How to Vacuum a Pool to Direct Waste

How to Use a Pool Vacuum

Many of the pool owners are often wondering what vacuuming to waste means. Many of you ask us the questions, on what occasions to vacuum the pool to waste and why is it useful? Vacuuming the pool to waste is helpful when your swimming pool is a real mess! It means that the best way to clear up a swimming pool with a large amount of debris, dirt or algae is by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners make the job easier for us to clean a messed swimming pool by vacuuming.

So, here is our step by step guide on vacuuming the pool to waste. All you need is a vacuum head, a vacuum hose and a pool vacuum extension pole. Follow our step by step guide to vacuum your pool to waste.

Step 01

The first thing you must do to start up with the vacuuming is to raise the water level of your swimming pool. You can increase the water level by using a garden hose. Make sure that you position it in a way that it won’t stir the debris and the dirt in the pool.

Step 02

Then next, you have to turn off the circulation pump of the pool so that the water in the pool will remain still, making it easier for you to clean the pool.

Step 03

Attach the pole to the end of the swivel of the vacuum hose. Vacuuming to waste would consume a lot of suction so make sure that everything is in the right place. Don’t forget to turn off the pool heaters or pool cleaners before you start with vacuuming.

Step 04

Then you must set the filter to the waste feature since most filters come with this feature so you can vacuum your pool to waste. Watch it when the pump is on.

Step 05

Make sure that you won’t break the suction by pulling the plate loosely. You will have to turn off the pump and clean the debris in the hair and lint pot.

Step 06

What if your vacuum doesn’t allow you to set it to waste? Then here is what you should do.  Attach the extension pole at the end of the vacuum head and then the end of the hose to the pole’s end. Now, since everything is set, all you have to do is to dip the vacuum head deep inside the swimming pool and start cleaning right away.

Step 07

Next, you must keep holding to the pole to stabilize the vacuum head when it sinks. Then, submerge the hose into the pool so that it descends and get filled with water.

Step 08

Then, to activate the suction, you must connect the vacuum hose to the skimmer port. Then start vacuuming back and forth by holding from the extension pole.

Step 09

Once you see that the water level is going down below the skimmer, you must stop vacuuming, and the circulation pump must be turned off. Unplug the vacuum hose from the skimmer port and remove it away from the pool.

Step 10

This is the final step, and now your swimming pool is clean as new. Turn on the settings back to the filter setting again and switch on the pump. Your pool is all ready for the normal functioning now.

Hope that our step by step guide on vacuuming the pool to waste was useful for you. Get your pool freed from large debris, dirt and algae so that you can keep enjoying in a clean swimming pool once again.