2022 Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner – Reviews & Buying Guide

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#1Dolphin Premier Pool CleanerCheck Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)
Aquabot Pool Rover jrCheckPrice & Deal on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.7 out of 10 stars (9.7 / 10)
Dolphin Nautilus PlusCheck Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.6 out of 10 stars (9.6 / 10)
Polaris 9550 SportCheck Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.5 out of 10 stars (9.5 / 10)
Hayward Shark VacCheck Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.5 out of 10 stars (9.5 / 10)
Dolphin EscapeCheck Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.4 out of 10 stars (9.4 / 10)
Tiger Shark Pool CleanerCheck Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9.1 out of 10 stars (9.1 / 10)
Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40Check Price & Deals on Amazonir?t=071302 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01F6B9RGK reviews
9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)

How to Choose Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

Contemplating on acquiring a Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner the first thing to keep in mind would be to ensure that it is indeed “Robotic” means that it does not need any human help or assistance to accomplish the endeavor it is entrusted with other than placing it in the pool and switching on the power.

You should be able to turn it on and get about attending to your other chores for the day. It should not obstruct or hinder what you have planned for your day.

It should work getting its primary objective accomplished, and that is to ensure that the pool is thoroughly cleaned up and is devoid of any debris and is a healthy body of water to dip oneself in without prejudice.

Before choosing the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for your pool, you should assess the size of the pool and whether the unit that you select would be able to clean up and if it has the power and capacity to do so.

There are about 14,000,000 plus private pools and spas in The United States with this number growing daily, and there are also approximately 400,000 pools which are mainly commercial and for public use.

Hence different types of best Robotic Pool Cleaners are made available to the discerning pool owners and administrators to keep in line with the differently designed pools spread far and wide in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

This coupled with the different brands available with various advantages added on to them it would be prudent to consider all aspects before selecting or choosing which of them would be appropriate for your job at hand.

Some of the factors that you may need to ensure would be whether the power cord is long enough to move with the Robotic Pool Cleaner permitting it to reach all areas of the pool unhindered.

Each model from any brand would have specific features, and they should be compatible with the size and the shape of your pool while ensuring that it can reach areas which would be inaccessible with other pool cleaners.

Paying for a very powerful best Robotic Pool Cleaner when you have a small pool is what we would advise against and buy the right power to enable optimum cleaning at the least power consumption would be a prudent decision to make when selecting one.

Above ground pool walls cannot be cleaned hence buying one with this feature would be a waste of money and it would be better to cut cost if yours is one.

Overall it would be in your better interests to review all the products made available here and choose the right Robotic Pool Cleaner with the affordable price tag to ensure that your pool is kept clean and devoid of debris providing healthy swimming to all users who would dip in seeking relaxation, fun, and frolic.

Above ground pool robotic cleaner review summary 

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Here top 8 best above ground pool robotic cleaners in 2022

#1. Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner Reviews

A powerhouse to clean your pool spick and span, removing little and minute debris on the floor and the walls, by its 360-degree rotation and specially designed swivel movement, the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner, is just what you would want to have around to get your pool ready and inviting at all times.

It moves so gently when doing what it does best with no tangling and enabling free movement around the pool picking up debris and cleaning the floor all in one single motion.

Without a 360 degree swivel, the cable is sure to tangle and damage itself which could hurt the performance of any Robotic Pool Cleaner, but not in the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner which is designed to prevent such problems.

One of the most advanced engineering feats accomplished is the underwater cable swivel with which the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is equipped with to provide easy swiveling movements while it is moving and cleaning.

Using Multi-Media technology the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is just one robot but which enables the use of four types of media, giving it state of the art operational capability.

The Multi-Media filtration system is designed to break all barriers in Robotic experience and ensures that the water is kept at its best after the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner has completed its task.

The Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is the only Robotic Pool Cleaner which uses full Multi-Media for ease of operation which would clean algae and fine debris, microfilter to sift through the leaves and other

The Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is equipped with Dual Filter cartridges and an oversized bag to collect debris is included for easy collection and operation.

The Dual Scrubbing brushes work hard delving deep into the stubborn dirt and grime on the floors and walls giving them a thorough clean up by sucking and cleaning like none other Robotic Pool Cleaner.

