Best Swimming Pool Towel Rack – Reviews & Buying Guide

Towels are an important and very personal accessory that we use frequently. Towels need to be kept clean and free of contagious disease carrying bacteria and other germs. A towel is used many times over during the course of a day hence needs to be very clean whenever we pick it up. We need to ensure that the towel that we use is hung in such a place where it would not come in contact with sickness and disease causing foreign bodies. As a habit towels are used to wrap our bodies either after a shower or getting out of a swimming pool. The closeness that a towel gets to our bodies is another very good reason to ensure it remains clean all the time.

Cleanliness is something that we need to give due attention to, because if we are not clean or use accessories such as towels that are not clean it is a recipe for sickness and ill health. It is always advisable to use your own towel instead of sharing it with another because of the closeness a towel gets to our bodies. The towel that we use is as important as the clothes that we would wrap ourselves with hence personalized use would be the most prudent way to use one.

Whilst using your own towel it would be advisable to ensure it is hung on a designated rack, so that it remains safe and clean until the next time you would use it. Whether it is in your bathroom or near the swimming pool it is imperative that the towel is hung instead of being thrown around. A towel on the ground wherever it would be is not a very healthy practice and would be susceptible to pick up disease carrying bacteria and germs. Bacteria and other disease carrying germs are microscopic hence they cannot be picked up with the naked eye. If you look around the pool with a microscope it would surprise and alarm you seeing the billions of bacteria and germs waiting for an unwitting host.

Though we may assume the tiled or well laid pool precincts are clean there are billions of bacteria lying around waiting to find a cozy home to propagate and spread the diseases they are carrying. If we are not careful with our towel and throw it around the swimming pool, the chances are that we would end being sick often. Hence it is imperative that if we are in a pool to ensure a swimming pool towel rack is close at hand to hang our towel safely.

A pool towel rack is a very important swimming pool accessory which needs to be conspicuously placed to hang towels to ensure they are kept clean and protected from uninvited bacteria and germs. Unlike inside a bathroom an outdoor towel rack would need to be corrosion free and withstand the vagaries of Nature. The poolside towel rack needs to be manufactured from specially formulated materials to ensure it provides long term service. They are vulnerable to ultra-violet rays of the Sun and the splashing rains hence selecting the best and most appropriate would be your prerogative.

To enable you to find and select the best swimming pool towel rack we provide the following salient aspects to consider which would be helpful in your quest. Once you have perused through it would give you a better idea as to what type of outdoor poolside towel rack would be best suited to add to the ambience of your swimming pool.

Swimming pool towel rack Buying Tips


Everything in life has a purpose and it is because of it that they are made or invented. It is often said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and everything that we see around us has one or many purposes. Taking into consideration what has been specifically said about cleanliness being an important aspect in the use of towels we go a step further. The need to keep towels clean before use becomes a very important purpose that has to be impeccably addressed. Not doing so would make you vulnerable to sickness and disease. Ruing after being struck by some unknown virus or being infected by disease carrying bacteria would not be a very conducive way to live our lives.

Prevention is better than cure, hence ensuring the purpose of having the towel we use when in a swimming pool becomes that much more important. A swimming pool towel rack set beside the pool to hang towels after drying oneself would serve this important purpose well without causing any adverse issues.


One of the major aspects that we revolve our lives around is style, without which the world would be a dull and drab place. It is style that drives our every purchase, whether it is clothes, furniture, a home or anything else. Hence it could be conveniently presumed even if you intend buying a swimming pool towel rack, style would be what you would look for. The outdoor poolside towel rack should exude style to coincide with your own flamboyance depicted everywhere else around the swimming pool and within your home.

Millions are spent around the world to exude style and through it personalities. It is always style that precedes anyone’s personality hence ensuring the right image and personality is projected becomes important criteria to us. It may be a simple outdoor towel rack but its selection would say a thousand words and provide a glimpse into your lifestyle and the way you would like to be accepted among family and friends.


Before we buy anything it is important to consider whether it would be durable and last a few years in use. We would detest buying anything, even an outdoor towel rack if we are at doubt that it would not last the test of time. The pool towel rack placed strategically should stand tall and hold that amount of towels it is designed and built for. The material used in the manufacture of the swimming pool towel rack should be corrosion free. A pool towel rack is invariably kept outside exposed to Nature’s elements hence being made of anti-corrosive material becomes very important.

