Best Winter Pool Covers – Review & Buying Guide

We look at the importance of finding and covering our swimming pools with the best winter pool covers and what we could expect if we are not proactive in doing so. Without an iota of doubt a winter pool cover would do a world of good in comparison to what you would pay for one. They are not expensive and are generally manufactured from flexible materials like polypropylene or polyester which are strong and sturdy in use. It would not matter what type, size or shape of swimming pool you may have the best winter pool covers would stand between the water in the pool and the elements of Nature.

It is imperative that you keep your swimming pool whether it is an in-ground or above ground as clean as possible because polluted water would not only bode well for your image but also be a health hazard. An open body of water especially one standing still like a swimming pool is an open invitation for disease carrying germs, contagious airborne viruses and harmful bacteria. Stepping into your pool filled with dead insects and bugs floating on the surface with sunken leaves, twigs and sticks, and few bird’s droppings too floating around, could be a nauseating experience. These are just what you could see, but imagine what else there would be which would be oblivious to the naked eye.

The excitement that you would envisage of a warm dip to soothe those aching muscles and joints would be lost once you observe the state of the water in the pool. The months of winter when the use of the pool is restricted and the pool is left to Nature’s elements you could have a very sickening body of water in the pool when spring breaks through on the horizon.

This is what Nature would have on offer for if you do not take adequate measures to prevent such a nauseating experience. What you could do is quite simple in practice and would not cost you either the Sun or the Moon. You need a winter pool cover to ensure that the water in your pool is protected from everything that Nature would throw at it. There are no counter arguments which would hold any water when you compare a pool cover for winter or keeping it open all through the months of winter. For a few dollars you could ensure the water in your pool stays as good as it was when you prudently covered it with the best winter pool cover.

A pool cover for winter whilst keeping the water in the pool unpolluted would also ensure you do not need to replace the water in the pool when winter slowly fades away. You should select from the best winter pool covers available which would be strong and sturdy as well as last the test of time.

Things to consider before buying Winter Pool Covers

It would be advisable that you read through this and any other winter pool cover reviews so that you have a good idea and also apprise yourself with ample information about the best winter pool covers you could find in the market. Without an iota of doubt a pool cover for winter is an important accessory which would come very handy when the pool gets out of bounds due to the extreme cold. Hence considering all relevant factors and weighing the pros and the cons before you buy the best winter pool covers would hold you in good stead. Prudent selection of the winter pool cover which would be compatible with your pool would be very important.

Prior to buying a winter pool cover you would need to consider the type of pool that you have. If it is an in-ground pool your considerations would be different to that of an above ground pool. In-ground pools have been perennially constructed to add ambience to its surroundings and could come in different shapes and sizes. Most of them would be either rectangular or kidney shaped with some square too, but some could be quite different completely with some very odd designs as per the landscape surrounding the pool. A winter pool cover cannot be cut to match the shape of your pool in which case you would need to buy a safety pool cover which is different to the former. Hence knowing what to buy is very important so that you are not hassled and what you bring home should match and marry perfectly with your pool.

A winter above ground pool cover would be quite different to an in-ground winter pool cover which we discussed above. Above ground pools are manufactured to universal sizes and would come in either, round, square or rectangular. Hence when you buy a winter pool cover above ground you would have a standard size or shape of pool in your backyard of which you would have a very good idea. You just walk into a store selling pool equipment mention the shape and size of your above ground pool to the guy behind the counter and get the winter above ground pool cover without much of a hassle.

You just bring it home or have it delivered if you are buying online because you have the relevant information about your pool and the winter pool cover would fit onto your above ground pool with no hassle at all. Hence buying the best winter pool covers for your above ground pool would be much easier rather than buying one for your in-ground pool.

When it is a winter pool cover for an in-ground pool it is necessary that you take the right measurements which should include the steps of the pool if they extend beyond the perimeter of the pool. The level of water in the pool too should be considered especially if you are dropping it below the 12” (inches) mark. If there are steps or other obstruction on the perimeter of the in-ground pool these too would need to be considered as you would have to run the pool cover for winter around it. An in-ground winter pool cover would be different to a winter above ground pool cover.

