What is Pool Coping And Why Do You Need It?

What is Pool Coping

A picture on your wall without a frame would look drab, naked and ugly. The same goes for an in-ground swimming pool without adequate and aesthetically designed coping around it. Swimming pool coping has many advantages apart from the beauty it brings to your swimming pool perimeter. The right coping would ensure easy access in and outr of the swimming which could be quite a task for the not so agile and fit individual.
The right swimming pool coping would provide the grip one would need to get out of the in-ground pool without much of a hassle. The word “coping” has been derived from what architects would identify with when they design walls or such other structures which would satisfy a need and add beauty to them.

Swimming pool coping is generally about 12” in width and is the part running along the perimeter of the in-ground pool which separates the pool from the deck. The coping would generally slant outwards providing an anti-slip footing before stepping into the pool. It should be noted that an inward slanting swimming pool coping could aid in dangerous slipping and even cause injury to swimming pool users especially kids and the elderly.

Different types of swimming pool coping

When it comes to choosing the best and affordable swimming pool coping to bring that added beauty to your pool the choices that you have is wide and varied. Precast concrete, tiles, travertine, flagstone, bricks or even poured concrete are just some of what you could use to bring that added ambience to your swimming pool. Some would even prefer to have stone pebbles which would give a firm grip before entering the swimming pool and also seep through the water which would splash out of the pool.

Water on the deck could also be very dangerous because depending on the material used it could aid in slipping and falling and cause injury to those who are vulnerable to such falls. The water that splashes out of the pool would need to be easily seeped off the swimming pool coping and make the pool perimeter as safe as it should be for all and sundry. The in-ground swimming pool coping is an important element when you design and build a pool without which like said earlier it would be just like a picture without a frame.

Whatever type of swimming coping that you would use it is imperative that you keep a slight gap between the deck and the former. This would facilitate the splashing water to seep through and keep the deck dry as it should be to prevent any untoward situation for the swimming pool users. Swimming pool designers would give special attention to the coping because they know its importance. Hence it is imperative that you sit with your in-ground swimming pool designer and select the best and affordable coping which would add beauty, ambience and practicality to one of your best recreation spots around your home.