Best Above Ground Pool Fence – Reviews & Buying Guide

Swimming pools are death traps, whether we like to accept this fact or not. Many accidents have occurred in the past and are still happening in the present and would happen in the future too. Hence those of us who have either in-ground or above ground swimming pools in our backyards would need to take adequate precautions to ensure no such unfortunate and untoward incidents occur. It is our responsibility and above all our sole prerogative to ensure adequate protection is accorded to all those who would be vulnerable to an above ground pool.

Vulnerability to an above ground pool does not limit only to kids, pets and the feeble but could engulf even the strong and tough who could get into trouble inside a pool. There is no redline which would demarcate who would be vulnerable to danger in an above ground pool and who are not. There is just a very thin line between the unforeseen and the unexpected happening at any time without prior notice.

To ensure everyone who would have access to an above ground is well protected it would be necessary to install an Above ground pool fence to accord optimum protection for all. It is best if you do not limit such protection only to a specific group within your household or extended family but extended it all. An Above ground pool fence would ensure restricted access to everyone in the household and outsiders who would visit you. Children could be high on the list when we consider vulnerability because they may not understand the inherent dangers that they could be subjected to when they get close to the water in and unprotected above ground pool.

The long spate of swimming pool accidents occurring across the United States instigated the local authorities and the Federal government too, to initiate legislation to ensure adequate protection to everyone. Today it is mandatory in most jurisdictions to install above ground pool fence with gate if not which you could be warned and charged for negligence. Such has been the gravity of the issue and it is in our best interests to follow the edicts and install an Above ground pool fence and protect our loved ones and others from imminent danger. It is always better to be safe rather than be sorry later because the unexpected happens unexpectedly.

Statistics show that ten people drown in swimming pools across the United States everyday which is quite an alarming and mind boggling figure. Of these ten fatalities records show two are children under age 15 years. This is too devastating and a national statistic that we just cannot ignore hence our total focus should be to ensure we eliminate it totally. To do so we just need to install an Above ground pool fence which would ensure total protection to all.

To protect your loved ones from danger it would be prudent to ensure you select the right type of fence around above ground pool which would match and marry with your pool leaving no ifs and buts to chance. It would be possible to pick up either one of the popularly sold above ground pool fence kits and install it around your pool. If such a kit does not fit the specific design of your above ground pool then you would need to design and engineer an Above ground pool fence to fit your pool. Whichever option that you may select it is imperative that your above ground pool is well protected and secured with the best above ground pool fence that you could afford. It is also imperative that you do not cut corners in this endeavor as it could be your thin line between life and death.    

How to Choose an Above Ground Pool Fence

We know our children well and know how each one of them behave which would need to be taken into serious consideration before we look for the best above ground pool fence which would protect each of them adequately. One of our kids could play truant when we let them be on their own and that is the more reason that we need to look at each of them individually prior to deciding on which type of Above ground pool fence that we would install. We need to look at our children with an open mind because it is their protection which would be paramount in our minds. We cannot expect every child to behave the same way or foolishly think that our child who is truant in his or her ways would behave well when we are not around. Sweeping this blatant fact under the carpet would not be an advisable thing to do.

Hence ensuring there is total protection for each and every one of your children, even extending that protection to their friends become that much more important. There are many designs of above ground pool fence with gate which would not be an eyesore around your above ground pool area. On the contrary there are many designs of above ground pool fence with gate which would create and add to the already prevailing ambience around your pool area. Above ground pool fence designers and manufacturers take great pains to ensure that the above ground pool fence kits that they bring out blends perfectly with the existing ambience of the environs.

Choosing an above ground fence for your above ground pool never got better because the choices and the options before you are wide and varied to make a prudent selection to encompass everything that you want. If it is protection and ambience with a light weight on your wallet it is not a difficult task to get the best above ground pool fence for you. To bring additional protection you could also install a pool alarm which would support and supplement the protection accorded by the fence around above ground pool. It is not only kids and adults that you would need to protect but your pets too. They are also vulnerable because if they fall in accidently and are unable to extricate themselves from the water exhaustion could cause danger to them.     