The powerful DC motors with 3,000 RPM are manufactured for commercial use work at optimum efficiency conserving energy and reducing power consumption by up to 87% when in operation.

Trademarked Smart-Navigation Microprocessor software enables the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner to move freely in the pool not missing any square inch of the surface hence a complete cleanup is what you could expect once it is on its way inside the pool providing a cleanup like none other, in its league.

The Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is one of the best in the Dolphin range and with some very innovative advantages incorporated into it, would be apparent that the pool owner would have the pool kept as clean as possible all through the season.

Operating at just 24 volts compared to working at 110 volts with a booster pump like some of the pool cleaners, the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner saves on energy as it operates at only 180 watts and would cost just a few cents to clean your pool for an hour.

When it is operational at optimum efficiency, there would be nothing but a clean pool for you as it would bring all the technology that it is embedded with, to the fore to ensure that it cleans and also saves energy and money.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaners Pros

The jewel in the crown three years no-nonsense warranty gives peace of mind to any pool owner or administrator as there is quick and rapid repair promise that comes along with it.

There are no hidden clauses in the extended warranty and is the best among the rest and provides 50% more coverage than its nearest competitor leaving others following behind.

The cost of operating the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is very much affordable, expending just a few cents per hour compared to all other Robotic Pool Cleaners available in the market.

The ability to choose between the filter and the bag would depend on the size of the debris in the pool and when the debris is large like fallen leaves the bag could be used or for little debris you could continue with the filter.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaners Cons

The instruction manuals are not comprehensive enough, and the manufacturer would be better advised to ensure that all instructions for operating the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner are laid out in simple language.

The oversize supplied is easy to install but removing to clean it would be quite a task as it tends to be quite difficult to accomplish it efficiently.

The Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner should have better packing as the Styrofoam that it is delivered in is not as strong as it should be especially with a unit that is about 37 pounds hence would need stronger and better packing.

Recommendation for Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaners

One of the best to come out from the Dolphin range and has fared decently well and has some great reviews too and not many Cons like the others in comparison to this.

It is good value for the money that you would pay and delivers everything that it promises and has a good reputation as a reliable product to perform at excellent standards.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#2. Aquabot Pool Rover jr Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Aquabot-Pool-Rover-jr Reviews

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is made in the United States of America and is manufactured to the highest standards expected of any product that has the “Made in USA” stamp on it.

The 40 feet long cable which can float on water enabling the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr to move freely in the pool doing what it does best, and that is cleaning the floor of the pool.

It is one of the best hard working above ground Robotic Pool Cleaners that you could lay your hands on and at an affordable price for a product from the USA. It is a steal and one that would work with high efficiency cleaning up the pool just as you would want it keeping it clean and healthy for all those users who would want to relax and enjoy some time in the pool.

The built-in filter bag which is reusable and holds debris as fine as 2 microns and converts 110~volts to a safer 24~ volts as it is contacted with water where higher voltages could be quite dangerous if something goes wrong in its system and is just a plug in and operate with safety as a top priority.

It is just a push of a button that is required to get your Aquabot Pool Rover Jr on its way to clean your pool which it would accomplish with its 24~ volt powerful pump motor that would suck debris and also initiate jet drive propulsion to move it systematically around the pool cleaning and picking up debris.

It does not matter whether you have around, oval or rectangular above ground pool the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr would clean it without the use of any additional hoses and bring it back to its pristine best in just under an hour saving on energy and more money in your wallet.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is fully automated and one of the best Robotic Pool Cleaners that you could find which would give you excellent value for money with a clean and healthy pool to call your best recreation when tired and weary.

All-purpose wide wheels provide easy movement to the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr ably assisted with the patented E-Z swivel application which allows for tangle-free movement which saves time and also protects the floating cable from damage and loss of efficiency when in operation.

