Best Above Ground Pool Filter Systems

Best Above Ground Pool Filter Systems

If you want to keep your above ground swimming pool clean while reducing the cost of maintenance, it is essential that you install a reliable and excellent pool filter system. The primary function of this pool filter system of above ground is to get free of all the dirt and the undissolved waste in the water. The lint filter and the hair or the skimmer basket and basket do an essential role when it comes to the maintenance of the cleanliness of the swimming pool. The filter is a necessary part of the system. There are various types of filters available, let’s find out more about these filters.

Three types of above ground pool filters

There are three types of filters as the Sand filter, Cartridge filter, and the Diatomaceous earth filter. The sand filter comes as the default in most of the above ground swimming pools. Anyway, you need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge regarding about all these types to make sure that the maintenance of the pool systems is appropriate.

The sand filter

It is known as the oldest and the most inexpensive model of the filter in above ground pools. These filters get rid of waste and the dirt within the pool using the technique of backwashing or flowing of the water to the reverse way. At the time when the gauge of pressure shows growth of seven to ten lbs. above the usual operating pressure, you need to reversal wash the filter. These filers can get rid of waste which is small as twenty microns. Most probably these sand filters last for about five or ten years of time before they need to make a replacement, so this is known as an economic preference.

The cartridge filter

These filters are the latest types of filters which can remove the waste even it is small as fifteen microns, which is better than the sand filter system. Anyway, this filter might sometimes let large particles of trash to get back to the swimming pool water, mainly when the pump of the pool pushes a lot of water. For the cleaning purpose of the gathered waste and dirt, the cartridges need detach from the filter. These types of filters usually last for around one to three years of time before it requires a replacement.

DE filter

These types of filters are the most effective out of the all the three filters, at the same time they are the most expensive. These filters are created to be more active, and they are capable of cleaning waste that is even small as four microns. So by installing this filter into your pool, you can get clean and clear water all the time. Also though DE filters are high in price, they are durable, and you need not backwash them frequently.

Make sure you consider all these three filters before purchasing so that you can choose the right one according to your requirement and the available budget. The sand filter will be a good choice if you are looking for a filter with a rational function and a budget. The cartridge filter will be a better option if you are looking for a filter which is reasonable in finance and cleans small particles of waste. However, if you are here to purchase the most efficient filter, you need to for a DE filter which is the most effective and expensive one. Even though you pay a high amount, your money won’t be in waste as these filters last for an extended period.