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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Tub

It may be incomprehensible for us in the modern day to visualize certain hilarious incidents and odd practices of an era gone by. To add spice to our historical knowledge one of those incidents is quite interesting and absurd no doubt. In or around the year 476 AD after the fall of the Roman Empire the Christian Church took offense about maintaining cleanliness. The resurgence of Christianity saw a very strange practice that came to be followed which was fervently encouraged and in some areas decreed by the Christian Church. That was the abhorrence to washing and bathing too often and keeping oneself very clean.

The Romans were obsessed with water and enjoyed being in it, soaking and washing themselves as often as they could. They maintained a very clean demeanor and were always spick and span in dress and clean in body too. They built swimming pools, hot tubs and various other bodies of water to keep clean. After the Romans fell the Christian Church misconstrued the habit of being clean as a prelude to indulging in forbidden sexual behavior. Adultery was a very popular norm which was abhorred by the Christian Church and the next best thing they thought of was to discourage Christians from being clean. The Church was under the impression that it was the practice of being clean that drove people to indulge in forbidden sexual fantasies.

The Christians of that era abandoned the use of bathing pools whether they were hot tubs or otherwise and remained a stinking lot until things changed for the better a few decades later. If the Christian Church had its way we would be devoid of hot tubs, showers, pools and other bodies of water which we use to keep ourselves clean and healthy. Today hot tubs are proliferating around the United States and are an oft enjoyed hydrotherapy indulgence in many homes.

It has been medically proved and advised that immersing oneself in the best hot tub has tremendous medical advantages in rejuvenating and refreshing a tired body and to bring zest back when the body is fatigued. Hot tubs are generally designed for two people or more and also brings along some excitement, fun and frolic whilst delivering health benefits. A dip in a hot tub is very refreshing and is perfectly ideal to relieve oneself of all those aches and pains and bring enthusiasm back to face a new day with confidence and vitality.

We look at how best we could derive the optimum benefits from a hot tub, acquire and install one to enjoy with family, the cost it would be to us and the best design and size to suit our budget and space in our home or garden.

How to Buy a Hot Tub That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

A swimming pool is a different kettle of fish altogether when compared with a hot tub. Whilst the former would be fun to splash around and have some good times with family and friends the hot tub could be a rejuvenator, a revitalizer and above all a therapeutic experience. Heating up the swimming pool when the ambient temperature drops could be an enormous financial liability, but doing do with the best hot tub is easy on the wallet and a quicker proposition too. For a small family which most of us are today, maintaining a swimming all through the year is indeed quite a task physically and financially. It could become a white elephant in many homes with the possibility that it would be rarely used. On the contrary a hot tub is a convenient, less costly and a more prudent option.

Hot tubs were generally associated till recently with wild parties, holiday excursions and in some instances for medical indulgences but that equation changed drastically and they are proliferating along with or replacing swimming pools. Hence if you are also contemplating of either changing over or replacing your much costlier swimming pool with a superlative hot tub we list some of the salient issues to consider. They often say that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and likewise you need to get yourself an appropriate best hot tub to fit your lifestyle to enjoy it to the optimum. It is indeed going to be an experience which you are sure not to regret but enjoy to the maximum.

  • Portability

The major advantage in hot tubs is its portability and the ease with which they could be dismantled and moved wherever you would want to take it. Hot tubs are design engineered with this primary advantage in mind hence they are generally manufactured from reinforced but light weight acrylic, polyethylene, fiberglass or other such materials. To generate the required heating procedure there are many choices at hand, from the use of generators or on a bright day derive it from the Sun.

  • Size

Pre-determining the size of the hot tub that would suit your requirements and lifestyle is a very important factor to take notice of as changing it later could be a hassle. There are different sizes which accommodate from two to six persons inside and they are usually between six to eight feet in length. They are available in square, round, or rectangular shapes and the need would be to ensure it sits wherever you would like to place it in or out of your home.

  • Add-Ons

Check out before you buy as to what add-ons are available even if you do not decide on them initially. It is imperative before buying your hot tub you have all the necessary details so that you could upgrade when needed. Most of the modern best hot tubs are equipped with different water jets emanating from the sides at various pressures to soothe and massage the body. Some could be upgraded to belt out stereo music, flashing LED lights or mobile phone apps and a host of other little but innovative gadgets which will keep your hot tub experience at optimum levels of satisfaction.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Hub Tub?

