How to Get Rid of Pool Foam

Pool Foam Is Not Stylish – Get Rid Of It

At first glance you may think a foamy pool looks like your bath in the bathroom just before you step into the water after mixing up bubble bath in it. But a foamy swimming pool is a far cry from your bath in the bathroom. Once you know what makes the foamy look you would detest it and not even step into your pool till such time it is cleared up and returned to its original status. Hence knowing what causes the foamy look would be imperative because before you would learn to clear it up you would want to know what causes it.

Swimming pool foam and what causes it?

Getting a simple answer to the question one would be apprised that it is “thick” water which makes the swimming pool foamy. “Thick” water may be quite difficult to understand but it is water which contains an immense lot of organic matter. Once you know what they contain getting into the swimming pool would be straight out of your mind. Thick water in a swimming pool would contain among other things body sweat, hair, washed off shampoo from pool users, makeup, hair creams, body lotions, hair spray, many types of hair care products, laundry detergent, soap, and a concoction of other washed off personal care products and many more.

This information would really put you off from the swimming pool and drive miles away and if it was one of your visitors it would surely leave a very bad taste. They may not step into your pool ever which is not what you would want.

There are many reasons as to why your pool could become foamy but one distinct reason is when all these are prevalent in the water it tends to create bubbles of air which gives the foamy look. It is also because your swimming pool cleaning system which includes the pump and the filter are not operating at optimum efficiency. The water circulation may be flawed and hence all the water in the pool is not running through the filtration system.

Preventing foam in your swimming pool

You could be using the wrong algaecide which tends to foam. Hence looking for an algaecide that does not cause foam would be a choice you would need to look at. Cheap chemicals which are found in unspecialized pool product stores could also be a problem hence buying branded products that have been tested and tried could be an option you may like to consider.

Advising pool users to shower before entering the pool would help. Kids would need to be educated at the pool at home because most public swimming pools insist users take a shower before they would enter the water. A shower would certainly wash off any sweat, grime, makeup and other personal care products that may still be clinging onto users unknown to them. This simple exercise could save you a lot of trouble.

Ensure kids do not play around with their parent’s body or hair care products around the pool area. These could get into the water and create the foamy look. If pool users are devoid of those slimy personal care products on their bodies and wear a pool cap if possible the chances are that your swimming pool would remain clear, clean and healthy without any foam forming in it. The water in your pool would be invitingly sparkling and clean to enjoy a good dip and also share the same with others.