The  Aquabot Pool Rover Jr though a workhorse of sorts engages only at 180 watts of power and with a universal 110 ~120 volt, 60 Hz electrical supply requirement it fits well into United States standards. It is also designed with a 2-hour automatic shutting off timer to save on electricity as well as from overloading while in operation.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is delivered with a one year warranty on the motor though it is powerful to take any above ground pool in its stride to clean and keep it spick and spank.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is synonymous with Robotic Pool Cleaning and is specially designed for residential flat bottom above ground pools and will vacuum and clean in one integrated movement utilizing its micro filter which would pick up debris and other foreign contaminants from the floor with its easy bottom access filter bag filtration system.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr has the inherent ability to suck up to 70 gallons of water per minute. IT is clean and pump it out in one incredible feat with its powerful inbuilt pump, and doing so in either 2 or 3-hour operational options and is safe on any surface be it even Vinyl of which most pools are manufactured today.

It is as safe as any and would work with the least of human assistance once placed inside the above ground pool giving it a right royal cleanup and a healthy body of water to enjoy and relax whenever you would want it and also saves on chemical and water costs.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr would move freely on its own with its built-in guidance system which is microchip assisted and with sensors to ensure it works the whole floor of the above ground pool without missing even one square inch of its floor space. It would be a job well done and accomplished in under an hour for any residential pool, providing crystal clear water like none other, could do.

Aqua Products are proud that their safety measures incorporated have paid rich dividends without any known product-related injuries occurring over the years that they have been manufacturing Pool Cleaning products.

This is because safety has been a primary objective and every product including the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr being tested by in-house quality control. As well as from the independent watchdog, ETL to ensure all products leaving our manufacturing facilities comply with our high safety standards and that of the requirements laid down by the statutory authorities.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr employs state of the art patented “Hydro Robotic Technology” which assists the Robotic Pool Cleaner to move while using propulsion technology thereby depending less on external power to initiate movement saving immensely on energy costs and with fewer moving parts within otherwise required motors. It is also equipped with an axle pin which could be adjusted according to the necessary movement within the pool.

Aquabot Pool Rover jr Pros

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is very simple to operate which makes it ideal for residential pool cleaning purposes and with its powerful single pump does what most other Robotic Pool Cleaners would need two motors to accomplish.

It is the simplicity of design and operation that makes the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr a much sort of Robotic Pool Cleaner and has been in the forefront cleaning residential above ground pools efficiently and cost-effectively.

Aquabot Pool Rover jr Cons

After sales service and the availability of spares in some areas is a matter of concern and has placed some Aquabot Pool Rover Jr users at wit’s end trying to figure the best way out.

Issues with the pump and the propulsion technology have also been some problems that have been a bone of contention, but they have been successfully sorted out, and no major issues have transpired.

Packaging has also been an issue as it is a heavy unit at 26 pounds and would need good strong outers for transit and this has been not forthcoming from Aqua Products.

Aquabot Pool Rover jr Recommendation

Overall the unit is ideal for any residential above ground swimming pools and has proved its worth in hundreds of homes around the country.

Though like most machinery it would have some problems to contend with they could be considered as acceptable with the well managed after sales service.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is good value for money and has proved itself as a workhorse when put to use inside a pool.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#3. Dolphin Nautilus Plus Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Dolphin-Nautilus-Plus-Reviews

Dolphin Nautilus Plus has everything that its manufacturer Maytronics has put into it to give its users trouble free and superfine cleaning of their pools with the least supervision as possible which makes it one of the high-end Robotic Pool Cleaners available in the market.

The easily removable and replaced cartridge filter system is a joy to clean, and even fairer hands could accomplish it without much of a hassle. It would take only a couple of minutes to complete, by just holding it to flowing water and its back to the Dolphin Nautilus Plus to do what it does best that is cleaning the pool back to its pristine best.

The Patented state of art anti tangling cable swivels at the top of the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is preventing any damage or drop in efficiency and always protecting it while performing its cleaning task as best as it could and still in the forefront compared to its competition.

Just the perfect foil for all those dirt and grime on the floor of the pool and would also pick up every little piece of debris and clean your pool and bring it back to as good as new after just about two and half hours.

It scrubs, vacuums and filters all accomplished in one perfect robotic action with the least of human assistance and when completed it would have cleaned and saved some money for the user too.

Equipped with a built-in weekly timer, you can program the Dolphin Nautilus Plus to do your bidding and get into the act of cleaning your pool when you command it and without a murmur, it would start and complete without much of a fuss which otherwise you would have to contend with stubborn human hands.

