How To Vacuum Your Pool Manually In Easy Steps

How To Vacuum Your Pool Manually

It is time consuming and a very tedious task to vacuum your pool manually. Without an iota of doubt it is a job you would detest every time you pick up the various tools that are required to complete the job. You would be better off with time on your hands to attend to other important tasks if you have an automatic pool vacuum doing the job. It would be a real pity that you have not seriously thought of investing in an automatic pool vacuum in which case you would not need to do the job yourself, manually. May be prudence would dawn on you after a couple of manual pool vacuuming endeavors to seriously think of equipping yourself with an automatic pool vacuum and let technology do the job for you.
Anyway till such a time comes around let us see what tools you would need to vacuum your swimming pool manually. It is advisable to get all the tools ready and with you before you would embark on the task at hand. It should not be a case of running back and forth to your work shed or nearest store when you need something as it would add to your depair.

Tools required for manual pool vacuuming

  • A pool vacuum head

The pool vacuum head that you would select would need to have long tough and firm brushes to reach and prize out stubborn dirt especially algae that are stuck on the pool walls and other crevices. If the design that you choose has a see through facility it would aid in ensuring you move the vacuum into the right areas for a thorough cleanup.

A heavy vacuum head would prevent it from floating around and would move easily on the bottom of the swimming pool and other areas doing what it does best and that is efficiently vacuuming. Many vacuum heads are designed to suit the type of material used on the bottom and walls of the pool. Hence with a selection at your disposal it would be advisable to procure the right vacuum head for the type of pool you have.

     • A telescoping pool cleaning pole

Most if not all telescoping pool cleaning poles are manufactured to a universal standard which ensure they would fit and snap into place with any branded pool vacuum head. It is still advisable to check it out before you purchase them. If you are buying them separately if would need to marry without any issues but if you are buying them in the same store invariably it would be checked out by the salesman concerned before you would walk out with them.

The one criteria that you would need to be concerned with is whether the telescoping pool cleaning pole is long enough to reach every nook and corner of your swimming pool whilst you are standing on the pool coping. If you are an ardent cleaner of your pool there is nothing to stop you from getting into the water and doing a thorough job while getting yourself wet too.

  • A vacuuming hose

The technology has not only improved but has been streamlined too and all if not most vacuuming hoses are also universally designed to fit any pool cleaning system. You just need to ensure the vacuum hose is long enough to cleanup your swimming pool efficiently. They are flexible with rotating cuffs to ensure it does not get tangled up when you are cleaning the pool.

  • A skim vac or vacuum plate

A vacuum plate or skim vac would enable you to use the skimmer basket instead of the strainer basket in your pool pump which would eliminate the hassle of constantly switching your pump on and off during the vacuuming chore.
It is a tedious task but if you are up for the challenge and want some exercise you are sure to gain some advantage on that score because you are sure to flex your muscles and build them up as time goes on.