Installing Above Ground Pool Pad Step By Step Process

Once you have decided on your above ground swimming pool and brought it home to begin that exciting installation process with a few friends too joining in on the endeavor, it would be a grand moment for you and your family. A long felt need around your home has at last become a reality. You could be having fantastic times ahead having fun and frolicking with all your loved ones in the above ground pool.

Before you begin the installation it would be prudent to give serious thought to an important aspect in the process which would ensure longevity of your above ground pool. The above ground pool needs to sit comfortably and safely on the ground without any chance of it being damaged from many things that it could be vulnerable to. Stones, twigs, sticks, pebbles, and other such hard objects could easily pierce through the bottom. This could happen due the vertical weight of the water bearing down on the Vinyl bottom of the above ground pool.

Steps to Install Above Ground Pool Pad

There is nothing to be apprehensive about because every problem as we know has a solution, it is just that we need to find it. To ensure your above ground pool gives you many years of fun time, install the best above ground pool pad and place your pool on it. Installing the right above ground pool pad would ensure your pool would have longevity and give years of fun and frolicking times when you want it. Take every aspect into consideration and select the pool pad to match and marry with your above ground pool and your budget.

One of the problematic issues that often occur with above ground pools is the dampness below the bottom of the pool which attracts roots growing from underneath. These roots could grow through the pool pad if it is made from substandard material. Above ground pools sit in one place for years hence using the best above ground pool pads would hold you in good stead. Pool pads that breathe and helps in evaporating the water under the pool bottom would prevent any dampness. Hence it is imperative that you select pool pads that breathe and are also strong to withstand such natural phenomenon.

Once you have done that let us help you through a step by step easy process to ensure you install the pool above ground pad perfectly so that you have the least issues with anything trying to sprout out of the ground.

  • Step 1

After you have installed the outer wall of the above ground pool prepare the ground within its perimeter by ensuring all stones, twigs, sticks and other objects which could damage the Vinyl bottom are removed. Do a thorough check up and ensure nothing is left to chance because you would not be seeing the bottom of the pool for a very long time.

  • Step 2

Lay three (03) inches thick of very fine sand but ensure no larger stones or pebbles are prevalent. It would be advisable to sieve the sand so that you get the finest and leave out the larger objects like pebbles out. The sand should even which would ensure your pool bottom too would be even after filling the water in.

  • Step 3

Spread the sand evenly and compact it with a plank so that the whole area of sand is evenly spread and hard to the touch. Use a water leveler to ensure it is leveled and ready. A good job done by compact sand would ensure easy installation of the pool pad which is the base of your above ground pool.

  • Step 4

You should have bought the right size of above ground pool pad which then would perfectly fit into the inner perimeter of the above ground pool’s outer wall. You would have already installed this hence the pool pad should fit perfectly inside the wall.

  • Step 5

Once you have ensured that the best above ground pool pad has sat perfectly inside the perimeter wall take a hose and wash away any sand that would be on top of the pool pad. Fit the pool coves around the inside to ensure the above ground pool pad is firmly fitted in and spread out.

  • Step 6

Now install the inner pool liner and all the other accessories like the water filtration system, the pump as per the instructions by the respective manufacturers. The pool pads would be the perfect base for the water in the pool.

  • Step  7

Fill up the water and you would have a soft bottomed above ground pool thanks to the soft but strong and sturdy pool pads at the bottom to keep your feet as dainty as ever. You are sure to have years of hassle free fun and lovely days in the Sun, because you have installed the best above ground pool pads which will protect your pool for years.


A pool pad is an essential component in the installation of an above ground pool. Hence ensuring you get it right and also sitting it perfectly would give you a very stable and comfortable bottom in your pool. The bottom of an above ground pool which is generally different types of Vinyl materials would be spongy to the feet. The best above ground pool pad that you install will safeguard your pool for years from any object that would try to damage it from the underneath.

It is your prerogative to ensure you buy a tried and tested brand of above ground pool pads which would have the necessary warranties to ensure your money is well spent. Different materials are used in the manufacture of above ground pool pads, of which the best are Polypropylene geotextile, Geotextile, and Polyester geotextile. There are specialized manufacturers who have researched over many years and produce the perfect and best above ground pool pads in the industry. Installing pool pads from them could save you immense hassle and troubles.