The buying, assembling and setting up the plumbing of a hot tub which is generally an integral part of the whole supplied unit could be accomplished easily as it is a simple DIY chore which needs a basic technological knowledge. The cost of a hot tub would depend on the brand and other relevant factors chief among them is the size and how many persons it could accommodate. A large hot tub would definitely cost less than a smaller one. There could be anomalies in price in relation to the material used to manufacture the hot tub. Research and Development (R&D) perennially conducted into the hot tub industry has initiated the use of tough but light reinforced materials. This is one of the main reasons for the proliferation of the hot tub all across the United States and is today used by thousands of homes.

It is prudent to buy a hot tub that is advanced in technology and is easily installed and dismantled when required. To do so it would be advisable to find out what innovations in manufacturing materials, water jet technology, upgrades, and warranty have been incorporated into it. Another important factor to consider would be as to what it would cost to maintain the hot tub over a period of at least a year to get a good idea of what you are getting for the price you pay out. Most of the reputed brands in the market have kept initial costs of hot tubs at the minimum and maintenance costs within bearable limits.

It is often said that “cheap things no good, good things no cheap” which is most appropriate for hot tubs too because though your initial investment on an unbranded would be less than a branded, the maintenance cost could be a drain on your wallet as time progresses on. Hence it is prudent to buy the best hot tub with a reputation for quality and reliability rather than one that has not proved its mettle in the market with reliable performance.

Another very important aspect to take into consideration is that the water in a hot tub similar to a swimming pool does not require to be changed often. An efficient water filtration system with the most appropriate chemicals should be employed to keep the water in the hot tub clear, clean and healthy. The efficiency of the filtration system would depend on the salient factors associated with the hot tub and its brand.

Cost should not be the only criteria when you step out and contemplate of buying a hot tub for you and your family. There are many other factors and among them style, practicality, durability, performance, and the warranty which would be accorded. Consider all these before you would buy your best hot tub.

What are the benefits of hot tubs?

Hot tubs have been used since time immemorial because of its hydrotherapeutic properties. Various methods were used then to increase the temperature of the water and ensure it stayed comfortable and just nice on the body. Hot stones, boiled water and even direct sunlight were the norm among many other ways. Natural hot water springs became a very sought after recreational endeavor for many who were suffering from various aches and pains. Though this was in an era gone by, today it has been medically accepted that hydrotherapy could help in the cure of many muscular and joint pains suffered by many.

In the same vein the hot tub is particularly welcomed in the modern times by many for its simplicity in use and the ease of getting it installed and operational. Unlike getting the water in a swimming pool heated up the hot tub would do so in double quick time and at a fraction of the cost. The fact of the matter being that a hot tub would hold less water than a swimming pool whether it is an above ground or in-ground pool.

The savings on energy heating up a smaller body of water like a hot tub would be substantial in comparison to a bigger above ground or a larger in-ground pool. Hot tubs are smaller and could accommodate between two to six or eight persons in it. The length of a hot tub could extend to about six to eight feet ensuring comfort within for those who use it.

The other salient factor is the flexibility you have with a hot tub which is absent in a swimming pool which is the portability aspect. A hot tub could be easily dismantled and moved anywhere without much of a hassle which would be impossible in an in-ground pool but difficultly possible in an above ground pool.

One of the most interesting aspects about hot tubs are the adjustable water jets strategically placed to enable each person immersed in the hot water to individually set them to bring the right pressure on any specific area of the body they would want it to massage. These water jets bring a soothing and subtle massage which is rejuvenating and revitalizing giving every sinew in your muscles the right pressure to relax and shed the body of all those aches and niggling pains. Constant hot tub massages with the right pressures have shown extremely excellent therapeutic results which has been the corner stone for the proliferation of the versatile hot tub.

Hot tubs are long lasting because they are design engineered and manufactured with great precision from lightweight reinforced materials that are corrosion free. Specially formulated polypropylene, fiberglass, acrylic or similar materials are used to ensure that construction of the hot tub is kept as simple as possible. Maintenance is cost effective with the water remaining in it with an effective filtration process to ensure the hot tub remains clear, clear and healthy at all times.