Before you would decide on an appropriate outdoor poolside towel rack it would be prudent to consider how durable it would be and the longevity of the product. It would be an utter waste of your time and money if the poolside towel rack does not serve you for the money that you have paid. Be doubly sure of what you buy and that it would last you a few seasons and is a good return on your investment.


The important aspect to consider would be the size of the swimming pool towel rack that you would buy. It would be prudent to match the size of your pool with the number of users at any particular time. It is the number of users in a pool which would determine the size of your poolside towel rack. If your swimming is large then it would be advisable to have many outdoor towel racks of different sizes rather than having a big one for all. Distributing a number of pool towel racks around the pool would provide easy access to the pool users.

On the contrary if your pool is a small one it would be prudent to place a couple of outdoor towel racks which are easily accessed by those using the pool. Ensure that the size of the outdoor poolside towel rack blends discreetly but stands conspicuously to attract the attention of the pool user. Size matters and to select the right one using your imagination would be the most prudent way to approach the issue.


If you look around whether in a store or online to buy a swimming pool towel rack the first thing that would strike you is the wide variety of designs to aid your selection. You may not be able to use every poolside towel rack just because you like the design. There may be constraints in use, for example if you do not have a sturdy wall close to your pool a wall mounted outdoor towel rack may not be the appropriate design for your poolside. The design of the pool towel rack should match and marry perfectly with your swimming pool.

If you decide on an upright standing outdoor poolside towel rack design ensure it has ample base weight to hold the towels hanging on it without tripping over. You could also find a pool towel rack with a more stable design consisting of four base points firmly standing on the ground. Hence you would need to consider every aspect of the design and its capability of holding the towels hanging on it without tripping or falling over. Careful consideration to the design is imperative and it should encompass, style, durability, and also be the right size.


Once you have given due consideration to every aspect pertaining to the swimming pool towel rack that has caught your eye and are satisfied in every way the finale would be whether it suits your budget. We need to cut our clothes according to our cloth. Spending more than what we should or could would be a top priority to consider before we would dole out our hard earned monies. Spending on a poolside towel rack which not be worth the money paid for it would not bode well on our ego. After we purchase an outdoor towel rack which would serve us for a few summers would be money down the drain.

Hence choosing and selecting intelligently should always be our primary objective whether it is an outdoor poolside towel rack or anything else that would be more expensive. In today’s economic climate expenditure for important and essential commodities and amenities are rising unabated. Hence we need to be very prudent before we would pull our wallets and buy anything. It is necessary that we receive good value for money paid and ensure that, we as customers win the day and get what we would want.

How to Choose the Best swimming pool towel rack?

Once you have all the answers to every question in your mind about buying the best swimming pool towel rack it would be time to take the plunge and buy it. Every aspect listed above are important and only then could you enjoy the use of your poolside towel rack. We may think that it is only an inexpensive pool towel rack and then buy one on impulse without considering the various aspects we have listed above. That is where you would make a very cardinal error because every cent that we spend is important and should not be given away without getting good value for it.

It is hard earned monies that we are talking about and throwing it away would not be a very prudent way to conduct our lives. “It is small drops of water that make a mighty ocean and little grains of sand that make a mighty land”, we have heard this since our childhood and it was said not without meaning. It is only when we know the value of the cent that we have in our hand would we be prudent in spending it. Maintaining a callous attitude towards how we spend our monies would not be a very conducive way of conducting our lives.

Match every aspect of your swimming pool with the outdoor poolside towel rack that you have chosen and then weigh the pros and the cons about the product like everything else you would do in life and then make the final decision to buy. Once you have bought the swimming pool towel rack and placed it around the pool where you envisaged to have it is imperative that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. It would not be personally a satisfactory option to bring and place the outdoor towel rack near your swimming pool and then find you have bought the right product for you.

We have provided ample thought on what you should look at before you would buy a poolside towel rack but there may be other aspects which you may think should be given thought too. If so list out them too and ensure you make the best choice and buy the best swimming pool towel rack.