In-ground Pools even 50 feet in length is no big deal for the Dolphin Nautilus Plus as it has the potential and the ability for exemplary performance at optimum levels of efficiency to use. Its Robotic Pool Cleaning prowess to ensure that your pool is as clean as it could be with exceptionally crystal clear water making it as inviting as anyone would want.

Featuring state of the art CleverClean Technology which is the exclusive domain of Dolphin and the highest standards possible the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is comfortable when cleaning walls, floor and even the waterline with the same incredible efficiency that none other could accomplish with such finesse.

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus is offered at a price affordable to many, and with performance par excellence it is just what you would ever want to keep your pool as spick and spank as it could ever be.

The big brother of another very popular model the Dolphin Nautilus the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is the perfect partner and has been an excellent upgrade and borrows many features from the former and with Easy-Fix modular components it provides easy replacement of parts when any have to be replaced after providing service like none other.

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus cleans every inch of your pool completely independent of the pools inbuilt pump and filtration system which gives efficiency in performance and savings on energy costs compared to other pool cleaners that need to depend on the pool’s systems to provide the cleaning and suction of debris.

The Dolphin Nautilus Pluscould move in a 360-degree swivel collecting debris and also cleaning the floor and walls while it is running in its gentle way and doing its job with extreme efficiency.

The cleaning process is just extraordinary that it would save on the excessive use of chemicals as the water is thoroughly filtered and would save up to 30% on costs compared to others.

The inbuilt PVC bristle brushes enable the Dolphin Nautilus Plus to climb and clean any pool surface ensuring that the cleaning is in totality and not confined to any one area of the pool.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus Pros

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus has incorporated technology at its best, and it is evident with the performance of the unit which enables it to provide the best-cleaned pools that one could see anywhere and has been doing it day in and day out.

Robots have inbuilt sensors, and that is exactly what the Dolphin Nautilus Plus has and it will assess the shape of the pool and the dimensions and ensure that it covers the whole area without any part or for that matter a square inch of space being left out.

At 19 pounds the Dolphin 99996403 – PC is lighter than most other Robotic Pool Cleaners making its easy handling and use by anyone hence is just the unit you would need to have beside your pool and with a 24-month warranty complimenting it, there is none better than you could get.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus Cons

There is a strong need that the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is provided adequate packing as some deliveries to customers have arrived with broken wheels and other damages.

A good unit and has the potential to perform well but would need a better after sales back up in all areas and not by leaving some customers to fend for themselves.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus Recommendation

There is value for money in the Dolphin 99996403 – PC and has proved to be an excellent Robotic Pool Cleaner having performed to exemplary standards in all types of in-ground pools with hard surfaces and would be better avoided using it on Vinyl floored pools.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#4. Polaris 9550 Sport Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Polaris-9550-Sport-Reviews

Of the many states of the art technologies that the Polaris 9950 is bestowed with it has also inherited the Vortex Vacuum Technology developed for Polaris which enables larger debris to be picked up while maintaining optimum suction all through its cleaning process.

The Polaris 9950 can navigate under steps and other hard to reach areas in the pool to pick up debris by utilizing its Rear Water Propulsion System which enables it to complete a cleanup of the pool like none other could.

The heavy-duty oscillating brushes while removing stubborn grime and dirt from the floor of the pool would also assist in sucking through the vacuum process to enable all debris big and small to be lifted out of the floor in one efficient movement.

Packed with a seven-day programmable timer and easy to use the handheld remote coupled with a powder coated alloy caddy for storage and transport. Which brings the Polaris 9950 to a new level of sophistication in use and performance that gives it the possibility of not only cleaning a pool but also to do it as efficiently as possible, to the highest standards possible?

The 60 feet extended electrical cord enables convenient access to any supply point and with a drop down from 110~volts to a safe and acceptable operating power the Polaris 9950 is just what you would need to get your pool to be as clean and healthy at all times. also you can read Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner for one of best Polaris product available in the market

Four-wheel drive technology (4WD) at its best and assisted by Aqua-Trax performance enhanced tires which could roam on any in-ground pool surface efficiently and perform at its optimum best.

