What Is Chlorine Pool Stabilizer?

Prudent Use Of Pool Stabilizer

The Sun with its glorious splash of light, heat and flamboyance is what we all look forward to when summer is around the corner. The swimming pool will be cleaned and spruced up waiting for the day when everyone around could have fun and frolic in the water. The swimming pool water which is the most inviting H2O around the home brings out the swimsuits from storage to be donned by all. It is going to be fun time for all but the emerging Sunlight could play tricks with your swimming pool water which would have been carefully tested for the right mix of chlorine to ensure it is not only clean but safe for all users.

The Sun tends to evaporate the chlorine which is mixed into the pool water to keep it clean and free of harmful bacteria. When the chlorine levels drop the water in the pool may not be safe to use hence it is imperative to ensure the chlorine levels are adequately maintained. This would be easier said than done because pouring in more chlorine when the levels drop would always keep you on your toes especially with the summer Sun blazing down on the pool water. This would not be the case if you have an indoor pool but the majority of us would not be able to afford such a luxury. In which case we would need to do with an outdoor pool and be subject to the harsh elements of the Sun.

This is where the pool stabilizer

Adding cyanuric acid into the pool water along with the chlorine brings an altogether positive effect on the vagaries of Nature. The added cyanuric acid protects the molecules of chlorine against the harsh realities of the Sun. The Sun cannot penetrate the cyanuric acid and attack the chlorine thus preventing it from evaporating.
This does not mean that you could add cyanuric acid extravagantly because when you do so the cyanuric acid would overwhelm the chlorine thus making the latter ineffective in its original purpose. A chlorine test may not show the right readings even though there may be some chlorine left in the swimming pool.

To ensure such a thing does not occur it is imperative that you balance the chlorine and the stabilizer to marry and match well in performing their individual tasks efficiently and positively. Regular checks would need to be conducted to ensure the balance is perfect because only then would you be using the right amounts of both chlorine and cyanuric acid to achieve the set objective. This would be to ensure the chlorine plays its part by ensuring the swimming pool remains healthy for use by everyone.

It may take beginners some time to master the correct balance but with some prudent thinking achieving it would not be a major task. Even with a stabilizer in use it would be still in everyone’s best interest to carry out regular checks on the chlorine / stabilizer balance and also the effects of the former to ensure your swimming pool is safe, clean, clear and healthy for all.