Best Pool Automation System – Reviews & Buying Guide

Automation is the gift of the 21st century and all it needs is a smartphone and a few technological adjustments in your home or office. If you are home proud and want a little excitement in life a smartphone would deliver it onto your palm and at your fingertips. Home automation is not a luxury anymore it could be termed as a necessity especially with our busy lifestyles where a 24 hour day is just not enough to manage all the responsibilities that we are burdened with. If we could bring automation into our lives it would allow us more time to enjoy, have fun and interact with our loved ones who need us most in their formative years.

The swimming pool in your backyard which was a luxury and the domain of the rich a couple of decades ago is today a recreational necessity to soothe those aching muscles and joints after a hard day in office. The pool is also a place for the family to enjoy themselves and interact because children and adults alike are kept busy with school, college and work.

Keeping the pool ready with a Pool automation system whenever you want to slip into the water could save much of your valuable time. Remotely controlling the pool’s various needs is possible today with the technology brought to your fingertips via your smartphone if you have a pool automation system. Controlling the various schedules which are today a part and parcel of pool activities, adjusting the pump’s speed to ensure it operates at optimum whilst saving on energy are just a couple of things possible with swimming pool automation. You could turn on the pool, hot tub or spa to be ready when you walk in home, control the temperature of the water and ensure everything is just to your liking without anything being left out if you have the best pool automation system installed.

To operate an automated pool, spa or hot tub from wherever the world you may be, needs only a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet at the location you are in and the same at home. A suitable and efficient automation system would need to be selected, some basic technical knowledge to install the system and of course a smartphone to do your bidding. You could centralize your home automation including the pool, spa and hot tub to make life more comfortable and exciting.

To find out how we could make our lives more comfortable and also enjoy the immense possibilities that pool automation systems provide we look at it in detail to apprise us more on the subject. For those who are tech savvy it would be definitely up their street but for those who are still trying to learn the tricks of our technological advancements it would take just a few days to master the Pool automation system.

Once you have your pool automation system installed it would take off the lethargy you experienced in operating the various systems which would have been time consuming hence also suffered a dent on efficiency. You could more things better by saving time and money at any time and place convenient to you and not necessarily by manually doing the adjustments by being near your pool. Automation is indeed a 21st century gift and we are lucky to be bestowed with such technology which was lost to those who lived before us. It is our prerogative to encompass technology into our lives and pool automation systems are one of the best at our disposal especially when we are stretched to the maximum with time constraints that we are helpless to solve.

How Does Pool Automation Work?

First and foremost it is imperative that you get the best Wi-Fi internet connection which would have reasonably efficient service provided around your home and definitely near the pool pad before you embark on getting a pool automation system. The download and upload speeds should be at least 3Mbps especially near your pool with good signal strengths. The strength of your internet connection could be easily tested by employing an online speed tester. Once you are convinced that your internet connection is efficient you could move forward with the best automation system that you could find.

It would need to be taken into consideration that pool automation systems need not cover the entirety of your pool’s complete operations. You could automate step by step thus lowering the financial burden you would be saddled with.

For example you could first install a Pool automation system to operate the pool pump which is generally considered as the heart of the complete operation of your pool. You could then move to the pool filter and add it onto the pool automation system. The sanitizing systems, the lighting systems, and every other including musical systems could be brought to your fingertips by installing the best pool automation system.

With the Wi-Fi internet connection at absolute efficiency you would need to work on the wiring which would be needed to be installed with a control panel or switch at the center of the whole system. The control panel would ensure all the functions in each of the units are efficiently controlled and would work as the intermediary to the control you would have in your palm via the internet.

If you have issues in connecting wirelessly to your home through the internet there is always the option to connect all of the pool automation systems using a wired Ethernet connection. Either way you should be able to connect with your pool automations system using either, your smartphone, tablet or laptop from wherever you are if you too have access to the internet.

The control panel is the most important component in your pool automation system which would generally be a touch screen facility to enable compatibility to ensure internet connection. If you lose the internet connection you could still operate your swimming pool automation by controlling the different functions with the aid of the control panel. Some reputed brands that sell pool automation systems have valve actuators which give you access to change when needed.

