How to Pick The Pool Cleaner

How to Use a Pool Vacuum

A swimming pool is an ultimate symbol of luxury which would proudly sit in your front yard, garden or backyard. A swimming pool would benefit you in more than one way, but it depends on how well you maintain your swimming pool. Are you managing it in a way that it never holds dirt and give out a bad odour? If not, how could you get rid of the debris and lousy smell?  A pool cleaner is the best option for a pleasant and sparkling swimming pool.

A pool cleaner is the best choice, but how would you know that you are choosing the best pool cleaner? Seems like a question which you need to give some thought indeed. So let’s see how you can select the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool. You must consider the following points before purchasing your swimming pool.

Steps to Get The Best Pool Cleaner

The size of the pool

The first thing to consider is the size of your swimming pool. If your swimming pool is a smaller one, you can clean it quickly with a standard swimming pool. It would not consume much time and effort since the pool is a smaller one. But if it is a medium or large sized swimming pool, it is always better if you can purchase an automatic pool cleaner.

Energy consumed by the cleaner

You might already know that there are three types of pool cleaners out of which we consider the robotic pool cleaners and the automatic pool cleaners as the most efficient in energy. You will have to use a separate booster pump with pressure side pool cleaners where it would consume more power.

Ease of usage

If you want to choose a cleaner with easy usage, the robotic pool cleaners are the best option where you have nothing to get involved with, since the pool cleaner will manage them all. The only thing that you have to do is to lower the pool cleaner into the swimming pool and switch it on! It will perform its magical cleaning within a few hours.

The efficiency of the pool cleaner

You can determine the efficiency of the pool cleaner based on the time taken to clean the pool. As we mentioned earlier, a manual pool cleaner would be ideal for a smaller swimming pool, but it is the last choice when coming to a medium or larger pool. A robotic pool cleaner is the most efficient for a larger or medium sized swimming pool.

Based on the filtering system

Suction side pool cleaners work with your pool filtration system so that you must have a stable pool filtration system for it to work efficiently. Pressure side pool cleaners have a separate filter bag while robotic pool cleaners have their inbuilt filtration system.

If you are looking forward to choosing the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool, considering the above points would guide you to the choice of the best swimming pool. Choose the best pool cleaner for an everlasting sparkling swimming pool!