Pool Table Games List

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Do you want to try something new from the pool table rather than the standard pool game? Yes, we got some alternative games which are more fun, creative and challenging. Let’s go through the pool table games list,

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One-Pocket Pool

One pocket pool is a bit difficult compared to the standard pool play, as each player has to pot the ball into a designated pocket in the table.

All the balls are placed on the rack randomly, and it is started by the player breaking it by selecting a particular pocket in the table which they will use through the game. They have to pocket every single ball into the chosen pocket for the rest of the game. The opponent player nominates another pocket and follows the same rules.

The game awards one point when you pot a ball; the winner will be the player who usually reaches the eight points first. In some regions, they play the One-pocket pool in a manner where the player loses a point when they make a foul. In case if they make a foul continuously for three times, they lose the game.

It can be played even with a handicap system, where the players are differently able or new to the game, for an example they can start the game with some points already on the scoreboard.


Cut-throat is a unique game where only three players are enough to complete the game. Rather than the other pool games, the aim of cut-throat is to have one last player left with a ball remaining on the table.

The game uses fifteen balls, and it divides these balls into three sets. The balls that are numbered from one to five are known as low balls. The balls counted from six to ten are known as mid balls. The high balls are the ones which are from eleven to fifteen numbers. And the game allocates these sets to each of three players.

Each single player pots the ball in turn and they remain at the table till they make a miss. In case if a player mistakenly pots the cue ball, at that time each of the opponent players is given a chance to place one of their balls on the table. If a player does not have any of his balls on the table, he misses his turn and has to remain for a moment where the opponent pots the cue ball.

Straight Pool

The straight pool was initially known as continuous pool. It is one of the oldest game from the pool table game list. Here a scoring system is used, where the first player who reaches a hundred points wins. Within the game, all fouls lead to a penalty of one point except at a break where the penalty is two points. In fact, if a player fouls three shots continuously, then he loses fifteen points penalty.

Moreover, it is essential that the players need to nominate their target ball and the pocket before taking every shot. Each time the player pots the selected ball to the specified pocket, he scores one point. Continuously the balls are re-racked, or it will be impossible to reach a high score to win the match.

Bumper Pool

Bumper pool is an exciting game where many people love to watch it as it is exciting and fun than the other games played using the pool table.

Bumper pool uses ten balls which includes five red balls and five white balls. Each of this set of five balls has a marked ball.

It is much excited due to the series of objects that are placed on the table to make it difficult for the players to pot the balls. These obstacles or the objects are known as bumpers. They usually arrange them on the edge of the pockets and places the majority of these fenders in the center of the table. That makes the game more challengeable.

The ultimate aim of this game is to make each player pot all their five balls into an opposite end pocket of the table. But the marked ball needs to be pot first. Bumper pool is an exciting variation when compared to the other pool table game lists as there is no cue ball included in the game. So the players can directly hit the ball to the pocket.

Hope you would try out these pool table game lists and enjoy a fun and challenging game. The pool table offers to play a range of exciting games.