How to Choose Above Ground Pool Filter

One of the most important aspects which have to be studiously addressed when you have a swimming pool in your backyard is its upkeep and maintenance. Your pool needs to be very clean, clear and above everything always healthy to use and free of debris, dust, insects, bugs and disease carrying bacteria. A pool contaminated with nauseating foreign bodies of any kind does not bode well for your life style and your family’s health. A very contentious effort should be put in place with a disciplined and focused attitude to ensure you meet and supersede these salient attributes directed basically to cleanliness.

Whilst a pool filter helps in keeping your pool free of any debris, dust, insects, bugs and falling leaves it is the use of mild chemicals including chlorine which kills off the disease carrying bacteria. The pool filter and the added chemicals work in tandem to ensure your pool is the most clean and envied swimming pool in the neighborhood. To ensure the cleanup of your pool is at the most efficient levels, the installation of a superlative sand filter for above ground pool is your best choice.

Of all the different types of pool filters available in the market, a sand filter for above ground pool could easily be assumed as the most practical and effective, whilst saving money in the long term.

What is sand filter?

A sand filter for above ground pool uses specially formulated and granulated silica sand all within 0.33 or 0.45 millimeters in size. This granulated sand is placed inside a canister which allows water to pass through but traps and stops all other foreign bodies in it. Fallen leaves, debris, dust, insects, bugs and everything else that contaminates the pool water is held back by the granulated sand in the canister of the sand filter for above ground pool. Once debris collects in the sand it too acts as a double barrier for other debris which would come through by holding them back.

The need for a filter cartridge which is a regular drain on your wallet to keep the water in your pool clean and clear is effectively eliminated when you operate a sand filter for above ground pool. The fine granulated sand stops all foreign particles ensuring it passes through only clean and clear water. Sand as a process for filtration has been used perennially and is an ancient practice for its cheap option and most of all its practicality and availability. Sand is freely available but with modern research the sand that is presently used is specially formulated for optimum efficiency.

How do sand filters work

The pressured water passing through the sand is easily let through but all foreign bodies in it are arrested and held back. When the debris collects the efficiency of the filtration process improves but to a certain level which then needs to be removed. Any sand filter for above ground pool could operate for a few weeks until it would need to be cleaned. The quantum of debris collected inside the canister when cleaning is needed is arrived at by watching the pressure gauge on the canister. When the pressure inside the canister rises by about 8 to 10 psi inside the canister it would be time to initiate a cleanup.

When there is an over collection of debris in the sand filter for above ground pool initiating a backwash helps to push back all the debris out. This process cleans the sand filter for above ground pool and with the sand washed up it is again ready to start the all-important filtration process. The regularity of the backwash depends on the quantum of debris that would collect in the canister and the rise in the pressure within in comparison to the time you would have initiated the previous backwash. There is no additional cost in maintaining the sand filter for above ground pool which could provide efficient filtration for anything between five to seven years. When you find the sand is unable to effectively filter the water in the swimming pool it would be time to change the sand. Hence the Installation of a sand filter for above ground pool which could have an initial investment that is higher than other filters but gives you years of trouble free and also a cheaper operational option.

What size of sand filter for above ground pool

It is imperative that you match and marry your sand filter for above ground pool to ensure it operates at optimum efficiency. The size of your above ground pool should match your filter. It would be pertinent to ensure your above ground pool and its environs because the quantum of debris, incidence of insects and bugs and other foreign bodies could vary from location to location. The environment where the above ground pool is located could determine the size and the power of the pool pump used in your swimming pool filtration process. Hence before you decide on the best sand filter for above ground pool it would be prudent to take into consideration every possible aspect and then make the right decision.

Sand filters for above ground pools and how they work

In above ground pools the gravity induced water eliminates the need for self-priming in the pool pump which helps the sand filter for above ground pool to operate efficiently. The continuous flow of water from the pool through the filtration system with the help of the appropriate sand filter for above ground pool ensures a clean, clear and healthy pool for you and your loved ones. The overall practicality of the sand filter for above ground pool ensures long term trouble free and a cost saving option which has made this filtration process a very popular option among many pool owners. It is not only in the United States but elsewhere too, the use of sand filter for above ground pool is proliferating.