Best Solar Cover for In Ground Pools – Reviews & Buying Guide

In-ground swimming pools are vulnerable to dust, debris, bugs, insects and disease carrying bacteria. Spending money to heat up your pool when the ambient temperature drops would be short lived. The drop in ambient temperatures from dusk to dawn would have the same effect on the swimming pool too with the water temperature dropping too. This could be avoided by using a solar cover for in-ground pool.

A quick dip in the warm waters of the swimming pool in your backyard after a hard day at work is sure to rejuvenate and revitalize you. Keeping your pool warm could be quite a daunting task because whatever temperature you would warm the water up to would reduce substantially when the cool night air blows across it. To prevent heat loss from your in-ground pool and save on energy bills you should be using a solar pool cover.

Laying out the best solar cover for in-ground pools on the surface of the water would not only save on energy bills but increase the temperature of the water by at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit. There is not an iota of doubt that this two pronged strategy to keep your pool warm would bring you and your family the impetus to enjoy the pool more often than not.

If you are to enjoy a warmer swimming pool and also ensure debris, dust and other foreign objects do not pollute your pool an in ground swimming pool cover would be your best choice. It is not an expensive accessory to cover up your pool as these solar covers for in ground pools are manufactured from specially formulated PVC and plastic materials.

How to Choose Good Solar Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover is a PVC or plastic cover about 12 millimeters to 16 millimeters in thickness with bubbles of air embedded onto it. This pool solar cover is available in various sizes but could fit any in-ground pool of any size. If it is larger than the swimming pool or the pool is kidney shaped there is no issues at all as it could be easily trimmed to fit the contours of the pool. Manufactured to withstand the harsh realities of the Sun’s ultra violet rays the solar cover for in-ground pools would retain its color no matter what.

The laying of the in ground pool covers is a few minutes endeavor and could be conveniently handled by one for small and medium pools. Larger pools would need an extra hand to help out so that the job would be completed in a few minutes. Once laid out the solar cover for in ground pools would trap the heat in the water underneath it and ensure no escape. Apart from that the solar pool cover with its inherent insulated effects would increase the temperature of the water by transferring solar heat through it into the water.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option to retain the heat in your swimming pool then there is none other pool accessory than the best solar cover for in-ground pools. Hence giving this superlative idea serious consideration and using it to keep your pool covered would bring other immense advantages too. A solar pool cover is a must if you are to enjoy the many advantages it has to offer. Perusing very carefully the solar cover for in-ground pool reviews you would get a very broad spectrum of the advantages it has to offer,      

Types of Solar Pool Covers

Like everything else that we find around us, solar pool covers too have different types in its range. Whilst some may fit specific swimming pools the other pools could purchase the bigger rolls and then cut it to the size wanted. The size and shape of your in-ground swimming pool, is not relevant criteria if you are contemplating to get one. You could select and then trim it from the wide range of sizes available with different manufacturers. The solar cover for in-ground pools has brought a new dimension to how you would be warm up your pool and also protect it from the elements. For a few dollars you could be enjoying a warmer pool as well as a cleaner and clearer pool devoid of dust, debris and dirt. Buying the right type of solar pool cover to fit your specific pool would be your prerogative.

  • Bubble Pool Covers

These solar cover for in-ground pools are made of either, strong and durable PVC material or specially formulated plastic sheets. One side of the solar pool cover would be complimented with myriads of air bubbles trapped within the layers which would help to retain the heat prevalent in the water below. These air bubbles within the layers of the solar cover for in-ground pools would transfer the ambient heat into the pool water thus increasing the temperature of the water.

  • Solar Sun Rings

These are the same as the above but rather than having one large solar cover for in-ground pools you place these solar sun rings covering at least 70% to 80% on the surface of the water. The triangular spaces between the solar sun rings could be left out as it may not make such a big difference when comparing with the effort it would otherwise take to have one large solar pool cover.

  • Liquid Solar Covers

This is a technological marvel of sorts and uses environmentally friendly ingredients that are lighter than water and helps to form a layer on the surface of the water. It works two ways one by stopping heat from the pool escaping into the atmosphere and on the other way around by absorbing the Sun’s solar heat and transferring it to the water. The liquid solar covers are completely safe for any swimming pool user because it is more a physical phenomenon rather than a chemical endeavor.

