How to Backwash Your D.E. Filter in 5 Steps

How to backwash a DE filter

Backwashing is the process of rinsing the filter after it gets waste and dirt from the swimming pool. So it works by passing the water of the pool back through the pool filter and put move it out the drain port or waste. Let’s go through this guide to find out the steps to backwash a DE filter, and you would find out how often you need to do this. Let’s, first go through the steps of backwashing a DE filter.

Five steps to backwash the DE filter

Step 01

Switch off the system of your DE filter and turn the multiport valve to the position of backwash or else open the gate of backwash if in case you have got a pull or push value.

Step 02

Switch on the system once again and let it work for around two minutes allowing the water to pass out of the backwash port or valve. Using a backwashing hose would be more appropriate to do this process.

Step 03

So after the two minutes of time switch off the system and if you have got a multiport valve you need to turn that to the cleaning position and switch on the system on and let it work for around one minute. In case, if you got a pull or push valve make it work for around one another minute.

Step 04

Then switch the system of the filter off, and you need to turn the multiport back to DE filter or else close the pull or push valve.

Step 05

Finally, you need to switch back the system on and put some new DE powder to the skimmer according to the instructions of the filter.

Guidelines to bump or backwash a Hayward filter

Switch the system of the filter off, and you need to open the backwash valve. By the use of the handle of the bump, you can bump the DE filter carefully fifteen times. By leaving the backwash valve open switch on the system of the filter and allow it to work for around two minutes. After that, it would clean out all the Diatomaceous Earth which you shook off the fingers in the filter.

Switch off the system of the filter and repeat this process one more time to make sure that all the Diatomaceous earth is clean out. Then bump it carefully for fifteen times and switch the system on for another minute.

Turn off the system and then replace the lid or else close the backwash valve and after that start the backup of the filter system. Make sure you add new DE to the skimmer.

When should you backwash a DE filter?

To find out when it is the right time to backwash the filer, you need to look at the pressure meter. It is there to let you know that when the pressure that is in the tank rises. When the filter collects more waste and dirt the more the pressure would increase in the tank.

At the start of the season or soon after a backwash, you need to note down the pressure what your meter reads. That would be the standard pressure of your filter.

In case, if your pressure meter reads eight to ten pounds above the standard pressure when it runs, that indicates that this is the right time to backwash. For example, if the DE filter runs typically at fifteen PSI and that increases to twenty-five PSI, you need to do a backwash.

There will be no issue if you do it a bit earlier. But the thing is that, when there are more waste and dirt inside the filter, the chance of filtering more waste is high. That is mainly because the real waste would help to trap bigger particles in the water.