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We have been using chlorine since we could remember to sanitize our swimming pools and hot tubs to make them safe from disease carrying germs, contagious viruses and harmful bacteria. Chlorine has been a bone of contention to some pool users effectively shutting some of them out due to allergies they experience with different saturations of it in the water. There is not an iota of doubt that chlorinated water in swimming pools and hot tubs could be harsh not only on our bodies but also if accidently swallowed.

It is also imperative that the level of chlorine is always kept at acceptable limits to ensure the water in the swimming pool or hot tub is safe for everyone using the pool. The alkalinity and acidity levels too should be monitored on a regular basis to ensure everything is perfect in the water and it is safe for everyone. But there is one unavoidable issue and that is the water needs to be adequately sanitized and kept free of any disease carrying germs, contagious viruses or harmful bacteria.

This is where the “new kid on the block” comes into the equation which is simple salt or which we identify as Sodium Chloride. Salt water hot tubs have revolutionized the concept of enjoying a nice warm dip after a hard day at office by providing the perfect environment in water to rejuvenate and revitalize without any after effects at all.

We look at the reason for this very welcome change that dipping yourself in a saltwater hot tub and trying to uncomfortably trying to make the best of it immersed in a traditional hot tub sanitized with chlorine.

Salt Water Hot Tubs VS Chlorine: Which is Right for Your Family?

There are no arguments that would hold water which could possibly win by comparing salt water hot tubs with chlorinated hot tubs. Your family needs the best and that is every home maker’s dream intuition and desire. If you want the best for your family it is imperative that you keep that bottle of chlorine on the store shelf and not bring it home. The use of chlorine is undesirable though it has been our traditional sanitizer. But now it is time to change over to the very much smarter option which is the Best salt water hot tubs, to keep your family not only safe but very comfortable too.

The question on everyone’s lips is what is so great about a salt water hot tub and whether it would provide the same levels of protection accorded by chlorine which has been perennially used to sanitize water in swimming pools and hot tubs. Finding the right answer to this baffling question has been the prerogative of many who have tried to change over from the traditional chlorine sanitation to the new found love of salt water hot tubs. Human nature is such that unless we are totally and comprehensively convinced changing traditional practices is like moving hell and heaven.

We look at this article to change that perception with a very simple explanation which should be good enough even for the most adamant critic to change their ways and slip into a saltwater hot tub with confidence written all over a smiling face.

Before we would come to the crux of the matter in trying to compare chlorine and saltwater as sanitizing agents to be used in either swimming pools or hot water tubs it would be prudent to see each one on its own merits. Towards that conclusive end we first look at the traditional chlorinated hot tub. We would follow it up with what salt water hot tubs could offer and the difference between the two and which scores on brownie points over the other.

Once you have perused this and other salt water hot tub reviews along with what traditional chlorinated hot tubs come up with there wouldn’t be an iota of doubt as to where your loyalties would reincarnate. Whatever you may read and learn there is nothing like real life experiences and it would be your prerogative to compare the two by dipping yourself on either. The experiences that you would have in a hot tub with chlorine and a saltwater hot tub without much of an exaggeration could seem like the sides of the same coin, but by far it would be like chalk and cheese. The cheese being definitely the salt water hot tubs and with the former left on the wayside to rue the harsh effects of chlorine.

Traditional Chlorine Hot tub

  • Introduction

The level of chlorine in a swimming pool or hot tub has to be very carefully monitored and controlled. The levels of chlorine in the water of a hot tub would also come under the jurisdiction of the local bodies. This is because many an accident has occurred due to errors in the levels of chlorine. Low levels of chlorine could induce sickness and disease, whereas high levels of chlorine could be dangerous and sometimes fatal to some users with allergies.

Hence it is imperative that whoever would be administering chlorine and other chemicals would need to be extra careful when handling this dangerous and corrosive chemical and also mix the right amounts in to swimming pool or hot tub. Carelessness could be deadly which would not only be for the handler but for hot tub users as well.

  • How Chlorine Keeps Pools Safe for Summertime Fun

Chlorine is used to sanitize pool and hot tub waters whilst mild quantities are traditionally introduced to drinking water to ensure it is safe for human consumption. Chlorine kills germs, contagious viruses and harmful bacteria which cannot survive in chlorinated water. Though chlorine is corrosive there has been no alternative to chlorine when it is killing germs, viruses and bacteria in water that is the priority. Modern science has still not come up with an answer to do away with chlorine and add some other milder chemical to kill germs, viruses and bacteria.

It is in this context that chlorine is still used universally to ensure water is either safe for human consumption or for use in swimming pools and hot tubs where human interaction takes place exposing users to many dangers inherent in those waters.

  • Is the chlorine in swimming pools bad for you?

Chlorine has been perennially used in swimming pools and hot tube to sanitize the water and whether it is good or bad is a point of contention for the individual who would be in such waters. There are many among us who are allergic to chlorine and would not step into a pool or hot tub dissolved with it. Whilst some are allergic others could be paranoid about stepping into a pool or hot tub with chlorine in it. There are many of us who have been in and out of chlorinated pools and hot tubs without much of an issue and have been made immune to the fact.

Whatever it may be it should be understood that chlorine is a very harsh and corrosive chemical which could leave severe burns on the skin if it is spilled in it concentrated form. The effects of chlorine on the skin could be quite painful and devastating. In that context there is no gain saying that chlorine is good for us, because it just cannot be.

  • Side Effects of Chlorination

Prolonged exposure to chlorinated waters in a swimming pool or hot tub could have long term effects which cannot be quantified in the short or medium term. Some pool users could feel uncomfortable in the first few days that they are exposed to above accepted levels of chlorine in the water whilst others may realize it only after a few weeks, months or even years. It would entirely depend on the individual but there have been many recorded instances where chlorine has caused various cancers in patients and other health issues.

