Hayward Pro Series S244T Sand Inground Pool Filter – Reviews & Buying Guide


Hayward Pro Series S244T Sand Inground Pool Filter Overview

The Pros

It is equipped with a six position multiport valve which is patented that is easy to use and eases the effort to control the lever attached to it enabling even small delicate hands to operate it when required.

Water passes through the sand in the Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter encompassing every inch of it providing a total filtering process that gives the water a thorough clean up before it is circulated back to the pool.

The effectiveness of its backwashing provides instant clean up of the sand bringing it back to its best to go through the paces of cleaning the water again, which keeps the water in the pool clean and clear after the operation.

The Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter is equipped with a 7 way valve, that eases operation and can be set at Rinse, Recirculation, Backwash, Closed, Winter, Waste and Filter.

The Cons

The only foreseeable could the use of sand instead of DE, but you already know that and of course the fact that the smaller particles of debris would pass through other than that the Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter is the perfect filter that you could get your hands on.

The Conclusion

It is a good product from a reputed manufacturer and performs well too without much of a hassle and is accompanied by some great reviews hence it should be just the pool filter for anyone.

The Recommendation

For sheer performance there is none other sand filter than the Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter that could come close to this, as it is priced well, built well, performs well and is easy in operation too and there is nothing more which anyone could ask for.

Swimming pools are open bodies of water and are subjected to the elements and are likely to have all sorts of minute particles of dirt, debris, germs and other foreign bodies which could be harmful to those using the pools.

Hence it is imperative that the pool walls and floors are regularly cleaned and the water in it is kept at its pristine glorious condition and as clear as it can be every time you use the pool, which cannot be done by replacing the water every time you need to use the swimming pool as it is not practical and also not economically viable to do so.

Hence the water will remain in the swimming pool for years after it has been filled up and occasionally being replenished when the water levels go down mainly due to evaporation. Other than that the water inside the swimming pool could remain but needs to be regularly cleaned.

Cleaning the pool would also be quite a gigantic task hence the most sensible thing to do would be to filter the water in the pool regularly and ensure that all foreign bodies and even those that have contaminated the water in the pool is removed efficiently.

Germs tend to remain after use which could spread disease and sickness to everyone using the pool and could become a serious issue if not nipped in the bud.

There are two systems that are popularly employed to filter water in pools, one method using sand as a filtering medium and the other using what is called Diatomaceous Earth or abbreviated as DE, which is colloquially referred to as “Dirt”.

The sand that is used and DE are both components inside a filter that circulates the water through it trapping the debris, germs and everything else that is foreign to the water inside the pool.

Whilst the use of sand is easy on the purse DE could be much costlier but DE would trap particles as small as 1 to 2 microns and sand only particles the size of 30 microns.

DE would need to be replaced quite often whilst sand could filter a standard pool for about 2 to 3 years or even more and in the case of sand it is also cheaper compared to DE which is much costlier.

The sand that would be employed in the pool filter is not ordinary sand it is a specially formulated variety which is called Silica Sand No. ½, and is a superfine variety.

Taking into consideration all, these factors it could be surmised that sand filtering when used in domestic applications would be more practical and less of a burden on the purse.

It could also be taken into account that in domestic swimming pools the number of individuals using the pool could be limited unlike a pool in a common recreational facility where the people using it could be much more.

A filter just for you

A sand filter would be the best option and then getting the best available would be next on the agenda and there is one model that would stand out from the rest due to its practicality, ease of operation and exemplary performance with a affordable price tag too attached to it.

That would be the Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter which is a pool filter like none other and a workhorse to have around filtering your pool for clear blue water all trough the season.

When the sand in the filter is filled up with debris and tends to clog the sand filter it has an option called “backwashing” where the filtering process is reversed for a minute or so whilst the collected foreign particles in the sand in the filter is flushed out to clean it and to be reused again.

This could go on as long as the sand is useable but after a few years the sand in the filter may have to be replaced which is not a very expensive affair and replacement is an easy operation to carry out.

The Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter is a good performer and has all the pluses to ensure that you get a good clean up of your pool providing you with good clean and clear water.

The Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter is built durably, to stand the vagaries of the inclement weather and the continuous operation it would need to perform to ensure you have a pool with clean and clear water.

It is corrosion free since it is made of special Polymeric material which would not fade due to its color fast composition for long term efficient performance and has an easy method of cleaning the trapped debris with a backwashing system which is fast and quick.

The Hayward S244T Pro Series 24” In-Ground Sand Pool Filter is easy to operate and can be cleaned when needed and with the weight around 47 pounds it is not a very heavy item to move around when needed either.

The water flows in a 360 degree action through the sand and this helps quick and easy cleaning which most other sand pool filters lack and is efficient in its cleaning operation.