Controlling Total Alkalinity (Ta) And Ph In Your Swimming Pool

Lower The Alkalinity In Your Pool

It is extremely necessary to add various chemicals especially chlorine to ensure your swimming pool is clean and safe for its users. On the contrary it is also imperative that you ensure the Total Alkalinity and PH levels are within acceptable limits without causing any concern to the pool users. This balancing act done with due consideration would ensure not only a clean and healthy swimming pool but a comfortable one too.

If your pool filter drops in efficiency with clogged calcium deposits the Total Alkalinity of your swimming pool could rise to unbearable limits. Cleaning up your filter would be the first thing that you should do and also ensure you try to lower the Total Alkalinity in your pool. To do so you could start with apprising yourself as to what water alkalinity is all about. Once you have an idea as to what it is then you would be better equipped to control the Total Alkalinity in your swimming pool.

Water alkalinity in your swimming pool

Very simply defined it is the measure of how much acid in your swimming pool water it could neutralize. High alkalinity is no cause to worry as it could be controlled and lowered to acceptable limits. It is the Total Alkalinity that stabilizes the PH levels and when the former goes haywire the PH levels too could behave irrationally. Hence it is necessary to lower and control the Total Alkalinity in your swimming pool if you are to keep the PH levels also at acceptable limits. The right PH levels would ensure the prevention of scaling on the pool walls and keep under control other problems that could crop up from time to time.

The concoction of various chemicals that are used to keep the pool clean and healthy could react adversely and increase the alkalinity in the water. It is the bicarbonate alkalinity in the swimming pool water that needs to be kept under control and to do so regular checks would need to be carried out. Ideally this substance should be within 80 and 120 ppm or parts per million.

Controlling Total Alkalinity

Controlling the Total Alkalinity is a chemical endeavor which needs the right chemicals to be selected and added into the water to ensure it is regulated within the 80 to 120 ppm. There are various chemicals that could be used to bring the alkalinity in your pool within the acceptable limits but it is muriatic acid that takes center stage and is used very commonly by many. It is also helped if you use the chemicals that you add to ensure a clean in either liquid or easily dis solvable powder form.

For instance granulated chlorine would take longer to mix up in your pool water rather than when it is in liquid form. Hence ensuring you get all the chemicals that you use to keep your swimming pool clean and healthy well dissolved in the water would be the right step in the best direction when it is Total Alkalinity that you need kept under control. For a comfortable swimming pool you would need to keep your Total Alkalinity and PH levels within acceptable limits.