool pump easily and adjust the programming conveniently. Ensuring pool owners enjoy both is the prerogative of reputed manufacturers who have the ability and the facility to fulfill those aspirations.

  • Remote Monitoring

The use of modern technology wherever it is possible has to be mooted and that is what exactly you would be able to enjoy if you purchase the right variable speed pool pump. Not every brand could offer you the use of modern technology at your fingertips because it needs intense experience coupled with optimum Research and Development (R&D). It is only a few manufacturers who could match such extolled abilities and those who offer it will always ensure that what they offer is exquisite in every way. Harnessing modern technology is not child’s play and needs to be successful when operational.

That is exactly what you could experience when you have Remote Monitoring capabilities on your variable speed pool pump which is convenient and easy to operate. Using the internet and connected to your smartphone you are able to get your variable pool pump to either operate and keep the waters clean, clear and healthy for you or shut it down if needed. Every command abled on the digital control panel of the variable speed pool pump could be operated remotely which provides total flexibility in the use of your swimming pool. Life is too fast today in the modern environment hence it is imperative that we make ourselves comfortable by using the technology available to us.

This is what progressive manufacturers of consumer products should be doing and those manufacturing variable speed pool pumps have endeavored to bring to their discerning pool owners. The convenience of monitoring your variable speed pool pump from anywhere in the world if you are connected to the internet is an advantage like none other. You could have the swimming pool ready and waiting for you as soon as you arrive home for either a cool refreshing dip or a warm swim to get rid of all those aches and pains. As an afterthought you will be having the heart of your swimming pool right in your palms with the ability to control it whichever way you will want to.

  • Easy Operation

The controls panel of the variable speed pool pump is mounted conveniently on it to ensure convenient physical accessibility. On the contrary if the variable speed pool pump is programmed and connected to your smartphone it is a matter of tapping on your screen to get it to do your bidding. Most or all of the reputed variable speed pool pump manufacturers have ensured that their product is easy to operate without any complications. Being user friendly is one of the most important aspects in marketing any product and that is exactly what is being professed by all. If you are to select one of the reputed brands in the market you are sure to have the easy operation facility and also enjoy the optimum benefits derived from it.

All reputed manufacturers of variable speed pool pumps are incorporating the latest technology into their products and this has made life very comfortable to their discerning customers. The online monitoring system is just one of them and is a state of the art technological marvel which has given pool owners immense flexibility, saves time and most of all bring savings into their wallet too. Though operation may be easy it cannot be tampered with too as there are constrains as to who would initiate the operation when it is incorporated into your smartphone. There are passwords and codes which need to be initiated if you are to command the variable speed pool pump to do your bidding. This ensures there will not be any unauthorized operations initiated on your variable speed pool pump.

Hence before you would decide as to which variable speed pool pump you will purchase get all the relevant information needed so that you would be better informed prior to installing the pool pump you want. Prudent thinking is necessary and it is your prerogative because it is your money and whatever you gain or lose would be yours.   

How One and Two Speed Pool Pumps Work

The one and two speed pool pumps operate on either one speed like the former or on two speeds like the latter. The one speed pool pump, when switched on will operate constantly at one speed consuming energy at a standard rate. This could be a drain on the energy bills and you could be presented with an enhanced payment to be made. The two speed pool pump on the other hand is bestowed with two operating speeds of which you could manually either set the higher one or the lower speed. In the two speed pool pump you could enjoy a choice, where you could either operate it by saving a few dollars of spend a few dollars more.

This is because the two speeds has the advantage of operating the pool pump at different speeds and hence providing the impetus to it to work ate two speeds instead of one. The two speed pool pump definitely has a distinct advantage over the single speed pool pumps. Comparing the two with the variable speed pool pump, it would be like comparing apples and oranges because the latter stands out tall and handsome against the former. There is no argument when you need to purchase a pool pump the choice will definitely be a versatile variable pool pump. The only issue which could dampen your zest to purchase one would be the comparatively higher price in comparison to the single or the two speeds pool pumps. The higher investment would be compensated in the long term and that is also definite.

Difference between Variable Speed, one and Two speeds pumps

The major difference between the variable speed pool pumps and its step brotherly single and two speed pool pumps is the savings which you could enjoy on the former. The other factor is in the operation of the pool pump. This is because single and two speed pool pumps are not manufactured with digital controls panel. These are manually operated with the twist of a switch or lever. To operate a single or two speed pool pumps you need to get to it physically and operate it.

On the contrary the variable speed pool pump whilst saving on your energy bills could be operated from anywhere around the world if you are connected to the internet. There could be a substantial price difference with the single and two speeds in comparison to the variable speed pool pump with the latter quite expensive compared to the other two. The advantages that accrues with a variable speed pool pump which is far by comparison and incomparable to the other two. Overall it is prudent to invest in a variable speed pool pump rather than a single or two speeds pool pump.

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