Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

Need to add something more to the luxurious look of your swimming pool? Here are some awesome ideas on Pool Decks that you must give a try. Spend your time at the swimming pool by relaxing with pleasure.

1. How about concrete?

Why don’t you give it a try with concrete? Concrete is indeed cheaper than any other material, and it is also more durable over the others. What’s more when you need not put a considerable effort into maintenance? Here are some more of the good news; weeds are less likely to grow on concrete floors.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

2. Lighting and Irrigation wires should come first

Make preparations for the conduits in lighting and irrigation at the very first since it will save you from trouble in the future. Many of us do it the other way around and then keep wondering what we must do later on. In this way, you will not need to hand water the plants around your deck.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

3. Oops! You might slip

Many materials may appear as if they won’t slip, but once they are wet, it can be extremely slippery. Make sure that you choose a textured water-resistant material so that you won’t slip on your deck. If you are on to picking concrete, see that you add some texture and leave in unsealed.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

4. Something cheaper? Why not pavers?

Pavers will be the best if you are looking for a less expensive material. Hence, it is the most economical material as is even cheaper than concrete. All those stamping and adding textures can make a concrete floor more expensive too. There is a variety of pavers where you can choose any design that you like.

Fingal’s Cave, Staffa, Scotland

5. Need a solid base?

Now it would be a good idea if you are looking for a solid base, but it can be far too expensive than pavers. Although it is expensive, a solid base is worth the price you pay for it. Travertine on a concrete base with crack suppressant can be extremely solids.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

6. Travertine – a worthy choice to consider

Travertine, although it is quite expensive, it is still a good choice if you are going to use it on your deck. Travertine will give your deck a luxurious look with high-end finishing. Since it comes with a vast variety of colors, you can go ahead with a one that matches your need.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

7. What if it gets hot?

Let us not forget the summer although the material might be good under your feet during the other seasons. It is necessary to choose a material that doesn’t heat up during the hot days. No one would like to burn their feet when the whole idea is to have a refreshing day at a swimming pool.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

8. A strong foundation counts

No matter whether it is pavers or travertine, your foundation has to be strong. A strong foundation is the only guarantee that your deck will last long. If the foundation is weak, we have no idea of what might it become in the long run.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

9. An important first

Where will you be ditching the water? A proper water drainage system is the key to build a successful deck. See that there is an appropriate place send all the water before starting to build your deck.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

10. A deck to match your area

Choose a deck to match the area that you are living in. If you are someone who is living in a hilly area, then a wooden deck is the best choice. If it somewhere which is continuously freezing gravel would do better than a send bed.

Awesome ideas for your Pool Deck

11. Wood – choose it carefully

Wood and water; don’t seem to go hand in hand. You must be extremely careful in selecting the right type of wood for your deck. The Brazilian ironwood “ipe” is the best if you can use it, but still, it is quite expensive. Artificial wood can be a good option if you know to get the correct one.

Bioluminescent Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico
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