Cooling Your Swimming Pool During The Harsh Summers

Cool Down Your Swimming Pool in Summer

There is much hype around the world about the fact that the world is getting warmer. Some would not accept this fact especially politicians who are known to always say the opposite to what is reality. But the last few summers that we have experienced in the United States is definitely warmer than what it was a few years ago. The thermometer is soaring at the 90’s Fahrenheit and even the pool in your backyard is experiencing the vagaries of Nature. Your swimming pool looking down from the sky is just a speck of water and with all that heat blazing on it, from all around it, your pool is bound to heat up. It has no chance of staying cool just like a snowball in hell.

A preposterous option

A hot swimming pool in the height of summer is not a very welcome proposition for anyone as the water would be just as hot as the environment. But if you could find a way to bring the temperature of the water down by a few degrees it could be an inviting place to cool yourself. To do so you could try a few tricks, of which the most bizarre would be to drop ice into your pool. It may sound a preposterous idea and it is. To cool a 10,000 gallon swimming pool by just 5 degrees Fahrenheit you would need about 2,200 pounds of ice. If you are getting it free every day, the idea would be great but if you are to pay for it, you may have to sell your home to cool your swimming pool.

Operate the pump and filter

One other option would be to run you pool pump and filter during the night when the ambient temperature is at its lowest this would circulate the water whilst cooling it. There may be some loss in the water level but still this option would be better than dropping ice into your pool. You may have to dive into the swimming pool first thing in the morning and enjoy it before the mid-day Sun comes blazing out again.

Get Nature’s help

Initial designing of your pool could play an important role when the summer Sun is up and heating up the whole neighborhood. Strategically constructing your swimming pool if it is an in-ground pool or placing your above ground pool where there is a cross wind blowing across your garden could help. You could grow trees in such way to trap the air and blow it across the swimming pool thereby cooling the water and making it as comfortable as it should be.

A fountain could do the trick

If it is an in-ground pool that you have another option would be to install a water fountain strategically in your pool. The fountain should spray water out where each droplet would lose heat before it lands in the pool. Continuously running the fountain would reduce the temperature of the water by a few degrees. This option would not be possible in an above ground swimming pool.

Use a solar heater prudently

If your swimming pool is equipped with a solar heater, you could run the water through it at night when the ambient temperature is lower. Similar to taking heat from the Sun during winter and transferring it to the water running through the system, it would do the opposite when the heat in the water is higher than the ambient temperature. The heat in the water would be dispersed outwards thus colling it and returning it to the swimming pool. Depending on the ambient temperature at night and the heat in the water there could be a substantial drop in water temperature by morning. You could slip into your swimming pool in the morning and have a cooler body of water around you before the high mid-day heat get the pool heated up again.