Best Above Ground Pools For Dogs– Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the best places to interact with your dog and build love and camaraderie with them is none other place than the swimming pool. The proliferation of above ground pools around the United States over the last decade or so has seen many family activities being confined either in it or around it. The fun and merriment conducted in and around the pool gives the right impetus to your pet dog to join in the fun too. The above ground pool for dog and the family would be the ultimate and most conducive environment to show your pet some new tricks too. It may not be necessary to have a separate pool for dog if you know how to manage your family pool to double up for everyone in the household.

Dogs trained for guarding premises, or in other activities would need to be isolated and be a “one master dog” but it is prudent to be aware that dogs at home, considered as pets and family, would need a different type of training. The environment that pet dogs are nurtured in would need to be contradistinction different if you are to get the best out of them. More than commands it would be love and care which would draw them towards us and enable us to build a strong bond with them.

How to Find Good Above Ground Pools For Dog

Many of us who have pet dogs in our homes without an iota of doubt consider them as part of the family. Dogs, whatever breed they may be are lovable four legged additions to the family. They understand many things which we may not consider important, and have a special affinity towards everything we may do around our homes. Dogs like Lion German Shepherds, German Shepherds, Alsatians and some others are pack dogs and they consider us as part of their pack and would generally not see us very much different. They like to interact and join us in doing various things though they may have inherent restrictions.

They love to sit down with us, sleep with us, eat when we have our grub, bark when we speak with others, bring things that we would throw for them to fetch and a hosts of other acts which they would like to copy and emulate. Hence it is not strange if they jump into the swimming pool with us because they would consider that too a natural phenomenon and part of our interaction with them. Try either leashing or confining them to the kennel when you and the family are enjoying fun time, and frolicking in the pool. They are sure to bring the roof down with their incessant barking, showing their displeasure of being shunned out of the family interaction.

Speaking to veterinarians they would tell you that your pet dog could have emotional breakdowns if they are left out of family activities which would not be very conducive and healthy to the overall relationship building process with your dog. It is such dogs that attack or get aggressive without any reason at all. Hence it is imperative that you treat your dog at home with much love, care and have optimum interaction to ensure they are always in a relaxed demeanor.

Keeping the above ground pool crystal clear of dog fur, clean and sparkling and healthy too would be your prerogative and once you get the hang of it the pool for dog and you would be just the place everyone would love to be. If you happen to drive around the neighborhood, it would not surprise you to see many dogs in above ground pools having fun and frolicking with the others in the household. You could have the same fun with dog in pool and build a long lasting bond of love and togetherness with them.

We look at some of the salient aspects which would ensure your dog is safe and also enjoys the fun being in the pool with the family. The dog would need to be facilitated to get over the high vinyl wall of the above ground pool without causing itself any injury and also ensuring no damage is caused to the walls of the pool. The access in and out of the above ground pool for dogs and everyone else in the family should be easy and convenient. To ensure this there would need to be some adjustments made to ensure the dog finds its own way and once it has done it a couple of times it would become a routine. Dogs learn very fast and it would be just a matter of a few times that you would need to guide them through. There is not an iota of doubt that dogs and above ground pools would become synonymous because they like to dog paddle around and have the same fun the whole family would have in the pool.

Do dogs love water?

All dogs love the water but some may be apprehensive at first for which you would need to guide them into the water rather than throwing the dog in pool. Like humans they too have their own emotional stresses, anxieties, shocks and other psychological deficiencies. Hence it is important that you get the dog in pool with love and care because if you use force and not tact, it may boomerang on its emotions and the dog may never get into the pool again. There has been many such instances and it would take a dog psychologist to rectify the problem.

On the contrary if you get into the water and show it the fun you are all having it may culminate with the dog jumping into the pool on its own. It is prudent to remember the sensitivities of your pet dog and ensure you work around it very carefully. Dogs in general like the water but it would be your prerogative to know and react accordingly whether your dog loves the water or not. You could be your dog’s best psychologist because it would have grown from being a pup to what it is now.

Will the dog easily get into the water?

Coaxing your dog in pool would be the most prudent way to get it into the water. It is very important that you do not force it into the water and if you do it could resist and have emotional breakdowns. Dogs however much we think they love us there is a very thin line between being human and being an animal. If they feel threatened their only reaction would be to bite and at that time it would not consider any other factor other than to save itself. Hence it is very important that you place the interests of your dog on a priority and very gently guide it on its own accord to get into the water.

Dogs swim by instinct even though they would not have been in a body of water before. They have a standard swimming style and that is the dog paddle where they use both their fore and hind legs to stay afloat and swim. Once they enjoy the water especially with you and the whole family in it, getting them out of the water could be quite a task.

Is it good to exercise the dog in the pool?

If your dog loves it, there is no reason not to exercise your dog in pool and also have some fun with it. Dogs need exercise and have to be put through a strict regime if they are not to be obese, suffer from heart disease and other sicknesses. Dogs are vulnerable like humans to many sicknesses and diseases hence the only way we could keep them away from being struck down by any is to exercise them regularly. It does not matter where you would do their exercises as long as they are put through a regime of exercises.