Navigation is exemplary, and Active Motion Sensor Technology provides the right impetus to give the Polaris 9950 with no pool being big for its cleaning endeavor and would move and glide lithely brushing up and cleaning while sucking debris and cleaning the pool as best as it should be.

A futuristic design coupled with aqua assisted technology which brings out the best in the Polaris 9950 which is superlative in performance and efficiency when put to work with the minimum of human supervision.

Polaris 9550 Sport Pros

The Polaris 9950 can be easily cleaned by removing the filter in one simple movement and then replaced back after the job is done.

Collected debris can be conveniently removed by opening the top lid and emptying the large filter canister which makes way for those messy debris bags that everyone is complaining about.

Polaris 9550 Sport Cons

It always comes down to after sales service which could even the most patient customer on the boil and with the Polaris 9950 this is what is seems to be happening which they would need to have corrected sooner than later.

There are some customer issues that it cleans one side while the other side of the pool is disturbed and the debris settles down again in the cleaned area this would be quite a problem because the exercise would not be completed in the required time limit.

Recommendation For Polaris 9550 Sport

A product that has promise and with a sleek design to accompany it the Polaris 9950 is good value for the money you would have to pay for it.

Has proved its worth in performance and durability the Polaris 9950 is a perfect buy and one of the best Robotic Pool Cleaners around that has given many pool owners trouble-free cleaning during many seasons.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#5. Hayward Shark Vac Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Hayward-Shark-Vac-Reviews

There is nothing much you could say about the Hayward Shark vac because its first name says it all and that is the word “Hayward” a name synonymous with pool cleaners dating back more than 80 years.

When it is a Hayward, there are no compromises, and only the best would come out of their manufacturing facilities and that too after very stringent quality controls which are in-house as well as from authorized external quality controls independent entities.

This gives every Hayward product that particular impetus to be as good as it could get and when it is cleaning of pools that we would talk about if it is a Hayward, then it is the best.

The Hayward Shark vac needs a supply of 110~volts electricity, but it drops to a very safe 24~volts which is what would be safe especially with a water submerged unit.

The same goes for the Hayward Shark vac one of the best that you could get your hands on with exemplary cleaning efficiency and durability in long-term performance.

Easy to access to the debris canister permits rapid removal of the cartridge filters and quick cleanup of the accumulated debris enabling the Hayward Shark vac to continue at optimum levels cleaning and keeping the pool at its pristine best.

The Hayward Shark vac scrubs clean and then vacuums the floor in one simple movement giving the pool a complete and thorough cleanup like none of the Robotic Pool Cleaners that are around.

The Hayward Shark Vac is inbuilt with state of the art Microprocessor technology which enables it to bring out the best in cleaning strategies and just what could be expected from any of the world-renowned products from the Hayward home.

The cleaning is as efficient as it could get and the detailed and disciplined cleaning pattern is par excellence, and with a caddy cart for easy handling, the Hayward Shark vac is just what every pool needs to bring back the luster it needed when a much looked forward to dipping is taken.

Hayward Shark vac Pros

As said earlier the Hayward name backs the Hayward Shark vac very well because it is packed with all that superlative technology that Hayward has to offer all their discerning pool owners as they have been doing for 80 years or more.

Hayward is a name which is intertwined with pool cleaning for generations and has a very high reputation to uphold and would do so at any cost and would keep their Robotic Pool Cleaners to be the best in the industry.

Electricity consumption is unbelievable as it takes only the power of one lit bulb to clean up your standard pool and the savings on energy is what Hayward has set their eyes on as they want to bring out the most energy efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner ever.

Hayward Shark vac Cons

Weighing in at 55 pounds the Hayward Shark vac may be a little too much to handle if you are not robust yourselves, but it has been performing well and backed by a good name in Hayward.

Recommendation For Hayward Shark vac

The Hayward Shark Vac is priced competitively and is undoubtedly the best you could get among all other Robotic Pool Cleaners and has every fine track record in design, manufacture, performance and also after sales service which has been exemplary at all times.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#6. Dolphin Escape Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Escape Reviews reviews

The Dolphin Escape comes from the Maytronics home, and like all other Dolphin products, this too is one of the greatest performers which any pool anywhere would be proud to have around them as it is one of the best Robotic Pool Cleaners at an incredible cost just for those discerning pool owners and administrators.

