What is a salt water pool pump?

Salt water as we know is a very corrosive substance hence pool pumps that are manufactured for use in such pools need to be design engineered keeping this fact in mind. Though the water in salt water pools is not as salty as the oceans, it is still corrosive enough to cause damage to anything that is not resistant to corrosion. Hence it is imperative that all parts external as well as internal parts in a salt water pool pump are made of such materials which would strongly withstand corrosion. This is the primary factor to be considered before you would install a salt water pool pump.

Most of the leading manufacturers have overcome this salient issue by using materials that would be able to withstand corrosion. The perennially used chlorine which was a standard in all pools to ensure the water is free from harmful bacteria is also corrosive but most of all dangerous if it comes in contact with skin in its concentrated form. The saltwater pool pump is specially design engineered for use in salt water pools.

How much does a salt water pool pump cost?

The cost of any pool pumps whether they are designed for salt water or otherwise depends primarily on the power it exudes when in operation. A powerful pool pump will cost more than a less powerful one. The power of any pool pump is determined by its horsepower and other salient advantages it would derive the user. The possibility of dual or variable speed control will also increase the price of a pool pump in comparison to one that has only single speed.

As for the cost of a salt water pump it would comparatively be more expensive than a normal chlorine facilitated one but that would be upfront or at initial time of purchase. But the good news is that the initial investment will be well compensated on the long term because you should be saving on the chemicals. On an average a salt water pool pump could cost anything between US $ 1,400 and 2,000 and a saving of about US $ 100 to 150 per annum on the chemical expenditure could be envisaged. More than the savings there are many advantages too which will be derived when you have a salt water pool rather than a chlorinated pool. We look at this next.

What chemicals are needed for a saltwater pool?

It all depends where the pool will be located and if the area is vulnerable to conditions where the incidence of bacteria and other disease carrying foreign bodies are in abundance then a close monitoring of the water in the pool is necessary. To ensure proper sanitation is maintained and the water in the pool is safe a few chlorine tabs or granulated chlorine kept close at hand would ensure you keep the water at optimum useable levels of safety. Hence some additional sanitizers would ensure safe water if you find any discrepancies in the water.

It is imperative that you keep a close watch on the salinity, pH values, calcium hardness, and the levels of Cyanuric acid which is a stabilizer that is frequently used in pools. Unlike chlorine mixed pools, salt water pools tend to increase the pH levels which need to be closely monitored and stabilized. The need to use algaecides and clarifiers are also needed to be kept at hand to ensure the salt water pool is always within safe levels not only by way of sanitation but to be comfortable in use too.


Many pool users in the United States and elsewhere around the world are gradually turning to salt water pools to derive the benefits that they offer. Though the initial investment may be higher than a chlorine induced pool the benefits on the long term and the comfortable usage supersedes all other considerations. Changing over from a chlorine based swimming pool to a salt water pool is initially an issue on the wallet but benefits are galore.

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