Tips for Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool Fence

It is imperative that before you would embark on the task of finding the best Above ground pool fence you take a walk around your pool and write down every possible places of vulnerability around it. It is best to understand that your above ground pool would be unique from the one across the fence in your neighbor’s garden. The landscaping and the design would be unique to your above ground pool. Hence when you search for the best Above ground pool fence it should perfectly match and marry with your pool and that is important.

Take time to find out what local regulations you would need to adhere to because if you do not the local inspector could come knocking at your front door and dish out a fine or worst even haul you to court. The incidence of accidents across the nation is alarming so it is necessary that the local authorities stamp down and ensure safety is maintained at all times. They have legislated certain rules and regulations pertaining to fence around above ground pool which are for our safety and that of our loved ones.

Getting over the walls of an above ground pool would be difficult if a pool deck is absent hence look at your pool ladders and steps with an eagle’s eye and ensure that they are well protected. An above ground pool fence with gate which could be locked and restrict entry when you are absent would be the most prudent thing to do. Most of the above ground pool ladders that are designed and manufactured have their own safety precautions built in hence fitting it if it marries well with your pool is what you should look at.

When you look for the best above ground fence ensure the material it is made of would stand the vagaries of Nature and serve you well for years on end. It would be a waste of money and time if your fence around above ground pool fades in color with the harsh sunlight bearing down on it or becomes brittle and decays in a couple of years needing a replacement. The material of the Above ground pool fence that you would choose has to be prudently selected if you are to have many years of trouble free protection around your above ground pool.

Once you have decided on the type and design of fence around above ground pool it is in your best interest to ensure it is installed by a professional. They have the right tools to execute the installation and would give you a warranty on their workmanship which would hold you in good stead. If you opt for one of the above ground pool fence kits it would be the more reason to get it installed professionally as they would have the experience and the expertise to carry out the work as per manufacturer’s specifications.

It is also imperative that you read the instructions accompanying the above ground pool fence kits and carry out the required maintenance as suggested. Following such instructions would prolong the use of your Above ground pool fence and also ensure it remains strong and sturdy and provides the envisaged protection to your loved ones. An above ground pool fence with gate would provide protection but you would need to ensure you maintain it so that it delivers what it promises.    

Above Ground Pool Safety Tips

Since the above ground pool was introduced it has become very popular and proliferated across the United States with over 3.6 million units spread across the country with this quantity still growing. Though it is named as “above ground swimming pools” and there could be a misconception that it is safer than the perennial in-ground pools it may not be the case. Any open body of water a few feet in depth is susceptible to danger and fatalities could occur. Hence adequate protection is needed to ensure those vulnerable do not fall prey to its inviting blue waters.

The first and foremost action that all potential above ground pool owners should seriously consider is the installation of a prudently designed Above ground pool fence. Looking around and finding for the best Above ground pool fence should be the top priority as soon as you install the above ground pool. It would be advisable that you install a fence around above ground pool even before you would fill up the above ground pool with water. We have learned from experience that there can be many a slip between the cup and the lip. In that context it would be prudent to install an above ground pool fence with gate along with the installation of the above ground pool.

This would give you complete peace of mind knowing that you have fulfilled your responsibilities well and doing so within the realms of the laid down mandatory rules and regulations would be your prerogative. Even though you may have the best Above ground pool fence protecting your loved ones it would still be prudent of you not to leave children unattended and alone at home because they are inquisitive and could do the unthinkable.

The best above ground pool fence could provide protection only in ideal situations but with children who are bound to play truant in your absence it would not be sufficient to provide impeccable protection. An above ground pool fence with gate which cannot be opened by anyone other than you or any other responsible adult is what you should envisage. To provide complete protection to your loved ones it would be necessary to convert your pool area to something akin to Fort Knox, where security is at its best. You need such high security if your love your children and we know you do.