What is a Pool or Spa Skimmer Used For

What is a Pool or Spa Skimmer Used For

Having a swimming pool is more like having one of the luxurious dreams come true. Having just a swimming pool doesn’t mean that you would step into it. Would you step into your swimming pool is filled with dirt and looking unpleasant? Indeed, you would not. There are many types of equipment to keep a swimming pool clean, and a pool skimmer is one such equipment.

A pool skimmer is what collects the larger debris floating on the swimming pool like twigs, leaves and others. A skimmer ensures that the water filtration process of your swimming pool is more efficient. The water filtration begins when the suction pump circulates the water in the pool.

You will find that the skimmer of an in-ground pool is usually installed on the wall which is near the suction pump. The skimmer of an above-ground pool is generally on the outside wall of the lake. Above-ground pool skimmers must have a safety cover. No matter whether it is an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, a pool skimmer is essential equipment of a swimming pool.

Let’s get the best pool skimmer

Planning to have the best infinity swimming pool? Then why not the best pool skimmer to make your swimming pool the best of the best? Look for the following features when you are looking for a pool skimmer.

  • The price

You are already spending a lot to make yours the best swimming pool, and a pool skimmer is a part of the swimming pool that contributes it to be the best. What if you go for a cheaper one with low quality? Then there would be repairs and replaces in the long-run. So let’s make sure to get the best quality pool skimmer at an affordable price.

  • The durability

Durability is important too. Your pool skimmer should work for its expected lifespan without any flaw. Go through different user reviews and choose the best one with excellent reviews. Know which pool skimmer is the best one to in the market. It is essential to know your product before you go into a shop so you won’t be easily tricked into a low-quality product.

  • The installation process

You must be able to get your pool skimmer easily installed. If you are on to purchasing an auto pool skimmer, it is vital that you know how to install it correctly. Even though it is a bit complicated but still if you can manage to install the pool skimmer then go for it! There is no harm. If you prefer a simple model with an easy installation process, then you are free to go for one. Whatever it is the choice is up to you.

Things to consider

It is always better to get the best one even though you will have to spend some extra dollars on it. If you get the best on it is more likely to be once rather than going for a cheaper and adding up the replacement and repairing costs. But why should you pay more for a product which you can get for a reasonable amount of money? Consider the following when getting your best pool skimmer.

  • Ability to attach

Make sure that you can attach your pool skimmer to your pool system or else the water in your swimming pool will remain dirty. When a pool skimmer is attached to the pool system, it functions in a better way where the water will be clean and filtered.

  • UV resistant

Though there is a vast variety of pool skimmers for you to choose from, not all are made from the excellent quality material. Look for a UV resistant pool skimmer for those lasts longer than any other pool skimmers that you will find in the market.

  • The warranty

Let’s not forget about the warranty period of the product. With a lot of similar products and duplicates, it is not quite easy to trust a product when you are at the point of purchasing. A product that offers you with a long-term warranty period is a one that you can trust that the manufacturers are bearing the responsibility of the product if it comes with any defect. So, it is always important to see that you purchase a product with a long-term warranty period.

  • No additional accessories needed

Purchase a pool skimmer with functions without any other accessory. Let the skimmer do its job alone without the need of any additional accessory to support it. So that it cuts down any additional costs on such accessories.


We have reached the end of our article on “what is a pool skimmer?” By now, you know what a pool skimmer is and what it does. But it is not just all; you must now have some idea about getting the best pool skimmer for your product after going through this article. Hope you find the best pool skimmer for your swimming pool.