Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment’s

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment

Having a swimming pool is great, but cleaning and maintenance is often the hard part of that luxury. With all the required cleaning equipment, the thought of cleaning your swimming pool wouldn’t be frustrating as it has always been. Effective cleaning and proper maintenance will ensure that your pool would last for a good number of years. Let’s have a check on the essential pool cleaning equipment that would necessarily make the cleaning job much more manageable.

Best Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Equipments

Pool brushes

Brushing your swimming pool for at least once a week would help you in removing the algae and dirt that lies on the floors and walls of your swimming pool. You might not find brushing your swimming pool as an important task right now, but it saves you from an extremely unpleasant swimming pool in future. Choose the type of pool brush according to the kind of your pool.

Vacuum head

Vacuuming the pool on a daily basis is the best way to keep it clean rather than attempting to clean a whole mess a once. What you need to do it to vacuum your swimming pool daily. A vacuum head is used to clean the bottom of your swimming pool where it gets lowered to the bottom after attaching to the telescopic pole.

Vacuum Hose

You can connect the vacuum hose to the telescopic pole and the vacuum head and lower it into the pool. Fill the vacuum hose with water and attach the end to the suction of the skimmer where it pulls the debris along with the water into the filter pump basket.

Leaf traps

A leaf trap collect leaves that keeps floating on your swimming pool. Leaf traps are usually at the end of the vacuum hose. It is in front of the pool skimmer so that it can trap the leaves before they enter the debris basket.

Telescopic poles

You can lower the vacuum head into the swimming pool with the help of a telescopic pole. The telescopic pole comes in various lengths so that it would be easy to reach the bottom of the swimming pool. Telescopic poles come in materials like aluminium and fibreglass where you might find a lot of aluminium poles in the market while fibreglass ones are the best in quality wise.

Skimmer Nets

A skimmer net is a mesh net which comes attached to a telescopic pole where you can pick larger debris that keeps floating on the pool surface. You can collect a significant amount of waste with a skimmer net.

Skimmer vacuum plates

Skimmer vacuum plates are those which fits over the skimmer basket. With a skimmer vacuum plate, you can trap larger debris easily just above the skimmer baskets. They come in different sizes to fit their skimmer basket.

Pick up your pool cleaning tools that would help you with your cleaning job. Cleaning your swimming pool is never difficult with the right equipment to help you!