Giving Your Swimming Pool A Shock

Swimming Pool A Shock

Handling large volumes of chlorine could be quite an arduous task but once you have got the hang of it the chore would be just a routine that you would follow with precision without much ado. Shocking your swimming pool is a regular chore which would ensure the water in your pool stays healthy and free of algae and harmful bacteria. It is true that you monitor the chlorine levels at the desired readings of between 1 and 3 parts per million and it is satisfactory to you. But shocking your swimming pool is altogether a different ball game.

Using chlorine to shock your swimming pool

You pour in a large quantity of chlorine and shock the swimming out of its wits and this would instantly kill all bacteria and algae. They could get themselves accustomed to the normal levels that are being maintained and could be resilient to that fact. But jolting them with a strong shock of strong chlorine would kick them out of their slumber. It is sure to blast the daylights out of them and kill them instantly.

Giving your pool a shock on a regular basis would ensure you don’t give a chance for algae or bacteria to get complacent and get into a regular 1 an d 3 parts per million of chlorine in the water. Shocking would also give the water in the swimming pool a fresher smell and one that would reassure you that all is well with your pool and it is as clean and healthy as it should be. You cannot take chances with water in your swimming pool because it is a body of water exposed to the elements of Nature. We know by experience how unkind Nature could become and if a few airborne viruses land on the water unknown to you it could spell disaster for you and your loved ones.

Your family is the priority

You should not be caught unawares and searching for any dangerous foreign bodies that could cause disease and sickness to your family is not easily visible. Hence the best weapon that you have is to regular shock your swimming pool and ensure the water remains clear, clean and healthy too. To ensure your swimming pool shocking is a success you would need to ensure your pool filtration system is operating at optimum efficiency. To derive the maximum benefits from regular swimming pool shocking it is imperative that your pool filtration system is operational at optimum efficiency.

Once you have executed a successful swimming pool shocking endeavor it would be prudent to ensure all related chemical readings are brought under control. The alkalinity should be between 80 and 120 parts per million, the calcium hardness between 250 and 350 parts per million, the PH reading between 7.2 and 7.4 with the chlorine reading around 1 and 3 parts per million. It is only if you could maintain these standard acceptable readings till the next swimming pool shocking could you be satisfied with your performance as an efficient manager of your swimming pool. It is indeed hard work but it is the wellbeing of your family that you are responsible for and no stone should be left unturned to achieve the best results.

A swimming pool is an enjoyable recreational facility but it could be a dangerous body of stagnant water if you do not care for it with utmost dedication. The vulnerability of a swimming pool would come to the fore only when anything untoward happens. Hence it would be your total responsibility to ensure you are always on top of the situation and your swimming pool is under your complete control. Shocking your swimming pool is just one of the more important chores that you would execute regularly to ensure your swimming pool remains safe at all times. Regular pool shocking is a step in the right direction to keep you swimming healthy for your family.