Adding Chlorine Tablets To Your Swimming Pool

Adding Chlorine Tablets To Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine has been the most effective sanitizer used perennially in swimming pools the world over. It is cheap to use and also very effective to ensure your swimming pool stays clean, clear and healthy. Harmful bacteria, airborne viruses and other disease carrying foreign bodies are effectively stumped without causing any harm to pool users. But there is a catch like in anything we do and that is to ensure the chlorine content in your swimming pool stays within acceptable limits and that is between 1 and 3 parts per million or ppm.

The right chlorine range would ensure the PH level of the water in your swimming pool is maintained at the desired level which would be anything between 7.2 and 7.4. It is imperative that you monitor the chlorine content and PH levels on a regular basis so that your swimming pool remains clear, clean and healthy for your loved ones at all times. It may be hard work but it is your bounded duty to ensure you maintain the acceptable chlorine, PH and also alkalinity levels in your pool.

When you want to shock your swimming pool, it is possible to add more tablets and increase the chlorine concentration and then bring it back to the acceptable levels of between 1 and 3 parts per million. It is imperative that you use stabilized chlorine tablets which would not be harmed by the ultra violet rays of the Sun. Stabilized chlorine tablets are ones that are mixed with cyanuric acid which element protects chlorine and allows it to do its job unhindered by the UV rays of the Sun. Un-stabilized chlorine without the addition of cyanuric acid would evaporate fast and drop the level of sanitation in your swimming pool. In such an instance pool users could be vulnerable to disease carrying viruses and harmful bacteria.

If this equation exceeds you could have eye and skin irritations, breathing difficulties and other health issues hence it is imperative that the swimming pool water is tested regularly to ensure it stays within acceptable limits. Chlorine could be used in many ways it could be in liquid form, granules, powder or the easy method in tablets. The tablets would come in different sizes hence in different strengths. They are usually available from one to three inches in thickness which are invariably in different strengths.

Using a chlorine tablet dispenser you could let the tablets dissolved slowly in the swimming pool water ensuring it stays safe for users whilst also preventing any discoloration or damage to the skimmer. Throwing in chlorine tablets directly into the swimming pool could have adverse effects of the skimmer and pools filtration system. Hence it is best that chlorine tablets are released into the swimming pool water employing a chlorine tablet dispenser.

Unlike chlorine liquid, granules and other forms of this versatile sanitizer tablets are the best and are used extensively by many due to its simplicity in use. The chlorine tablets would dissolve gradually and keep your swimming pool safe for everyone. Whatever form of chlorine that you may use in your swimming pool it is imperative that you carry out regular checks to ensure the chlorine level is maintained between the 1 and 3 parts per million range at all times. It is only then would the swimming pool be safe for everyone using it.