Most of the new generation pool equipment like pumps, filters, sanitizers, fountains, lightings and other additional auxiliary products are blessed with easy connections to new or existing pool automation systems. To facilitate such connections it would be imperative that some specialized electrical wirings and software installations would need to be executed and completed. If you are technically inclined or with some professional inputs it would take a few hours to complete the whole operation.

To ensure you get all the wiring absolutely right and that it is done professionally hiring a pro who knows what he is doing and experienced in the subject should hold you in good stead. It is prudent to remember that installing a pool automation system has to be flawlessly concluded hence keeping any loose ends would not be in your better interests.

Why Should You Buy A Pool Automation System?

The absence of a pool automation system would need you to be physically present at the controls of all the equipment that facilitates your pool’s functions. This could be quite an arduous task if you are a busy bee like many of us who are hard pressed for time even on the weekends. The controls to your swimming pool’s water pumping system, the sanitizing unit and the filtration process are all manually operational with some having timers which is the best the respective manufacturers could achieve.

Even the timers on these units have to be set by punching in the required times and other information by physically being present to do it. It takes time, energy and would have a cost on your efforts which could sometimes be unquantifiable. Saving time and money has become a top priority for many of us and if we could save a few minutes it could be valuable to us more than anything else today.

An efficient Pool automation system would bring all the functions attributed to the functioning of your pool to your fingertips via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You just need to have access to the internet and your pool too should be connected to the internet either through a wireless Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection. Life would be much easier and your pool that took much of your time would now be operational form anywhere in your own time and place with no hassle at all.

You could operate every function the pool pump, pool filter, sanitizing and everything else from the ease of your armchair wherever you would be. Life would have got better especially comparing the anxieties and time consuming maintenance demanded without a pool automation system installed.

Experience has shown us that when automation comes into our lives, living in this busy world would become easier and more convenient. Pools could be quite messy when you have to frequently go down and make the required adjustments to ensure it remains clear, clean and healthy for your loved ones. It is a constant grind to set the pump at the right speeds, ensure that the filter operates at optimum efficiency, or adjust the sanitizer when you want it at the appropriate settings. These could take its toll on you hence divesting these responsibilities to the latest technology would be your answer to the hassles which otherwise you would have to go through.

It is a fast paced rat race out there with everyone trying to cheat time and extract the maximum from the limited time in our hands. An efficient pool automation system would not only give you ample time in your hands but would allow you to make the right adjustments to your pool’s operating systems to ensure perfectness at its best. You need to install the best pool automation system to enjoy what it could offer. The world of recreational swimming especially in your home would be at your fingertips with no worries at all. The past would be better forgotten once you have the ultimate in swimming pool maintenance which is without an iota of doubt a pool automation system.

What Part of my Pool can I Automate?

There are no restrictions of which parts or equipment that you could automate in your pool. Pool automation system could cover all equipment from the heart of the pool system the pool pump right down to the lighting. Most equipment used in a pool system is compatible to automation.

You could peruse through this and other pool automation system reviews and apprise yourself of the intricacies involved in the pool automation systems. If you are hard pressed financially but would still contemplate of installing a pool automation system you are at liberty to do so in stages by beginning with whatever equipment you would think takes a major share of your time. Divesting such time and bringing it onto your mobile smartphone, tablet or laptop would give you much flexibility in time and of course energy.

Systematically going about your Pool automation system would give you a very good idea as to how best you could operate the units that make up the totality of your pool system. This would be a prudent way to go because the better apprised you are about the different operations and functions it would permit you to extract the optimum benefits. It is how soon and how best you would master the swimming pool automation which would determine how much of the advantages inherent to the system that you could derive.

It is only when you have installed the best pool automation system would you really appreciate the time that you would have in your hand to attend to other little chores which you have always procrastinated. Time has become an important essence in our lives today and if we could steal a few minutes and spend it with our loved it would definitely be godsend. Hence without any second thoughts it would be prudent to take the bull by its horns and install the best pool automation system which would allow you to save money, energy and time. All these three ingredients are very valuable in today’s context and if you have a pool it is only a very good Pool automation system which would give you these on a platter