How to Select a Diving Board

Select Swimming Pool Diving Boards

A few decades ago when we spoke of swimming pools it was mainly in-ground pools that took the conversation along. The pluses and the minuses were all hovering around them as they were what were used especially by the very affluent or were limited to public use in public places. Affording an in-ground swimming pool was beyond the means of the ordinary folk. The advent of the above ground pool changed the pool industry and its landscape. Affordable above ground swimming pools proliferated around the country and across the world.

Above ground pools were not heard of and is a new phenomenon which has grown in popularity with them adding onto the pool industry and today the United States alone has more than 3.5 million swimming pools spread all over the country. Most middle income homes boast of an above ground pool with most of the affluent families still boasting of an in-ground pool in their expansive gardens.

This change over and a few accidents to add to the misery made the pool diving board a thing of the past. Above ground pools just could not accommodate a diving board as they were not designed to attach one. They are also not deep enough for diving hence it had to be an in-ground pool and nothing else if you wanted a diving board to make that big splash. The most an above ground pool could aid in enjoying a dive would be to jump in from the deck and that too with some care depending on the size and depth of the pool.

Re-entry of diving boards

It is often said that time heals everything and that is exactly what has happened with diving boards. They have made a re-entry and are becoming popular once again with many in-ground pool owners looking at the possibility of installing one to start making that big splashes again.

Before you would embark on your search for the perfect diving board it would be prudent to get the measurements of your in-ground pool and then match it with the diving board you would select. The deep end where you would invariably install the diving board would need to be deep enough to determine the height that you would fix it. A professional input would be desired for this though there is a thumb rule that many would follow. Injuries could occur some very serious if the right height of the diving board is disproportionate with the depth. Hence very special care should be taken on this.

A diving board for your pool

Next you may need to look at the two options you have in selecting the perfect diving board. You could either choose a jump board or a dive board. It may sound similar and after all both are boards but they are distinctly different. A jump board would have a spring mechanism to aid in diving into the pool whilst a dive board would be just a platform to take the dive. Hence when you decide to buy either it would be imperative that you look into every related aspect before you would make your choice

It would also be necessary to buy the right diving board as they have weight limits on them and if it is for domestic use you may need to keep in mind the weight of the members in your household and who would use them. It is best if you get some professional help especially from the pool equipment store close to your home before you decide to take the plunge. It is always good to be safe rather than be sorry later. It is imperative that your diving board matches your pool and those who would use it.