Types of Inground Pools

Types of Inground Pools

Are you planning to install an in-ground swimming pool in your front or backyard? If so, there is a lot for you to from. Every pool has its advantages no matter which one you choose. Let us go through different Types of Inground Pools l in detail so it would be easy for you to pick one.

Different Types of Inground Pools

Gunite swimming pools

If you are looking forward to the most durable swimming pool, then the gunite Types of Inground is the ideal pick for you. Gunite pools are built using a mixture of sand and concrete filled into a wooden framework required to keep the swimming pool in good shape. That is what makes gunite swimming pools the most durable choice of all in-ground swimming pools. Here is the good news! You can build a gunite pool in shape you want. Are you tired at the sight of the traditional shapes of pools everywhere?

With gunite swimming pools you can now build your own unique shaped swimming pool. You can give your swimming pool a luxurious look with all other finishes that go along with the pool deck. You can make it request for customized finishes so that your swimming pool would be quite attractive and unique. Fountains and custom steps are some of such most requested custom touches. Get your dream swimming pool built just in the way you wanted.

Fiberglass swimming pools

You can install a fiberglass pool quicker than any other types of inground pools. Fiberglass swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes. Fiberglass is strong and, so it is quite easy to handle during installation. If you need something additional install the pool fiber optic lights so you can lit the pool when you want to swim during the night.

Fiberglass threads weaved and hardened with polyester resin is finally added with weather resistant gel for a high-end look. You will not have to worry about algae with a fiberglass swimming pools since they don’t allow algae formation much easily. What is more when it is safer to swim at any time with the stable PH levels?

Vinyl liner swimming pools

If you are looking for a much cheaper option of a swimming pool, then a vinyl swimming pool is the best that you can have. Vinyl liner swimming pools come cheaper when compared with concrete and fiberglass swimming pools. A custom-made vinyl sheet lies in between the structure of the pool and the water. In the underneath of the vinyl liner, you might often find a cement or sand-like floor. The walls are made of thermoplastic or galvanized steel which supports them to stay steady and hold the weight of water.

Though you find that vinyl liner pools are quite cheaper, they are very flexible than a concrete pool than other types of inground pools so that you won’t have to deal with any possible cracks in your swimming pool. The pool itself gives less trouble in maintenance over the years ahead since there is no need of painting or plastering it over again. There is a vast number of designs for you to choose from, in any size and any shape. A vinyl liner swimming pool has a smooth surface than any other swimming pool.

You can choose a design of any color and any pattern that suits your budget. If you need to give it a high-end rich look, then you can add some additional things like a waterfall, few steps or a sculpture as you please. But remember, there might be a change in the price.

Optimum swimming pools

With optimal swimming pools you can now have a pool in anywhere you need! Optimum pools give the other pools a beat up with the ability to build a pool anywhere you want. This means that the ideal spot for your swimming pool can even be a slope! Optimum swimming pools have given a challenge for the traditional types of inground pools installing by saying that you can now install your swimming pool in anywhere you want, even in a slope or a hill!

By now you know all the different types of in-ground swimming pools. Choose the type of in-ground swimming pool that matches your needs and suits your budget. As I mentioned earlier, all the above pools have their advantages and disadvantages. Considering all those, decide the swimming pool that would be an exact match for you!