Hence when you take delivery of your inground winter pool cover check it out first as to whether the right size has reached you and if not contact the seller for further instructions. As for your winter pool cover above ground the chances are that it would be delivered as ordered but still ensure you check it out for perfection.

How to Select the Correct Sized Winter Pool Cover,

Sizes matter and it is imperative that you order after you have got all the relevant information for a perfect fit down in writing. Any deviation in size of your winter pool cover would be a hassle that you would gladly like to avoid. As for a winter above ground pool cover the chances of making any careless mistake would be to a great extent absent which cannot be the same when comparing with an in-ground winter pool cover. The reasons are obvious because above ground pools are universally manufactured to certain standards hence buying any equipment not only a winter above ground pool cover would be that much easier.

An in-ground winter pool cover would generally come in rectangular sizes and because they cannot be cut to shape it is imperative that you buy it to cover the whole area around the pool. Once you have covered the area of the water and the pool it would need to be well secured so that it does not blow off in a storm. The basic idea is to ensure the in-ground pool and the water in it is well covered to prevent any debris, dust and leaves fall into the pool and get putrid during the winter months to leave their unpleasantness behind.

It may be a bit tricky to get the exact size of in-ground winter pool cover hence some prudent thought would need to be given to ensure you get your measurements as closest as you can. Domestic in-ground pools are generally small in size compared to those Olympic sized in-ground pools hence you could be able to get the relevant size of in-ground winter pool cover to cover your pool as best as you can. But still it is important that you cover the entirety of the pool so that no debris or leaves and other foreign objects do not get into the water.

Tips to buy Winter Pool Cover for above Ground and In-ground Pools

It is prudent to have all the information that you would need listed down on a piece of paper before you get down to ordering the winter pool cover that you would need for your pool. Your requirements would be different when it is an in-ground winter pool cover in comparison to a winter above ground pool cover. There are three important aspects which you would need to consider before you would place the order. The winter pool cover for any of the above two should fit your above ground or in-ground pool, fulfill your needs and also fit your budget.

If you have read through the winter pool cover reviews you could have a good idea as to how you would select the best winter pool covers which are sure to fit all the requirements above. The in-ground winter pool cover that you would buy should fit the widest width and the longest length of your pool, whatever shape of pool that you may have.

The best winter pool covers are design manufactured with a strong mesh like material which would seep through the rain water and melting snow whilst holding back the leaves and other debris. Whatever debris and leaves that remain on the best winter pool covers could be periodically cleaned and removed. It is to facilitate the seeping through of rainwater and melting snow that the water level is reduced to acceptable levels before you would place the winter pool covers to protect your pool.

If your pool is an above ground it is important that you buy the required air pillows and placing them below the winter pool cover above ground. These are necessary to ensure the freezing water turning to ice has a cushion to expand if not it could exert pressure on the side walls which could crack up and cause irreparable damage. Hence remember you get the air pillows and keep them inflated on the surface of the water. Periodically check on them to ensure they remain inflated and would serve their purpose.

Ensure that the cables which would secure your in-ground winter pool cover are strong enough to withstand the tension when secured. It is prudent to check them too periodically to ensure that they are strong and would hold the winter pool cover through the winter. The eyes that the cable slips through too should be strong enough to hold the cables and also hold the in-ground winter pool cover securely without any slack.

It is important that you do not always price as a major factor to base your decision to buy the best winter pool covers because it is often said that cheap things are no good and good things don’t come cheap. The brand would matter because there are many so called best winter pool covers which may not last a couple of winters and tend to give way. The materials that the best winter pool covers are manufactured from should be strong, sturdy, and tough to withstand the vagaries of Nature. We know how devastating Nature could be hence if you are to protect your pool whatever type it would be it is the best winter pool covers that you would need to look for. There are many brands which would stand out and reading through the many winter pool cover reviews would bring you up to date with the latest technology prevailing in the industry.