Polaris 9550 Sport Review & Rating

Polaris 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Polaris 9550 reviews  one of the best robotic in-ground pool cleaners out there in the market. You might never need another pool cleaner if you are a proud owner of a Polaris 9550 which stands out among the other pool cleaners in the market. The Polaris 9550 comes in a way in which it gives you the maximum benefits in cleaning. The Polaris 9550 comes in a smooth design, along with a cable which is 70-foot long, a controller head unit and a storage container for storing and transporting.

The functioning of the Polaris 9550 is merely magical with its two scrubbers between the front wheels of the cleaner. Then the debris removed by scrubbing the pool’s floor gets sucked by the cleaner by using the vortex vacuum technology before the water gets released back to the pool. It has no difficulty in climbing walls of the swimming pool and ensures that every spot of your swimming pool is clean. The Polaris 9550 is an attractive robotic pool cleaner with a lot of exciting features.

The Polaris 9550 allows you to schedule cleaning sessions with its seven-day programmable timer. Pool cleaning won’t be frustrating any more if you have a Polaris 9550 pool cleaner. It will manage your pool cleaning job within two and a half hours, and it can clean pools which are up to 60ft long.

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The features of Polaris 9550

Let’s check out the impressive features of the Polaris 9550 where you would get to know more about this amazing pool cleaner.

The seven-day programmable system

As mentioned earlier, the Polaris 9550 turnouts to be unique with this feature that allows you with scheduling the cleaning time ahead. The Polaris 9550 would do the pool cleaning, and all you have to do is to keep watching.

The four-wheel drive system

The Polaris 9550 along with its four wheels ensures that the cleaning job is quite perfect. With the help of motion sensing, it won’t get stuck in anywhere inside the pool.

The easy-lifting system

With this feature, you can lift the pool cleaner to the surface of the swimming pool by just pressing one button. Once you press the lift button, the pool cleaner would come to the surface stopping whatever the task it was doing. Remember to use the handle while you are lifting the cleaner from the pool.

The Vortex Vacuum Technology System

The Vortex Vacuum system will suck up the debris cleaned by the pool cleaner and directs them into the canister. It can clean dirt and larger debris than any other vacuum cleaner since it has a 25% more vacuum power.

The solid blade brushes

The solid blade brushes of the Polaris 9550 can scrub off and dirt off the floor of your swimming pool more efficiently. There won’t be any dirt left at the bottom of your swimming pool floor.

The motion sensing remote.

The Polaris 9550 has a motion sensing remote by which you can control the cleaner while it is underwater. There is not a single spot that you will miss in your swimming pool while cleaning.

You might find that the Polaris 9550 is a quite effective robotic pool cleaner for cleaning your in-ground swimming pool. The cleaner is designed in a way that it has all the features you will need for pool cleaning. If it is the best robotic swimming pool cleaner that you are looking for, then this is it what you are looking for, the Polaris 9550.