A dog in pool would be a fun thing to do because you too could be exercising yourself along with your dog. It would be two birds with one stone and wrapped around with some quality time with your canine companion. Above ground pools and dogs could be like a hand in glove if you could build the right accesses for your pet to easily get in and out of it. The routine of moving in and out of the water in the pool would be a very exhaustive exercise regime for your dog and doing it regularly would keep your pet, healthy and hearty all the time.

Is a dog safe in an above ground pool?

If your dog is left in the above ground pool with no access to get out of it exhaustion could set in which could be detrimental to its well being. It is imperative that they are provided access in and out with some platform or step to rest when they want to. Depending on the size of your pool and the access out of it and the height of the walls you could be pushing your dog to the limit. Hence it would be prudent of you to ensure your above ground pool for dog is adequately accessible to ensure no tragedies occur.

It may surprise you but dogs in pools have suffered heart attacks, cramps, and other physical disabilities and drowned. Dogs may be animals but they are also vulnerable to many health issues hence it is our prerogative to ensure they are always safe and their wellbeing should be our paramount concern. If we do not consider them as a part of the family they too would not reciprocate. Caring and bestowing love on them would build a strong bond between us and them.

Will the dog damage the sides of the pool?

This possibility does exist but if you are careful it could be avoided. The paw nails constantly being brushed against the vinyl walls of the above ground pool could cause a tear. Training the dog to keep away from the side walls and providing it a place to rest when tired could avoid such a predicament. Dogs do learn fast and it is only a little training that is required to get it away from the vinyl walls.

Ensure you guide them when in the water and try to be with them during the first few days they are in the water. Once they know their limitations within the above ground pool for dog it is sure to curtail their enthusiasm to scratch the side walls.

How to get the dog easily in and out of the pool?

Facilitate access in and out from the above ground pool for dog which may not necessarily be the same access the others in the household would have. Depending on the breed of dog you have in your home it would be prudent of you create or buy the most conducive access and help your canine companion in the endeavor. A wedding cake step would be ideal if your above ground pool is large enough to accommodate on inside it.

A ladder with wide steps which would facilitate easy access in and out of the pool for dog would also be another option which you could think of. Whatever you have be sure that it is convenient for your breed and it has easy accessibility in and out of the above ground pool for dog.

Will the dog need a rest whilst in the pool?

Yes, like us your pet dog too would need to rest whilst in the pool. Having a wedding cake step provided your above ground is large enough could facilitate access as well as a very convenient place for your dog to rest when tired. We need to take into serious consideration all the inherent issues and come up with the perfect solution. If your above ground pool is aided by a deck make sure your dog gets to it without any hassles.

An appropriately designed step or ramp if possible could get your dog onto the deck where it could rest and then jump in again if you are still inside the water.

Is chlorine water bad for the dog?

Chlorine irritates us and it does the same with dogs in pools too. Some of us are allergic to chlorine and would find it difficult when its content rises in the pool water. The same is the issue with dogs in pools too. Whilst some would be able to bear it others would not. Hence it would be prudent of you to keep a close watch on your dog and notice any adverse reactions and if you notice any, immediately remove the dog from pool.

Will the dogs falling fur clog the pool filter?

All dogs shed fur which is an unavoidable phenomenon. Whilst long furred dogs shed more fur the others may shed less. The water filtration system in your above ground pool would generally take care of it but some inputs from you could also help. Before you get your dog in pool brushing it and removing excess fur could help. The other would be to keep a close watch on the strainer in the filter and when it is filled up with fur, immediately clean it.

The dog fur shed in the water would invariably go through the filtration process and would definitely be retained in the filter strainer. If you have a dog in pool often it would be prudent to check your filter strainer often too.

Is it healthy for the family to be in the pool with the dog?

Your dog is an integral part of the family and would need to be treated so. If your dog has a rash, wound or any other skin diseases it would be better to keep it out of the pool. Primarily the chlorine in the pool water could affect if adversely and also it would be better for the others in the family to avoid such water borne contact. Other than that it would be perfectly fine to have your dog in pool and have fun and frolic with it and enjoy the company.

Is an above ground pool dangerous to the dog?

It could be, as there have been many accidents where dogs in above ground pools have drowned. This could not be only because they could not swim, which is a farfetched story but due to many other reasons. The reasons could be many hence it would be prudent to always keep a watchful eye on your dog too as you would with kids.

Human adults have drowned in above ground pools and in-ground pools too hence it is not an isolated incident if it tragically happens. A swimming pool is a dangerous body of water hence care should be always exercised by everyone to ensure no unfortunate accidents occur. It may be adult humans, children or even pets caution should be always the ultimate word to keep in mind.

Can an unattended dog drown in a pool?

It can, due to exhaustion, heart attacks, muscle spasms, cramps and even giddiness which could be caused with other prevalent sicknesses. It may not necessarily be due to being in the pool but one could cause another. Care should be maintained at all times and it is only then that a swimming pool would be safe for everyone.