We cannot rule out that there are no side effects because we are using a very harsh chemical and it has very strong properties which could cause devastating health issues. Though chlorine has been used traditionally to sanitize swimming pools and hot tubs we just cannot accept it as a safe and uncompromising method of sanitation. The dangers are inherent but it is a Hobson’s choice and we just cannot do without it.

It is the opportune time to find an alternative to chlorine and ensure we have a safer method of sanitizing but there is nothing on the horizon that we could see which would take us away from this very corrosive chemical. The use of chlorine has been debated on many forums but still the alternative has been elusive.

What is a saltwater hot tub?

  • Introduction

Much water has flowed under the bridge trying to find the perfect alternative to the use of chlorine in the sanitizing of water in swimming pools and hot tubs. Like everything that we humans miss in every quest of ours we have done the same thing in trying to sanitize our swimming pools and hot tubs too. When our world the resplendent Earth is covered with 2/3rd seawater we have been using chlorine that corrosive chemical to sanitize our swimming pools and hot tubs. We have delved further and poured chlorine into our drinking water and have been happily imbibing it.

It is heavenly that we have found at least for one of our recreational exploits to use salt water hot tubs which are revolutionizing the way sanitation of water would be practiced in the future. It would be prudent to hold your horses if you think that the water in salt water hot tub would taste like seawater. It would not come anywhere near it and we would tell you why.

The composition of seawater is 35,000 parts per million (ppm) hence the strong taste of salt when you sip water when in the sea. To taste salt dissolved in water it should contain 3,550 parts per million (ppm) anything less would not tickle our taste buds which would be oblivious to any such taste. The answer to the question of salt water hot tubs tasting salty does not arise because the content of salt in them would be in the range of 2,000 ppm to 3,000 ppm. The ideal level generally maintained around 2,500 parts per million (ppm) or thereabouts.

Looking at the salt water hot tubs pros and cons this aspect alone is ample enough to put the use of salt water hot tubs way ahead of hot tubs still using the traditional chlorine in its sanitation. This is why it was said earlier that the Best salt water hot tubs are cheese compared to the chalk of the traditional hot tubs dissolved with chlorine.

Saltwater hot tub benefits

The benefits of dipping oneself in a saltwater hot tub are immense of which one stands out quite tall and handsome and that is the issue of any allergies. The salt content in any salt water hot tub is handsomely mild not even able to tickle your taste buds. Hence the salt is lost in the water of the hot tub with no chance of any unpleasantness, discomfort and any other adverse reactions. The skin will not even feel the content of salt in the water because it is nearly negligible.

But still it makes an effective medium to keep the water in the hot tub sanitized to ensure the same levels of safety that could be envisaged by using the harshness of chlorine. The bottom line in the issue of being in salt water hot tubs is that other you and your family there is no room or space for any disease carrying germs, contagious viruses or harmful bacteria. They are easily eliminated and destroyed causing no harm to anyone.

It is the process of changing the salt in the water through the process of electrolysis that is the principle behind the whole exercise. Sodium chloride is converted to chlorine which acts as the sanitizing agent but in a very milder form that what is added on in the chemical form. The chlorine so converted is so mild that it has no possible effects on the human body but is devastating to germs, viruses and bacteria.

Saltwater hot tub disadvantages

The first major disadvantage if you could call it would be the initial cost of setting up a salt water hot tub in comparison to a traditional hot tub using chlorine as the sanitizing agent. The cell used in the process of electrolysis could be expensive to replace with the prices of some brands quite steep whilst some could be moderate. Replacement time could also vary between two and five years again depending on each brand that you would select. Saltwater in its normal form is quite corrosive hence any material which is vulnerable to corrosion could be susceptible. Another disadvantage is that the water in the hot tub would need to be maintained at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

These could be teething problems which would eventually get sorted out as time moves on and there have been many who have converted to salt water hot tubs and enjoying its benefits to the optimum. Once these few anomalies are sorted out, it would be the Best salt water hot tubs which would see the light of day.

Benefits of the Fresh water Saltwater System 

This salt water system is easy to use and keeps the salt water hot tubs clear, clean and healthy for use at any time of the day. The automatic production of the mildest form of chlorine ensures comfort for all the saltwater hot tub users whilst creating no discomfort at all. Maintaining the water in the salt water hot tub has never been easier with the Freshwater salt water system. You would need to drop only a few spoons of salt and this salt water hot tub would take over and ensure you have the safest and most comfortable water with no after effects at all.

The days of itching when you leave the hot tub are gone and instead you will feel rejuvenated and revitalized with no dry skin or smarting eyes. This is just the Best salt water tubs that money could buy and has been revolutionizing the hot tub industry for years. The use of any chemicals which was a foregone conclusion is either totally absent or drastically reduced. The care and maintenance of your salt water hot tub never got easier and would just remain a normal phenomenon which would take just a few minutes of your time. Refills are needed just one a year and the conservation of water is reduced by controlling the spa drain.

Chlorine and Salt Water Systems Time and Cost Comparison

The fact remains that you need to dole out a few dollars when you want to enjoy technology at its best and with its inherent benefits. The use of traditional chlorine hot tubs have proliferated hence could be cheaper in price but that does not mean that the recent technologically advanced Salt Water Systems initiated salt water hot tubs could match the former in price.

There is a premium to be paid with the Best salt water hot tubs a few steps ahead in the price war and it would be difficult for the new technology to be on par with the traditional. The Best salt water hot tubs have revolutionized this recreational past time and would be building on its merits in the future.

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