7 Best Shaped Swimming Pools

A square on the top

1. A square on the top

Though it appears to be floating above the sea, it is an astounding swimming pool which is a roof of a modern home in Tinos Island in Greece. The Kois Associated Architects has done an impressive job when designing this masterpiece. The open-air swimming pool stands just below this swimming pool.

A square on the top

2. Wow – this view

It is a pool of a luxury hotel with a stunning view in Bali. The swimming pool with its ideal shape adds up as an infinity pool of the luxurious Hanging Gardens of Bali. The pool grants you with a full view of the environment around the hotel

Wow – this view

3. Not another violin but a swimming pool

The pool is one of the unique and coolest swimming pools which looks like a real violin that you will come across. It is one of the award-winning projects by “Cipriano Landscape Design and Custom Swimming Pools.”

Not another violin but a swimming pool

4. The Texas pool

The pool which resembles the shape of Texas is a pool of pride among the people in Texas. It is a unique swimming pool as you don’t get this shaped pools everywhere.

The Texas pool

5. Here is an Ice-cream

The ice-cream shaped swimming pool of the Sweet Escape in Orlando goes in hand with the theme of this luxury rental home. The pool itself is a place of fun for the kids who are in love with the sweets.

Here is an Ice-cream

6. A Splashy bone

The Country Inn Pet Resort and Animal Hospital offers your pet with a bone shaped swimming pool. Many pet owners were taken aback by the shape of the swimming pool.

A Splashy bone

7. The Guitar Pool

The Guitar shaped pool by the Aqua-Tech Company is the final of our cool-shaped swimming pools. It is a 19-meter swimming pool which resembles the Les Paul Custom guitar.

The Guitar Pool
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