Controlling Worm Infestation In Your Swimming Pool

Controlling Worm Infestation In Your Swimming Pool

Finding a worm in your swimming pool floor, mostly dead due to the chemicals in the water would be quite a disgusting experience but it is one you would need to live with. This is especially because having a beautifully landscaped garden around your in-ground swimming pool would have thousands of these creepy crawly visitors living deep inside your garden. Worms are a very important part of our eco-system as they are helping our garden by loosening the soil and their feces provide manure to the plants. They facilitate lush growth in the plants and help them grow with the flamboyance we would be proud of. So whether we like it or not worms are needed around us and we just cannot be without them.

It is when the garden gets damp and cold that these creepy crawly visitors come up to the surface of your garden to take a look at what is going on above them. They have a very poor sense of direction and could find themselves at the edge of your pool especially at night and slip into the water and most probably perish due to the content of chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals.

Keep the pool covered

You could keep your in-ground swimming pool covered if that is an easy chore to do every day after using the swimming pool. This could be quite an arduous task but if you are very concerned about creepy crawly worms you may have to go through this exercise. There are some swimming pool covers that are easy to roll out and cover whilst others may be quite tedious to do. Anyway this is the best option that you would have but still there would not be any guarantee that one or two worms may crawl through a minute opening and fall into the swimming pool.
The most practical would be to take a look in the mornings especially after a damp night and pick the fallen worms with a leaf skimmer and dust the dead worms at the edge of the garden. You could also check on the pool filter and remove any dead worms that are embedded in it. It would be better to get them out when in one piece or the exercise could become quite disgusting.

Vacuum the floor

You could find some dead worms at the bottom of the swimming pool and the best you could do if you cannot collect them with the leaf net would be to run the pool vacuum and clean up the mess. There are certain aspects in Nature that we need to live with and like we need worms to enrich our gardens with what they do best we would need to tolerate them when they stray from their designated chores.

Live and let live is one of Nature’s best policies and we just need to follow it when we have to deal with worms in our pool. They are vulnerable when they fall into our pools and that is a sad thing with which we would have to live. They help us but when they find their way towards our swimming pools they find their waterloo and that is how life is all about for all of us, not only for the worms in our garden.