Hayward Power flo lx Pump – Reviews & Buying Guide

Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580

Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 Review

Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 Reviews

Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 Overview

The Pros

Hayward’s experience in pool pumps has been their forte and with a distinguished line of products in their portfolio and have had many successes all through the 80 plus years.

That they have been in business there shouldn’t be any second thoughts if you are looking to purchase a 1.5 horsepower pool pump, it just should be the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 and nothing else.

It gives good value for money, and there would not be any need for a user to go from pillar to post if they need any spares as they are all freely available when you need any.

It is very quiet in operation and would not disturb either you or any of your neighbors while it is running and that is one aspect many forget, and when pumps start whining, your neighbors could come calling which is one thing you could put to rest with the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580.

The six foot 120-volt power cord that is supplied with the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 enables you to get the unit started as soon as you receive it from the shipper, with no trouble of finding the right cord to fix it once it has arrived.

The Cons

One major design flaw which has been lost on the manufacturer that most users have complained about is the nonexistence of an on/off switches on the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580.

There have been some issues with opening and closing the clear and transparent lid of the debris basket which some users have found to be a difficult chore.

This could be due to the placement of the pool pump hence it is advised that it is placed in an area where easy movement is possible to get the lid off and on again.


Customer reviews are at a very healthy 4.3 out of 5.0 stars which makes the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 a pool pump that has the nod from its users and has given them service par excellence and satisfied their need successfully.

It has an easily attachable and self-priming 1-1/2 inch intake and discharge, which makes it a versatile pool pump and also with its high-performance impeller it is one of the best in the business providing extended and hassle-free operation.

The corrosion resistant strong and reinforced thermoplastic housing that encases the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 gives it years of use, as it is always in an environment where water sprays are existent but would safeguard against easy corrosion.

The more than 1600 online customer reviews on this site alone for the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580, speaks volumes for the versatility of the product.

Majority of them on a very positive note you could rest assured that when you choose this product, you are getting the best you could find anywhere, to get your job done and doing it properly too.


If it is a 1.5 horsepower pool pump that you are looking for, see no further get one right away from us at an attractive price with free shipping included.

Hayward has proved their versatility over a period of 80 years, and there is nothing more you could ask as they have been in the business long enough to know what a pool needs.

Their products have been tested and tried, and they are not a “fly by night” manufacturer but one who has proved their mettle in a  very competitive environment for long enough to know what their customers need.

Hayward, a name synonymous with pumps having been in the business for more than eight long decades providing exemplary service to pool owners since the concept of dipping oneself into a body of water other than a natural one came into being.

Pumps are an integral part of swimming pools as it helps in the filtering process by removing dirt and debris, which would have been inadvertently collected in the pool over time which has to be regularly removed if the pool is to be kept clean and healthy for use.

Hayward’s 80 years of experience comes to the fore with the versatile Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 above ground pool pump that is giving pool owners hassle-free service right through the seasons and beyond too if the need arises.

It is a workhorse with a 1.5 horsepower packed behind it and has the inherent power to help in cleaning up any average pool anywhere for that matter.

The Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 is acknowledged by all those who are using this workhorse as being dependable and reliable and with a very competitive price attached it is just the pump you would need to get a job well done.

While being a heavy-duty pump, it also has an inbuilt extra-large debris basket with a transparent and clear cover that helps in observing the collecting rubbish and other debris making disposal quite easy and convenient.

A long and trouble free motor life is what the Hayward Power flo lx Pump sp1580 offers and towards that objective the double sized seal with 100% drip proof and which is heat resistant too, is the ideal foil against easy wear and tear.

Distinct advantages

Offered at an incredible price of US $ 193.49 including free shipping it is just the pool pump you would need to get your cleaned up and to keep it spick and span right through the season and enjoy and fun with family and friends.

Throwing in another meager US $ 18.25 you would be able to enjoy Hayward’s much heralded three-year protection plan or doling out the US $ 21.68 on the purchase price of US $ 193.49 would get you the super four-year protection plan giving you fewer headaches if there is an unfortunate breakdown on your pool pump.

Weighing just 25.05 pounds with the packing, it is easily maneuverable if and when you would need to move it around; the Hayward SP 1580X15 is just value for money.