Apart from the visible benefits that you could derive from the use of a hot tub there are many other auxiliary benefits which are mostly attributed to the health aspect. What you would pay for medications could be rectified with prolonged exercises in a hot tub which should easily compensate you and also provide a healthier body devoid of aches and pains.

What Are The Differences Between In-Ground Hot Tubs And Portable Hot Tubs?

The two could be like chalk and cheese whilst one would be immovable the other is portable. The in-ground hot tubs are there to stay but the portable hot tubs could be moved and located wherever you want it to be. The in-ground hot tubs are generally larger in size compared to the standard portable hot tubs hence heating up the former consumes more energy than the latter. This is a very important issue that comes into contention especially with the rising cost of energy which needs to be used whether it is electricity, gas or coal.

The in-ground hot tub and the portable hot tub meets on one wavelength only when it is compared as a source of a body of hot water but other than that the latter stands miles apart from the former. The portable hot tub is flexible in use to the extent that they are generally upgradable with additions attachable as time goes on. The water jets could be digitally programmed to provide exquisite water massaging sessions. The portable hot tub could be connected to your smartphone for keeping your portable hot tub ready and waiting for you on your return home after a hard day at work. Benefits that could be derived from a portable hot tub may not be available in an in-ground hot tub.

Most of the equipment relevant to the portable hot tub is constructed on the exterior walls of it with easy accessibility for maintenance and servicing. Though the controls to the equipment are conveniently located when the hot tub is in use it is also necessary to ensure easy and quick accessibility when needed. This advantage is prevalent in the portable hot tub but is conspicuously absent in an in-ground hot tub unless it is specially design manufactured to be so accessible.

A portable hot tub could add to the ambience of the environment since they are design manufactured to exude style and elegance especially with some very subtle colors to add to the beauty of your deck or garden. The portable hot tub could be placed strategically anywhere you would want to, especially on a deck to add convenience and ease of use. An in-ground pool would generally be a part of the main in-ground pool hence would be connected to the noisy already existing system. On the contrary the portable hot tub is equipped with its own system and placing it indoors would not exude similar noise that an in-ground hot tub would dispense. A portable hot tub would be your answer to a quick regular dip to ease off all those incessant aches and pains that you have been suffering over a long period of time.

What is the Difference between a Hot Tub and Spa?

The difference between a hot tub and a spa is more conversational rather than a definite identity between the two but with a few variations. A hot tub could be portable whilst a spa may not be, due to its design engineering and being generally in-ground or constructed into a bathroom. Both a hot tub and a spa would have the invariable water jets and whilst a spa may be small and accommodate two a hot tub could take in from six to eight persons. This is when it is a residential spa in comparison to a public one where there could be many using it.

Another very pertinent aspect would be the material used in the manufacture of a hot tub that is portable and a spa which would use different materials. A hot tub would use acrylic, polyethylene, reinforced plastics, fiberglass, or any other material in its manufacture. It is the anti-corrosion materials that are used which would ensure the portable hot tub remains light for easy portability. On the contrary spas would be permanently built in with concrete, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, fiberglass, or other anti-corrosive materials.

Another issue which would come into contention when comparing a hot tub and a spa is the fact that the latter could be designed and constructed according to the style you would want it to exude. This would not be possible with a hot tub as they are design manufactured in standard sizes and universal designs. A spa could be blended into the design of your swimming pool if you are contemplating of having it outdoors. The cost of heating up the water in the hot tub or the spa would need to be taken into consideration. A spa with a higher quantum of water would cost more to bring it to the desired temperature compared to a hot tub.

When it is style and elegance between the hot tub and the spa there would not be much to talk about if you design engineer your in-ground spa to exude impeccable ambience in comparison to a portable hot tub. Whether you have a spa or a hot tub they would both to a great extent come close to what they ultimately dispense. That would be none other than the chance to enjoy a hot soothing dip to ease all those aching muscles whilst rejuvenating and revitalizing every sinew in your tired body. Selecting a hot tub could provide you more advantages in comparison to a spa, especially one with a larger volume of water. The best hot tub would be ideal in size and be flexible in use.

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