Best Telescopic Pool Poles – Reviews & Buying Guide

Keeping your swimming pool clean, clear and healthy is not child’s play but a very arduous task which could be accomplished only with some concentrated efforts on your part. Operating an automatic pool vacuum and letting it do the cleaning without any inputs from you would leave most of the pool still unclean with precipitated dust, debris and grime. To ensure you have a very clean and healthy pool it would be necessary to help your automatic pool vacuum on its rounds at the bottom of the pool to move through every inch of the floor.

How to find Good Telescopic Pool Pole

Such a task would be easier said than done because working below four to six feet of water could be a daunting task. If you are a perfectionist and want your pool to be as healthy and clean as possible there is one simple tool that you could employ to get over the problem. The telescopic pool pole is the ideal foil for your predicament, which could be used not only to guide your pool vacuum but help you in executing many tasks in ensuring your pool is clean and healthy.

Multiple uses

A telescopic pool pole is versatile in use with many tasks being accomplished to ensure not only the water in the pool but every square inch of the floor and walls to be kept clean. A simple twist of the outer rings on the telescopic pool pole loosens the two poles, one inside the other. Once twisted the extendable or telescopic pool pole could be pulled out to reach any far corner of the pool by just walking on edge of the pool.

To this extended telescopic pool pole, the pool vacuum could be easily attached and the latter guided around to execute its cleaning chore with ease and efficiency. It may take some effort but is the best choice you have to ensure every square inch is vacuum cleaned and to leave the floor and walls as clean as possible.

Most telescopic pool poles are easily attachable to many other accessories used in keeping the pool clean, clear and healthy. A netted accessory also called a pool net at the end of the telescopic pool pole could easily remove fallen leaves and other debris whether it is on the surface of the water or at the bottom on the floor of the pool. A rake could also be attached to the telescopic pool pole to pull items that have fallen into the pool for easy retrieving.

A brush could also be attached to remove grime and other deposits on the pool floor and walls without you having to get into the water and make a mess of yourself. Remaining on the edge of the pool you are able to guide the telescopic pool pole wherever you want it to reach.

A swimming pool in your backyard is vulnerable to falling glasses, toys, and many other such items. If you are to retrieve them it is quite a task and getting yourself wet would be invariable but not if you use a telescopic pool pole. Another exciting issue using a telescopic pool pole and cleaning the pool would build up your biceps which otherwise you would need to spend time at the gym.

Hence looking into every aspect it would be a telescopic pool pole which would be the ideal and simplest of pool equipment to do many tasks to ensure your pool is kept clean, clear and healthy.

Multiple lengths

Telescopic pool poles are available in multiple lengths to ensure you are able to reach any area of any sized pools. They are easily extendable in a telescopic design as it suggests. The lengths can be adjusted with a twist of the holding rings on the exterior of the telescopic pool pole. Longer telescopic pool poles could have two or more such adjusting twist rings to ensure the storing size is short in length but adjustable to any length needed.

The telescopic pool pole is without doubt one very important pool equipment, without which you would have difficulty to ensuring your pool is clear, clean and healthy. It would be prudent to check out the size of your pool and then buy the appropriately sized telescopic pool pole to ensure you are able to clean your pool to your best satisfaction.

Light and strong

To ensure the telescopic pool pole is as light as possible but still strong enough to ensure tough cleaning of any pool surface these are generally manufactured with the best specially formulated high grade aluminum. The telescopic pool poles design engineered by reputed pool equipment manufacturers would last many years as they are made with the best aluminum specially extruded for the purpose.

Tensile strength is tested by all reputed pool equipment manufacturers before their telescopic pool poles are released to the market. There is no chance that they would bend or snap and even if they do it would be generally covered with adequate warranties.

Connecting ability

The versatility of all telescopic pool poles is the ability they would have of attaching to any required accessory which helps in the cleaning chore. Cleaning a pool would require many such accessories and it is imperative that all of them fit perfectly onto the telescopic pool pole that you purchase so that you would have one to ensure a complete cleaning job. It would be quite a hassle to buy telescopic pool poles for every chore hence before you put your money on one ensure it is versatile in use and would be able to accommodate by attaching all the accessories needed to keep your pool clean.

Ease of use

Last but not the least of all the advantages that a telescopic pool pole delivers is its ease of use. Being light weight it could be easily used by anyone for specific cleaning chores. Moving around the swimming pool you are able to pick up fallen leaves and other debris, pick anything that has fallen into the water or floating on it.

Telescopic pool poles ensure the cleaning of your pool without much hassle because it is light in weight and strong in use. If you have a pool it is imperative that you have a telescopic pool pole without which you could have very wet cleaning chores which could be quite uncomfortable at times.