Best In Ground Pool Basketball Hoop – Reviews & Buying Guide

An above average in-ground pool that could accommodate ten players would be just ideal to indulge in a game of water basketballand have some fun and frolic and keep those watching either tense or to burst out in laughter. To begin a game of water basketball, you need an appropriate ball and either one basketball hoop floating in the center or two on either side. Once you have these it would be a game of water basketball and fun all the way for everyone. Your family may get bored with the swimming pool after some time but if you get them around to join you in a game of water basketball it could be fun times in the pool for everyone.

In the context investing on an in-ground pool water basketball hoop would be a very prudent thing to do whilst keeping the kids and the good times you and your family could indulge in. When summer is around the corner look for ways to keep the adrenaline pumping in the family and one of the best ways would be a game of water basketball when time permits.

How to find In Ground Pool Basketball Hoop

Exercise and sport has been a human lifeline since time immemorial. The Olympics were inaugurated centuries ago and is still the world’s largest sporting extravaganza on the calendar conducted but four years apart. Started in ancient Greece around the 8th century BC and then after some hiccups was revived again around the 17th century AD. The history of the Olympics is another story but it has retained the competitiveness in our sporting world.

Revolving around such major events is how we see our little world of sport within our family, and the community at large. Every opportunity that we get to flex our muscles, we would try to make the best of it and wherever we may be would be always welcomed. Whether we are in water, on land or even in the air the adrenaline in our system would always take over.

Looking out of the window a swimming pool whether it is an in-ground or above ground would make an ideal body of water to stretch the muscles and have some fun. What you would be able to do in an above ground pool would definitely be limited due to its smaller dimensions but that would not be the case with an in-ground pool. An in-ground pool is built generally with larger dimensions and could accommodate quite a number of pool users at any given time.

The size of pool matters

One important criteria, stands out prominently if you are to have a game of water basketball in your in-ground pool. That would be the size of the in-ground pool which would need to accommodate that number of players who would divide into two teams to play the game. A game of pool water basketball being played in your home in-ground pool is more fun than a competitive competition. Though the dimensions would matter it would not need to be a very large one because even with a medium sized in-ground pool you should be able to have immense fun.

Make the best of the in-ground pool that you have and try out a game or two of water basketball and see what fun you could have. If you are a small family include the neighbors and friends to join in too and the fun that you could indulge in would be unlimited. Get the inground pool basketball hoop out of the garage and have fun oblivious to the size of your in-ground pool. Two is company and three is a crowd hence any number would do if you have the adrenaline running within you.

It is a real game of basketball

Once the fun starts it would not matter where and with whom you would be competing in the game of water basketball, because it is great fun to be in the water splashing around and pushing yourself to the limit. For all it is worth you would be playing a real game of basketball but it would be in water. The thought itself would be sufficient to bring the enjoyment that you would be longing for. The competitiveness would always be there if you give your best to the game and enjoy yourself to the optimum, after all it is fun that we seek with family and friends.

The excitement is unlimited

A game of in-ground pool water basketball over the weekend could catch on like an infection and bring the family and friends together to continue the fun. A festive atmosphere would prevail around the in-ground pool once you have the crowd coming over to join in the fun. A tough week at work would all fade away if you have some fun in the pool with some very competitively played water basketball to rejuvenate and revitalize you and everyone else for the new week ahead.

Make hay while the Sun shines and that is exactly what you should be doing if you have an in-ground pool in your backyard without letting it be a white elephant not used by anyone in the family. Maintaining the in-ground pool does cost money hence making the optimum use of it is a priority. A few dollars of investment in the basics required for a game of in-ground pool water basketball could turn the activities in your home from a bunch of couch potatoes to a competitive outfit. There is immense excitement awaiting everyone but you would need to take the cue and bring home the equipment.

Good medium for exercise

Swimming is good exercise and frolicking in the pool is more fun coupled with more exercise. A game of in-ground pool water basketball would be a great opportunity for everyone to keep fit and away from sickness and various diseases. It would be a pity to let your swimming pool lie idle without use because it is one place where you could couple fun and exercise. This would not only be for you or anyone member of the family but for the whole clan.

You just need to have the purpose to do it and a game of in-ground pool water basketball is the most ideal getaway for everyone in the family and extended family too, for fun and a healthy wellbeing. Try it out because it is often said that procrastination is the thief of time. Never leave what you could do today for tomorrow and likewise if the weekend is around the corner and the weather gods are kind get everyone back into the pool for some fun and games. A game of in-ground pool water basketball is just what you need to get the family back on an exercise regime and in a much healthier frame of mind.

