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How to Use a Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is the most economical option if you want to keep your swimming pool warm. Not only just keeping your swimming pool heated, but it also provides you with some additional benefits like keeping off leaves, twigs and other debris from the swimming pool and reducing evaporation of water in your swimming pool.

A solar pool cover is easy to use, but somehow you must know the correct way to use it so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits from your solar pool cover. Let’s see how to get an appropriate solar pool cover and how to use it correctly.

The correct size for your pool

Your solar pool cover would be useless unless you get the proper size cover for your pool. If there are no solar pool covers for the exact size of your swimming pool you can get a custom-made solar pool cover. Make sure that it is not too small for your swimming pool or else there is no use of buying such a pool cover. Get a larger one so that you can trim it to the exact size of your swimming pool.

Getting it into the swimming pool

Unroll the solar pool cover on the top of your swimming pool and make sure that bubbles ace the floor of the swimming pool.

Using your solar pool cover

You can use your solar pool cover both day and night. The solar pool cover will trap the sunlight under the cover and heat the water during the daytime. It will eliminate evaporation of water during the daytime too. The solar pool cover will retain the heat of the swimming pool during the night even though the outside temperature drops.

Make sure that there is no water on the top of your solar pool cover since it will act adversely on your swimming pool. The water on the top of it would evaporate and pull the heat outside which might end up cooling the swimming pool instead of heating it. Therefore, make sure you drain out the rainwater off the solar pool cover after a shower of rain.

It is better to have a reel

Why don’t you purchase a solar pool cover reel? You can quickly remove and replace your solar pool cover with a reel. Then removing and replacing the solar pool cover won’t be harder as it was before. It would be elegant and organised instead of having two people running around the pool and trying to get the cover in the right place.

Make sure that the pool is clean

Even though you cover your swimming pool from a solar pool cover, make sure that you clean and maintain your swimming pool regularly. Most of the swimming pool owners forget to clean their swimming regularly after covering it with a solar pool cover. If it continues to be so, it is more likely for algae to grow in a swimming pool since they grow in warm water. It is essential for you to continue with your cleaning and maintenance process even after buying a solar pool cover.

So the following is a summary of getting a solar pool cover and the way of using it in step by step order.

Step 1

Measure your swimming pool and get a solar pool cover that is the right size for your swimming pool. Otherwise, it is always easy to get a custom-made one.

Step 2

Cover the swimming pool with the solar pool cover when the pool is not in use so that it would get heated during the daytime. And at night it will retain the heat and keep your water warm. It is necessary to remove the solar pool cover entirely before you are using the swimming pool since it would be dangerous to have it covered with having kids around your pool. Having a solar pool cover reel will make it easier in removing and covering. It would save you a great deal of time and effort.

Step 3

See whether your solar pool cover comes with a warranty so you can rely on the quality of your solar pool cover. Use it correctly so you can enjoy having a warm and clean swimming pool all along.