Understanding the Pool Water Circulation


There are a few basic rules that you need to follow if you are to keep your swimming pool clean and healthy. Of these one rule would stand out among all others and that is efficient circulation of the water in your pool. The importance of this otherwise simple exercise would be appreciated only when you test the water in your pool in different areas within. The chemicals that you add to ensure a clean and healthy swimming pool have to be stirred up well in the water. This could be done only if you provide efficient water circulation.

Stir it up well

It is imperative to stir up the milk and sugar in either a cup of tea or coffee if you are to enjoy the brew. A well stirred up cup of tea or coffee is sure to taste better than having the sugar precipitating at the bottom when you have consumed it. The same goes for your swimming pool too. If you are to ensure all the chemicals that you put into your swimming pool to ensure it remains clean and healthy at all times the water should be well circulated to provide a right mix up of all the chemicals that you would put into your pool.

The pump and filter help

The pump and filter in your swimming pool play essential roles in the circulation of the water in your pool. The pump sucks the water in the pool and simultaneously pushes the water through the filter back into the pool. The water that goes into the pump and into the filter is what we would call “bad” water, but the water that leaves the filter could be termed “good” water as it is just that.
This process of sucking in water and throwing it back into the swimming would naturally stir up the water in the pool. To ensure optimum stirring up or circulation, it would be imperative that you place your intake and out jets strategically within the pool walls. It is only when you place the intake and out jets in the right places that water circulation would be at its optimum best.

There are grey areas

Whilst the intake and out jets would perform their respective roles in optimum circulation there would be some areas which would remain adamant with the build of algae and other debris. Here you could help by manually brushing these areas up and help the release the algae and other debris and aid the process of circulation. Brushing these grey areas would help in maintaining a cleaner and healthier pool of which you would be proud.
It would also help to ensure you add the chemicals to keep your pool clean and healthy in the right areas. Practice makes perfect it is often said and the best way to ensure that would be to pick the right areas where you notice better water circulation and add the chemicals around those areas. This would help and ensure better circulation of the added chemicals so that all areas of the swimming pool carries an even spread of chemicals. This would provide a cleaner and healthier pool for you and your family.

A job well done

Optimum water circulation in a pool is imperative if you are to enjoy your time in the pool. The chemicals that you add would be well distributed and dirt and debris in the water would be sucked in and retained in the filter. You would have a clean and healthy swimming pool with optimum water circulation and that is the importance of this crucial and essential exercise.