What Is the Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature

Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature

If we had everything perfect in this world what a beautiful place our resplendent planet would be, but perfection is just an illusion and if we are to delve into it we would find that we ourselves are not perfect. Hence demanding or expecting perfection in anything is arguable. On the contrary if nothing is argued we would never have different opinions and when it happens our world would have limited progress.

In the same vein we could take a very irrelevant subject to the general well being of our planet and that would be to find a solution as to what the perfect temperature would be for a swimming pool. Now this would stump many, because most would not know what the perfect temperature would be that they would like before they would enter a swimming pool. Whether it is their own swimming pool, a public one or a neighbor’s each one would have a different opinion as to what the perfect swimming pool temperature of the water should be.
A futile exercise

The best way to know what the perfect temperature in a swimming pool should be is to do the universal “toe test” which is to sit on the coping and dip your toes into the water. It would surely give you an indication as to whether you would like to take the plunge or not. Circumstances of you being at the swimming pool would also determine whether you would dip yourself or not.

For the sake of argument it is generally accepted that a temperature of anything between 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit would be ideal for any activity in the swimming pool. But this too could be contested as some would like a lower temperature than that but would not be able to enjoy as others too would need to use it.

It should be understood that the temperature of a swimming pool could be a very individual option and if we are to satisfy everyone it would be quite a task to achieve. It is in this context that the toe test could be the yard stick for all. It is either they like it or not, because catering to individual likes especially something like a swimming pool could be a herculean task for those who would be responsible for the pool.
Impossible to satisfy all

Keeping a swimming pool clear of debris, clean of any foreign matter or healthy and safe is something that could be achieved and is a priority for those who own or manage a swimming pool. Maintaining a specific temperature in the pool water is a different ball game altogether. Even contemplating such an endeavor would be futile as it has no parameters to work towards and would be quite a task to achieve.

Hence it is best we leave it to the concerned individual to work out what he or she would like and to determine what the perfect swimming pool temperature would be. If they cannot comprehend it on their own it would be better left in abeyance as delving in it would only leave unnecessary issue to contend with. What would be good for the goose may not always be good for the gander.