Things to Consider before You Buy Solar cover for in-ground pool

Some salient aspects are better considered before you would buy the best solar cover for in-ground pools. It is imperative that you take a complete stock of your in-ground pool and based on that buy your solar pool cover. We list out some of those salient things so that you would be buying the best solar cover for in-ground pools.

  • Size

This is basic because you need to ensure the surface of the pool water is totally covered by the solar cover for in-ground pools. Hence measure out your in-ground pool and then look for whichever option of solar pool cover that you would like to have. Whether your in-ground pool is rectangular, square or kidney shaped you could cover it up by trimming a bigger sized pool solar cover. Doing so is very easy and there is nothing to bother or worry too much as you could get the right size of in ground swimming pool covers tailor made to fit the surface of your pool.

  • Brand and Price

It is often said and universally accepted that good things don’t come cheap and that cheap things are no good. Based on that assumption we could safely deduce that buying a good brand of solar cover for in-ground pools would be a more prudent decision rather than considering only the price factor. Most of the reputed brands of in ground pool covers provide warranties up to eight years and that is something to seriously consider it. Reputed brands would deliver what they promise hence if you are to enjoy optimum benefits from the in ground swimming pool cover a name to go with it would be a prudent choice to make.

  • Material

The material used in solar covers for in-ground pools should be strong, flexible, and ultra violet treated so that it would not fade when exposed to the Sun. It is generally PVC materials or other plastics that are used which are flexible in use and also versatile to float gracefully on the surface of the water in the pool. The material would be exposed to prolonged effects of the Sun hence buying the in-ground pool covers should be arrived at after careful consideration. Once the solar pool cover has been placed on the surface of the water

  • Color

The color would generally be the classical blue hence doing justice to the normal color of water that we all know. There could be some in-ground solar pool covers in other colors but the universally accepted color would be blue. The color blue is pleasing to the eye and selecting blue would add to the ambience of the environs. It is imperative that we add style and practicality to everything that we do.

Benefits of Solar Pool Covers for in-ground pool

Benefits are galore if you choose to use a solar cover for in-ground pools. Whilst retaining the inherent heat in the water the solar pool cover would absorb solar heat from the Sun and transfer it to the water in the pool. The water could rise by about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This alone brings a huge savings on your energy bills because as a habit we tend to heat up the pool and spend quite a sum over any given year. The bottom layer of a solar pool cover is heat reflective for better conservation of the heat in the water.

The pool solar cover reduces the evaporation of water in the pool substantially which in turn reduces the need to add more water from time to time. Water evaporation is cut by about 95% when a solar cover for inground pools is installed on the water. The regular adding of chemicals is also eliminated or reduced which is again a saving on the long term. Efficient in ground solar pool covers ensures optimum heat retention ensuring that your pool is warmer than you would envisage and that too at no extra cost.

The solar cover for in-ground pools is environmentally friendly and does a tremendous job by ensuring not only savings in your wallet but prevents foreign bodies from mixing with the water. The more reputed manufacturers would bring out solar pool covers that are much thicker than their competition. A 16 millimeter thickness with adequate flexibility is sure to be much better than one lesser than that. Durability is paramount as your solar cover for in-ground pools should be able to withstand the vagaries of Nature. The solar pool cover should be versatile in use and practical as well.

Solar pool covers are proliferating along with the new trend to have a swimming pool in everyone’s backyard. Though a solar cover for in-ground pools is just a very simple application it is creating waves of interest in the pool equipment industry. Never before has there been a very small application providing such an immense quantum of interest. The benefits in savings on the energy bills alone have pushed the interest in the pool solar cover to dizzying heights.       

Recommendation for Solar Cover for In Ground Pool

Consider all relevant aspects before you would buy your solar cover for in-ground pools because this is one simple contraption which would bring some great savings into your wallet. It is easy to lay on the surface of the water in the in-ground pool and convenient to remove when needed. Look for the thickest pool solar covers because it would retain the warmth in the water and also transmit solar heat from the Sun to the water below. Though the thickness would increase it should not have any substantial increase in weight.

The material used in the manufacture of pool solar covers could be easily trimmed off to perfectly fit the inner rim of any pool and sit on the water to keep the pool warm. Assimilate all information from solar cover for in-ground pool reviews and once totally apprised make the right decision. Getting your own best solar cover for in-ground pools would give you a great boost in enjoying superlative swimming experiences in your pool. It is something that you need to get without any delay.