Build camaraderie

A family that prays, eats, and plays together would stay together too, which is what was taught to us from our very young days. There could be only one place where everyone in the family including the family pet dog could frolic and have some fun with everyone else. No holds would be barred and it would be a great opportunity to build camaraderie and togetherness within the family. Children need guidance all the time and when they grow up, the age of adolescence could create certain misunderstandings between the different ages. All that could be ironed out by keeping the flock together and what better way than to compete with them on their own terms in a tough game of water basketball.

You need just a ball and a floating water basketball hoop or two on either side to create the right ambience to have fun unlimited and through it build family camaraderie. It is imperative that we strive to keep our flock together and though there may be some issues it does not mean they cannot be ironed out. Every problem has a solution it is only how we would set about looking for it. Building camaraderie within the family should be a high priority and if that could be achieved half the battle would be won.

A weekend of fun and frolic

Summer would be the best time to make use of the pool to optimum benefit and it could be better served if you could utilize it to the maximum. Weekends of fun and frolic during the summer could be the best way to bring out the best in everyone. There are many activities one could indulge in but sprinkling them with a game of in-ground pool water basketball would be great fun for all. Keep the weekends or some part of it free for a game of in-ground pool water basketball it would indeed be great fun and an avenue to rejuvenate and revitalize for the week ahead. Having a pool in the garden is a good investment but you need to take maximum use of it. You spend a colossal amount maintaining throughout the year hence it would be a pity to let it go into neglect without appropriate use.

An inexpensive sport

You have made the investment required, which is an in-ground pool and apart from that it is only the ball and the water basketball hoops or floating hoop that you require. It is not an expensive sport if you are having the family and friends over for a game to build camaraderie and lasting friendships. Get into the water and see what you could do because you would enjoy every minute of the game. We need fund to extend our lives if we are to live it to the optimum. Being couched up in front of the television would not extend our lives but instead shorten it.

Age is no barrier once you get into the pool and play a game of water basketball which would not only be fun but provide immense pleasure and a great amount of exercise for the body too. A game of in-ground pool water basketball could be a great opportunity to turn your life around. Playing it regularly with family and friends would bring a new revitalized you to the fore and that would be a promise you could make for yourself.

Great fun for a minimal amount

The cost of playing a game of in-ground pool water basketball is negligible to say the least because it would cost you a ball and the required water basketball hoops only to get going. Your initial investment of the in-ground pool has been done and from there it would be just a few dollars to get your game on the track. It is more the merrier and the game of water basketball could be played with different teams over a whole day to add more spice to the day. It would be great fun and all just for a few dollars spent.

Water is a good medium for fun and frolic hence making optimum use of your in-ground pool is your prerogative and to do so you would just need a ball and a couple of water basketball hoops or one in the center of the pool floating on the water. The principle in live should always be to look for fun whenever you can because it keeps our spirits up and would propel us on the road to good health and longevity.

Portable hoops

Water basketball hoops are made with water proof materials and would be corrosion free. They are easily and conveniently assembled which could be placed at any location around the in-ground pool to start the game. They are portable so that the best place where the two teams would have equal chances of shooting into the opposing team’s hoop would be the sole criteria to decide the position. Hence portability is very important and also they are adjustable in height to cater to different age groups so that shooting into the hoops would be competitive.

Both teams would need to have equal chances to shoot into the hoop whilst being in the water. It may be a tough ask but it is great fun and would draw every calorie of energy from the body. We would not be shifting goal posts in a game of soccer but in a game of in-ground pool water basketball you could be doing it to cater to the requirements of the players. Their ages, heights and other aspects would come into play with the water level and the water basketball hoop at different levels. Reaching to shoot would decide where and how you would place the water basketball hoop.

Floating hoops

If your in-ground pool is small it should not deflate you just because you cannot have sufficient expanse in the water to have two water basketball hoops on either side for the two teams to shoot. The solution is simple, which would be to get a floating water basketball hoop harnessed in the center of the water and the two teams competing with each other to shoot into it. A game is on even when your pool is small and if it is fun that you would want there is ample scope for you to use ingenious ideas to meet your objectives. One floating water basketball hoop is all that you would need to bring all the fun and frolic others would have in a bigger pool with two water basketball hoops on either side.


It is often said in jest and in all seriousness that fun and frolic have no boundaries. This is just what you would get when you indulge in a game of in-ground pool water basketball. The only boundary would be the confines of the in-ground pool but other than that there are no boundaries for the fun and excitement that all could have