Just the right pool cleaner for any above ground pool that needs to be cleaned as it has never been done before keeping it at its pristine best as always.

The Dolphin Escape has no messy bags to contend with and no hassle with managing the accumulated debris in those bags but instead has a generous debris cartridge that could hold 60% more debris than the regular messy bags.

The Dolphin entity has always been in the forefront of innovative technology, and the “Hypergrip” Continuous Tracks technology provides the right impetus to ensure the Dolphin Escape brushes, scrubs, and vacuums in one smooth movement.

Dolphin technology comes through well with Smart Navigation or SmartNav 2.0, which would let the Dolphin Escape to scan get the bearings and at only 09.90 pounds is just the right weight for anyone to handle.

Energy consumption is at the lowest with 110~volts stepping down to 24~volts DC with the motors running to optimum efficiency but at a very safe level as it is water that is around and higher voltages could be quite dangerous if anything happens to go wrong.

A one year warranty comes with the Dolphin Escape and some great products coming from their manufacturing facilities this one too could be in the same league.

Dolphin Escape Pros

The light weight gives any person even the fairer sex to keep their pools clean and free of debris, grime and even algae by getting the Dolphin Escape to get to work for them and with technology. At its best, there is nothing to beat it if it is an above ground Robotic Pool Cleaner, which you are looking for.

The ergonomic frame is an innovation in design technology and moves well in the water cleaning and brushing all in one movement and then vacuuming debris out.

The Dolphin Escape has been rated on top of all other Robotic Pool Cleaners and is topping the list as the best buy for the year 2017 and has been having a tremendous ask for it and is performing far beyond expectations with some great customers reviews and at a very affordable price too.

The Dolphin Escape has fared well in online sales and has proved its mettle too, and if put to work there is no gainsaying that, it would show its worth beyond any words could describe.

Dolphin Escape Cons

Has a problem with picking up the small debris but is good with the large ones and this is because the fine particle basket is not included in the unit.

Not much to say about as it has good customer reviews and no major problems associated with the Dolphin Escape.

Dolphin Escape Recommendation

The Dolphin Escape comes with everything it has to offer and is very good value for money and being on top of the list compared to all other Robotic Pool Cleaners this is simply the best.

Great price, excellent service and a great product, there is nothing much else to say.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#7. Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Tiger-Shark-Pool-Cleaner-Reviews

An ideal Robotic Pool Cleaner primarily designed for residential pools up to dimensions of 20’ x 40’. Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner has everything that it takes to give your pool the complete makeover and bring it back to its pristine best cleaned and filtered to provide everyone who dips into it a healthy and safe environment.

Designed with state of the art Quick Clean technology which is patented the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner needs just 90 minutes to get your pool the cleanup that you would envisage.

Just leave it to do the chore, and you could be attending to anything that you would want and presto when the time has lapsed your pool would be as clean as ever and crystal clear and healthy too.

Safety is the primary objective, and with high power supplies and water surrounding it the two would not be a very conducive environment to be, but the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner drops the operating power to a little 24~volts with a motor designed to consume less energy and more than all conserve on the cost factor too.

The inbuilt pump does what it does best, and its powerful vacuum leaves not dirt, grime or debris lying on your pool floor as it would suck every little piece of debris and ensure that the pool is brought back to its intended glory that we all would look forward to in our pools too.

Cleaning the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner after use is very easy it is just a matter of removing the filter cartridge which is patented and rinse it by holding running water onto it and placed it back again. It is just a very simple operation and not as complicated as some of the Robotic Pool Cleaners around which takes quite an effort to remove and clean the filters.

Savings are great when you have a Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner as you would be saving up to 94% on energy costs compared to any other Robotic Pool Cleaner available.

Four decades of service to the swimming pool industry has given Tiger Shark the impetus to bring out the best in pool cleaners, and the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is just one in the impressive lineup with many others over all these years.

The Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner works to a very efficient and set pattern cleaning the bottom, walls and right up to the water line ensuring that every square inch is cleaned and left spick and spank just the way you would want it to be.

Effortless operation and once you take delivery of the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner just unpack it and plug it in and let it go to work, it is as simple as that, as you need not find for any tools to get it started and going on its chore.

Conveniently engages its inherent automatic shut down to save on energy once the job is accomplished in its 3-hour cycle and your pool is cleaned to its best.

Robots work on sensors and chips, and it is no different in the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner, with its inbuilt computer and all the integrated circuits inside it the delivery of performance is just exemplary and works at optimum efficiency at all times.

The Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner has advanced designed brushes that clean at optimum efficiency, and with computer-guided sensors, it would move to all areas to ensure that it gets the best clean up of the pool without anything being left out.

The easy clean cartridge which is built to last ensures that there are no more messy bags to contend with and cleaning of the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is very convenient and with no hassles al all.

Safety is assured with the motor running only at 24~volts power with the step-down transformer, and hence there are no chances of any accidents happening while the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is in operation.

Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Pros

The three (03) year warranty is a steal, and nobody offers such an attractive warranty, and it is just what you would need for a hassle-free operation for three years, and that says a lot about the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner.

A well designed Robotic Pool Cleaner the Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is just what you would need to get your pool back to that time it was clear and clean water and an inviting place to relax and unwind.

Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Cons

The Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner weighs 41.5 pounds, and that is heavy and would need some powerful arms to carry it to the pool and also put it into storage after.

Recommendation For Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner

The Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner is like none other and has all the required advantages to successfully clean your pool just as you would want it and leaving it to attend to its chore you could get about doing yours.

It is a workhorse but needs just a little power and is no drain on your energy consumption and would work the 90-minute cycle at optimum power and efficiency but save on costs.

9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

#8. Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 Reviews-Robotic Pool Cleaners

Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40 Reviews reviews

All Robotic Pool Cleaners do not perform as it should, but the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 is an exception as it delivers on what it promises and has been exemplary in performance with the least of the hassle since it was introduced.

The ideal Robotic Pool Cleaner for most above ground and small in-ground pools and is perfect to get them cleaned with the least possible effort from human hands, as the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 would complete every task efficiently and with less drain on your wallet.

Ideal for any shape of pool surfaces up to a maximum of 40 feet for a high-efficiency couple with optimum performance just what you should have for any above ground pool to provide that superlative cleanup. You would need to have the pool to its best possible pride of place among the rest of your neighbors and friends.

Cleans like a champion and with its computer-guided movement sensors it is made to deliver results of the highest order, and with a super clean pool, there isn’t much that you could ask for after the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 has completed its task.

Cleans the floor, walls and also moves up partially on the walls but does what others cannot do and that is to filter in one simple movement 80 to 85 gallons of water every minute giving your pool a double makeover, filtering and cleaning.

Turning movements are limited to just 6 inches, but that is not a very big worry as it compensates for its hardworking ability and cleaning efficiency.

The filter in the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 is easy to clean and does not need much effort and can be rinsed and put back within a couple of minutes. It is accessible from the top and keeping it clean is what you should do to ensure high efficiency.

The 40 feet tangle free electrical cable is designed to swivel and not cause obstructions to the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 hence no damage and no drop in performance with messed up cables.

The E-Z swivel cable has been designed with perfection in mind and is just the way it should be as there is no chance of it getting in the form of a proper cleanup when the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 is at work.

The design is sleek, and aqua dynamic is allowing the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 to maneuver quickly in the pool once it’s placed to complete its task.

Safe on all surfaces including Vinyl lined floors and can clean and move in one simple movement to ensure it covers every inch of the floor in the shortest possible time.

The cleanup is thorough with the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 and with the filtration also simultaneously operating a very perfect clean is what you should be looking when the job is done.

Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40  Pros

Weighing in at 22 pounds it is just the right weight that anyone could move it around, and with some great built-in advantages, the sleek design compliments the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 as it is well backed with topmost cleaning which nothing else could deliver.

Many Robotic technologies, specific to Aquabot has been intricately built into it for a cleaner and more efficient energy saving operation just what you would need with the rising cost of energy bills we need to encounter in the recent times.

Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 Cons

There are some problems when moving on the floor and issues that it does not cover the whole floor area, but this could be due to some issues with the sensors as it is they that maneuver the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 around telling it exactly what to do.

Recommendation For Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40

The Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 comes with excellent customer reviews especially from those who have bought Aquabot before and have thoroughly enjoyed using this.

Excellent value for money and is just the Robotic Pool Cleaner that you need to have around it performs well and is an excellent companion to have around to ensure that your pool keeps and looks clean as it could be.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

John M. Davison an American citizen who was a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania invented the first swimming Pool cleaner and submitted his Patent Application “Cleaning Apparatus for Swimming Pools and the like” on November 26th, 1912. He received Patent No: 1,056,779 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 25th, 1913.

Since then many inventions to accomplish the same activity has been periodically invented by many and now the ultimate Swimming Pool Cleaner. The Robotic Pool Cleaner has arrived to make the life of pool owners and administrators that much more comfortable and convenient to keep their pools clean and healthy for users and also be within the stringent laws that are now legislated to keep everyone using the pools free from disease and sickness.

In the public interest, we have picked up eight (08) of the best Robotic Pool Cleaners available in the market and place before our readers a detailed review to help them to make their choice.

They all work with the minimum of human supervision utilizing state of the art technology and go about their cleaning business until the task is accomplished with not a speck of debris left on the floors and walls of the pool which makes these units “Robotic” in the real sense of the word.

What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

There are two types of Robotic Pool Cleaners, one of which is fully operated with battery power and the other which is part battery power and its movement assisted by jet propulsion.

The former accomplishes two primary objectives. They are suction of debris while cleaning the floor with brushes and also moving on its power cleaning the complete pool. It can climb walls and clean while holding firm in a vertical position giving a thorough clean up of the pool.

The latter too uses battery power to suck debris while cleaning with brushes and the pressure of the suction propels it forwards covering the entirety of the pool providing a clean surface, but this cannot climb the walls of the pool.

Both of these Robotic Pool Cleaners operates with a minimum of human assistance and once placed inside in the pool it would go about its business until the pool is cleaned and completed.

It is suggested that the pool filtering system is kept switched off while the Robotic Pool Cleaners are at work as any debris in the water would settle down to the floor allowing for a thorough clean up.

The Robotic Pool Cleaners use movement sensors, automatically operated motors and computer-assisted integrated circuits which we commonly refer to as “Chips” to move, clean and suck debris out which elevates them to the much spoken about “Robotic” tag which it would proudly carry.

Procuring skilled and unskilled “Man Hours” getting expensive by the day and finding suitable personnel to accomplish chores. Such as keeping swimming pools clean and healthy becoming dearer it is envisaged that investing on a Robotic Pool Cleaner would save money, time and even bring down anxiety and expectations of waiting for someone who would not turn up at the end of the day to clean up the pool.

Employing a Robotic Pool Cleaner is hassle free and would make the life of pool owners and administrators that much easier and stress-free at the end of the day.

Robots are extensively used in the manufacture of many products today, and with an initial investment many advantages could be derived, and very conspicuous about it would be the absence of any human resources management, which is a primary contention in most businesses in the modern world.

How do Robotic Pool Cleaners work?

Every Robotic Pool Cleaner has two motors working independently of each other. But do work in tandem and while one turns the brushes that clean the floor and walls of the pool and assist in sucking debris and pushing it out the other would work to create the movement which is required to give the unit the power to move.

Any Robotic Pool Cleaner would need to be connected to an electrical socket providing it the power it needs but to prevent any accidents or any other unfortunate and unforeseen incidents. The pool cleaner would drop the power via a transformer from 110~ volts to about 24~ volts, which makes it safer especially with water around it.

Moving on its own and cleaning on a set pattern makes the Robotic Pool Cleaner very organized when it is at work and with high energy brushing of the pool floors and walls, it provides a thorough clean which even human hands may not accomplish.

Sensors at the bottom of the Robotic Pool Cleaner would ensure that no debris is left behind when it moves forward which would be a task, impossible to accomplish with human hands ensuring that every speck of debris is sucked and dispatched out of the pool.